What Is The Best USB Microphone For Podcasting?

What is The Best USB Microphone For Podcasting ?

Starting a new podcast? Great. Let’s get this out of the way.

If you expect people to listen to you, you’ve got to sound great. You sound great by getting a high quality microphone.

What’s the most important thing you should look for when shopping for a new USB Microphone?

It should be obvious. I use it in all my videos.

SOUND QUALITY. Sound quality is the most important quality to look for.
Sound quality is extremely important. Especially if you are a streamer, video maker, gamer or regularly make business calls.

Good sound quality is the difference between people clicking on your podcast, video and stream and staying or leaving.

Good sound quality is the difference between you building a following and you being yelled and harassed for cheaping out by your 3 subscribers.

Good sound quality is the difference between you getting respected and noticed in a zoom business call and being called out for barely being able to hear you.

When it comes to sound in the 2020’s, you want the best sound quality you can get.
For that very reason:

YOU WANT the Yeti Blue Snowball USB Microphone.
At $40 dollars retail, this mic is a steal.



The Blue Snowball destroys any other microphone in that price range.

Don’t cheap out 0n some generic Chinese microphone. Saving a little bit of money will cost you in mic quality, lifespan and sound quality.
I make videos for my Youtube channel using two methods.

The first is my GOPRO HERO 9, which actually has an ok microphone.

The second is my Laptop with my C920 Logitech Camera and Blue Yeti Snowball.
The first setup provides superior video at the cost of sound quality.

The second setup provides superior , podcast quality audio at the cost of visual quality.
Do you want to build up a Youtube or twitch following from the ground up?


It’s 2021. Why should people watch you?
You’ve got plenty of competition out there. If you think they are going to cheap out where it counts, you are mistaken.
My laptop and webcam have built in microphones. I would never, ever ever use them.


The first time I went on OMEGLE and used my blue yeti people thought I was an ASMR youtuber.
I haven’t been on Omegle for a decade. I quickly remembered why I don’t use that site (creepy dudes, wierdo’s playing with themselves, etc)

But, I got a great opportunity to test the Blue Yeti Snowball out.

I can definitively say that it’s the best USB microphone I’ve ever used, and I’ve owned 8 microphones in my life.
It’s stylish, the build is quality, it’s ergonomic, the tripod mount is heavy duty and extremely easy to assemble and disassemble.

Also, because of the spherical plastic protective design the blue yeti is more study and transportable then regularly shaped microphones.
A big feature that sets the snowball apart from other USB microphones is the setting slider.

On Amazon, the Blue Snowball Yeti USB Microphone has 24,565 reviews with a 76% 5 star review.
These are great review metrics.
If you can’t afford the blue yeti at the moment, I recommend saving up instead of going with a cheaper option.

A microphone of this quality at $40,000 is a steal. Plain and Simple.

You will be thanking yourself down the line.

Please help support me and my blog by clicking the link to purchase the Blue Snowball Yeti from Amazon, or any other purchases you make.
It costs you nothing extra and Amazon pays me a percentage commission.

I hope this short article saves you time and has helped you come to the same conclusion I have.
What’s the best USB Microphone?
It’s the Yeti Blue Snowball, and it’s worth every single penny I spent on it.

-AJ Lifts

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