Why Do People Give Up Easily


Why Do People Give Up Easily

(Reality Not Meeting Lofty Expectations)

People give up. They give up on their dreams. They give up on their projects. They give up on themselves. They put a little work in, and then quit when reality fails to conform.

Conform to what? Their unrealistic expectations. See, society has conditioned people to give up.

People have been raised their entire lives on instant gratification, and guaranteed rewards.

How? TV, Movies, fast food. Constant coddling and rewards for mediocrity from Mommy and Daddy and the public school system.

Video games, specifically condition those who play them to fail at reality.

Why is that?

SIMPLE. In a video game, rewards are consistent , guaranteed and measurable.
Real life is not like that, at all.

You can lose your job one year and make six figures the next year. In real life things can go from go to good.

I triple my income in one year after being miserable and sad the previous year.

Reality -n. the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Expectation -n. a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

1) The Only Guarantees in Life Are Death, and Taxes.

These are the only things that are one hundred percent, guaranteed.
Everything else in life is a blessing.

This is the mindset you should approach life from. Every day above ground is a blessing.
Every dollar you make is a blessing. Take nothing for granted.

Work your ass off. Stop setting unrealistic expectations.
Why? It’s simple. Unrealistic expectations are extremely difficult to live up to.
You live in reality, not fantasy land.

When reality fails to live up to the fantasy you’ve built up in your head, you’ll be despondent.

You’ll be down in the dumps, defeated, depressed, DE-FLATED and MOST OF ALL:

Being depressed and disappointed is NO BUENO for grinding and succeeding.
That is why you must press forward and stop worrying about reaching unrealistically high expectations.

2) Fairy Tales and Overnight Success Happen On-Screen, Not in Real Life

These tales of instant and overnight success don’t happen in the real world.
They only happen on the BIG SCREEN, in video games and in naive people’s heads. (Also, in children’s picture books.)

Reality does not work like this. Unfortunately, society and your parents failed you.
They conditioned you to believe that you were a special, precious little snowflake.

That you could do anything – even play in the NBA or be a world class quarterback.
This was all a bunch of bologna, sold to you hook line and sinker. This huge lie that anyone could be anything.

In real life, it’s not always the smartest man who wins. It’s usually the most CONSISTENT man, the most DISCIPLINED & HARD-WORKING man who continues to persevere in spite of it all.

With no work ethic, no discipline and no perseverance, you are up shit creek without a paddle. In our modern instant gratification snowflake culture, people have been set up for failure.

As a result, when they try and fail at a new endeavor, skill , business or hustle, they give up. They can never stick and commit to anything. As a result, they never accomplish or become much.

3) Winners Are Willing To Work  for NO TANGIBLE BENEFIT IN THE PRESENT

The difference between winners and losers is simple.
Winners are willing to work, to grind, and to study in the present moment WITHOUT ANY RETURN IN THE HERE AND NOW.

They are willing to sacrifice NOW, for a better TOMORROW. Without any expectation or need for a present return.

They know that even if they can’t see the seeds they are planting, that doesn’t mean they aren’t sprouting. As you sow, so shall you reap.
Losers simply do the same process in reverse.

They sacrifice TOMORROW for the fleeting pleasures of NOW.

It’s pretty simple once you realize it.
Winners are constantly stretching themselves, trying to become all they can be.

They are willing to become uncomfortable.
Losers choose to remain comfortable and in their comfort zone.

As a result, winners are constantly growing.
Losers are constantly stagnating – dying a slow death by a thousand cuts.

Winners know that the best rewards in life are often delayed.
Often many years into the future.

Losers are so focused on enjoying the now they are blind to the future.
What’s wrong with being blind?

Well, the future is coming, and it constantly looms over you like a giant monster.
Winners in life maintain a constant awareness of the value of time.

Losers in life take mind altering drugs and substances to distract themselves.
Deep down though, their conscious is screaming at them.
Winners are willing to work without a guaranteed reward.

That is what separates them from the pack.
They know that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

They have the faith and belief to persevere until the day that reality is FORCED.

Forced to BEND to PURE WILL. The vision they have worked so hard to make a tangible REALITY.

Until that day comes, winners maintain REALISTIC expectations.

Setting excessive expectations in life is a recipe for quitting everything you ever start. Instead, PRESS ON with blind and absolute faith in yourself.

The results may not show up in a day, a week or a year. DON’T GIVE UP.

The bigger the house, the larger the foundation required to begin construction.
Don’t stop digging three feet from gold. The best rewards in life are DELAYED.

Easy COME, Easy GO.

What takes time and effort is usually worth having.

Why Do People Give Up?

People (including you and I) give up when they set unrealistic expectations and don’t receive immediate results.
Stop setting unrealistic expectations and setting yourself up for disappointment.

Learn to be patient on the road to a better life. Just because you aren’t at the destination now, doesn’t mean you won’t reach it in the future.

-AJ Lifts

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