Why You Should Travel


Why You Should Travel

From the Mind of AJ Lifts, Istanbul, Turkey

Traveling is critical to becoming a fully self-actualized, well rounded person. Travel jolts you WIDE AWAKE from the passive sleepwalking of daily routine and forces your eyes open. Travel opens your eyes to the infinite creativity, novelty, complexity & variety of the wide world around us. A previously hidden world of possibilities that you’ve never seen is revealed to you. Travel reawakens us to the reality that a world outside of our familiar routine exists. When you work all the time, it can be easy to forget about the world away from your dull 9 to 5 routine at the slave plantation.

I always used to think saving money was everything. Don’t get me wrong, it is. Those broke travel vloggers who are thousands in debt just for the clout that comes from Instagram followings are idiots. Travel and Vacation trips should be conducted with a specific, fixed plans and goals in mind. Scouting a new potential headquarters you’d like to move to, relieving stress, getting surgery or cosmetic done work on the cheap, remote work, or just the plain old method of rest, relaxation and recharging of mental batteries. The point is, like most things in life travel has a specific purpose and a time  and a place.

Most people don’t travel for one simple reason:

A lack of education.

Travel really isn’t that complicated. People MAKE travel complicated.

“You mean I just get a ticket, buy a visa and go?”


“Bbbbuuuttt what if X Y Z happens or A B C.”

But nothing. If you wanted to travel you would, but you’d rather let fear paralyze you in your safe little comfort zone.

What most people are really afraid of is not travel, but leaving the familiar little safe space and routine they’ve been in for the past few years.

Leaving the Safety of Your Comfort Zone.

Travel forces you to leave the familiar safety of your comfort zone. Going to a new country is almost like stepping into a different dimension. You are forced to learn a new language, constantly think on your feet and stretch yourself past the limits you had in your head. You are forced to experience new things – you become a strange man in a strange land.

Travel breaks of us of our fixed thought patterns and routines. It forces us into a new environment where we must navigate by thought instead of habit. Travel expands our mental structure of our map of the world. Travel, in other words, reminds us that we live in a world of abundance. Travel reminds us that a world exists outside our own small backyard.
Then there are the vibes you get from other travelers. You see, every places and person has a vibe or “vibration”. As a rule of thumb, small towns and the people who live in them tend to vibrate at LOWER frequencies. People in large cities, travelers and go-getters tend to vibrate at high vibrations. Have you ever been to a concert or rave? The energy tends to be so thick in the air in places like this that you can cut it with a knife.

Traveling and visiting and living in bustling big cities will motivate you to do more then you have and become more then you are. At least that’s the way it works for me. Example: I am currently typing this post out from an Airport Coffee Shop in Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve seen more attractive women here in the past two hours then I would see in two weeks in the USA. Im not just talking about Turkish women. Turkish, European, Asians, Slavik girls and Latinas. I’m getting more positive eye contact as well.

I even had a very sexy scarfed woman give me “fuck me” eyes or “dreamy eyes” as I like to call them. Multiple times. While sitting next to her two kids, with her husband less then fifteen feet away. She pretended like her phone was having issues and asked me to fix it in broken English. Everything was in German, and her data didn’t work. While I opened her phone I saw a picture of her and her husband during younger days. It was apparent he had let himself go – from a somewhat lean lanky man to a much older one with a big gut.
Two things were apparent to me from that interaction. One, her husband had gotten complacent. Two, women are women everywhere at the end of the day – America to Austria, Seattle to Singapore.

On the contrary, it is simply the way things are. The other thing that was apparent was even though I’ve let myself go recently, I am still above average attractiveness.
It doesn’t take much to be above average these days. The average guy is a broke, lazy, fat, weak, low testosterone, no ambition having slob with below average looks and a non-existent discipline and work ethic.

All you have to do to get random IOI’s is look the part. (BE ABOVE AVERAGE.) I can’t tell you how often I see weak, barely above average guys with attractive women. That tells me that real men are in short supply these days. When I say weak, I mean the type of man that would tolerate another man disrespecting him in front of a woman..

I used to be totally against travel. I saw it as nothing more then a waste of money. I now see travel as a luxury that I must achieve financial success for. The more money I have , the more I can travel. The more I travel, the better I feel. It’s as simple as that. What I would say, is if you travel don’t pay for other people to come with you. Let others pay there own way. Why bring a girl when you could meet and date a rotation of several foreign girls?

The average person in the USA is a fat , out of shape slob. Going to EUROPE and seeing people with good style and in good shape is like waking up from a nightmare. I forgot about how good some women can look. The good news is in Europe these women are attainable for the slightly above average guy. If this same woman was in the USA.

Bottom line – are you feeling drab, dull and weary and dreary? Then it’s time to go on an extended trip somewhere far, far away from where you live. We only live once on Earth, and you could get the inspiration you need to work on an idea that will make you millions of dollars down the line.

That’s my ultimate goal. What more could one man ask for? To be, tall, dark, handsome and famous and financially well off?

Its important to remind yourself why you are working and grinding so hard day after day to stay motivated. For me, that reason is simple. Money and Girls. Without them life is a drag but with them life is relaxed. It’s as simple as that.

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