You Have No Competition


You Have No Competition

(As a Disciplined MAN)

Let’s meet the disciplined man’s competition : Mr.Average.

While the disciplined man is extremely rare, the Average Joe Underachiever is extremely common and everywhere. Meet Average Joe Schmoe. He’s the average guy in the Western World today in 2021. Average Joe lacks discipline or self control. Average Joe compulsively masturbates multiple times a week to hardcore pornography.

Average Joe Schmoe compulsively video games on a daily basis. He has thousands of hours invested in his virtual reality. None of that matters outside of a little screen though.
Average Joe uses mind altering substances, alcohol and drugs. He hates being sober.
Being sober makes him realize how mediocre his life is.

He needs to numb himself. Average Joe surfs the internet and streams Netflix, binge watches shows and wastes his valuable time doing nothing much in particular. Average Joe eats fast food multiple times a week.

Average Joe biggest dietary staples are wheat, corn and soy. He eats high carbohydrates and fat and low protein. The perfect diet for fattening up livestock. Now that I think about it, he kind of looks like a pig or sheep. Average Joe lacks the ability to introspect or any sort of awareness.

He exists, but he does not ponder his existence or choices.
He lives moment by moment. By his basest impulses. Average Joe consumes , but does not create.
Average Joe has a BMI of 29, just short of obese, is 5’9 and has a 39 inch waist. He is 200 pounds. He has stick arms, chicken legs and big gut that juts out of his shirt.
Average Joe never goes to the gym. He pays for a membership though.
He has low testosterone – but probably isn’t aware of it. If he is aware, he doesn’t care enough to do anything about it.
He is perfect. Perfectly average. Perfectly mediocre.

He is mediocre with women. He sees more women in a day on his screen then he interacts with in 3 months.

Mr.Average Joe is a SLAVE.
He is a SLAVE to his IMPULSES.
He is a SLAVE to his VICES.
He is a SLAVE to his ADDICTIONS.

Because he is a slave, he lives on the base level.
He is essentially, an animal in clothing. He follows his impulses and refuses to deny himself of his base urges.

This is the disciplined man’s competition in 2021.
If you can force yourself, by imposing self control and willpower, its easy.


1) A Disciplined Man Lives in Reality; Average Joe Escapes and Lives in Fantasy

That’s the biggest difference between the disciplined man and Average Joe.
Average Joe says “My life sucks, time to use this vice to escape how much it sucks”
Disciplined man says “My life sucks, I am responsible. What can I do to make things better?

That’s the biggest difference. One simple choice. Compounded over an entire life.

The disciplined man recognizes that his past and present do not define his future.

He can start from nothing and end up somewhere.

Average Joe , would rather numb and distract himself then face reality directly.

He does this because he is not willing to do the work.

Both men feel pain. Both men hate mediocrity. But only one man is willing to accept responsibility and take action.

One faces the reality of his shit situation head on. The other distracts himself from how shit his life is with vices. But the problem only gets bigger the longer he ignores it.

The disciplined man is different.
He is honest with himself. He doesn’t chant “Im HAPPY Im HAPPY Im HAPPY” when he is broke, fat, weak, depressed and working a dead end job.
He doesn’t look for distractions from his situation.

He accepts the truth and tells it like it is to himself. I’m broke, I’m 40 pounds overweight, I work a dead end job. What am I going to do about it?


He doesn’t pity himself. He doesn’t whine or complain about his situation to others.
Average Joe does the exact opposite.

He distracts, deludes, lies to himself and copes. He copes with cheap pleasures and distractions.
He feels pity for himself. He whines, complains and tells his sad story to anyone.

Anyone who will listen to him and tell how him awful it all is.

He will whine, complain and distract himself.
He will watch the latest sports ball game.
He will play video games for eight hours.

Anything that will distract him from how bad his current situation is.

Because The Disciplined Man is honest with himself and willing to put in the hard work, his life eventually changes for the better.

Because Average Joe Schmoe spends all of his energy and time on porn , video games and drugs he has none left to improve his situation.

He instead learns to tolerate his situation. As long as he is indulged in escapism, he can ignore his terrible reality. The problem is that nobody can escape reality forever.
Sooner or later, reality comes knocking, and busts down the door.

2) A Man Has as Many Masters as He Has Vices.

Vice – n. immoral or wicked behavior.
The modern man has several addictions.

First, the Internet. Unlimited information, novelty and distractions at your finger tip.

Second, Porn and Masturbation. High Speed, Cheap Internet has created a disaster.

That disaster is widely available, easily accessible hardcore pornography.

Endless novelty, endless variety.

Kids are not monitored in 2021. Anyone with a screen can access this filth & mental poison.
Once young boys or teenagers develop this habit, it is extremely hard to quit.

Porn and masturbation (especially combined) put one in a low vibrational state. This low vibrational state causes bad luck and repels others.

It also causes deep subconscious shame, anxiety and depression.
Of course the average porn addict doesn’t put 2+2 together.

He doesn’t ever realize that the reason he is so anxious and depressed is because of his porn addiction.

If he just had the willpower to quit for 30 days, the truth would be clear as day to him.
His state would be so changed that he would question the very fabric of reality.
Third, Junk Food.

Many people self-medicate with unhealthy, disgusting fast-food, junk food, sweet and deserts.
Fourth, Alcohol and Drugs. These drugs poison the body and the mind. They alter consciousness.

3) How to Go From Joe Schmoe to Disciplined Bro

Maybe you’ve recognized certain aspects of Joe Schmoe in yourself.
IN that case, you need to decide.
Are you cool with staying down the path your headed?

Are you comfortable with a life of comfortable mediocrity?
Are you comfortable with being a bald, fat, obese, potheaded, alcoholic lonely slob?
The type of lazy unambitious slob women are repulsed by?
The type of guy who has to self-medicate with video games and alcohol to avoid putting a gun to his head?

If you are, you can stop reading now.
This article, and this site isn’t for you.
But if you are ready for a change , then you’ve come to the right place.

Read my other articles and watch my videos . They will inspire you and tell you the mindset you need to adopt to leave the Joe Schmoe lifestyle in the past.

-AJ Lifts

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