What Is My Mission In Life


What Is My Mission In Life?

Every man in life must have a mission. A singular overriding objective , the light on the tunnel that keeps him grinding and clacking away at the keyboard, day after day.

Your mission is for you to decide. Your mission should motivate you to wake up and rise with the sun and hop out of bed every day.

It came to me while I was reading, and it was very simple.

I know what my purpose is. Do you know what yours is?

My mission is to Get PAID and Get LAID.

I love money and I love women. To deny your DESIRES is to deny the very thing that makes us human.

They can call me shallow, money hungry, whatever.

We all make our own beds, and we all have to lie in them.

That is my overriding life objective and I can sum it up in nine words.

If you are a go-getter and a trend setter, if you want more out of life, if you want to be a somebody and not a nobody, then you were meant to find my blog and my blog was meant to find you.

Great minds think alike and wolves aren’t concerned with the opinions of sheep.

Let the sheep graze on grass and watch the clock pass.

We are holding out and grinding for greater and better things.

We want the fine life, the Don-Juan life, the life with the fine champagne, fast cars and pretty women.

We aren’t content for the mediocre life of Mr. Average Joe, we want more.

Unfortunately, we live in the world of Caesar.

This unfortunately means you need paper, and lots of it.

To really experience the finer things in life, you need freedom.

To acquire freedom, you need money, and lots of it.

To acquire money, you must sell a service or skill that is in high demand by other people.

That is the only way to get ahead, to leave the rat race forever.

If you are reading this article right now, it’s because you and I are kindred souls.

We both have the same overriding purpose – To become the best versions of ourselves.


Why NOT.

It’s the great quest of life.

To be all you can be.

So that you can obtain the finest treasures that life has to offer.

Without a defined mission, you are a ship lost at sea, a rebel without a cause, an aimless wanderer.

What is your mission in life?

What Is Your Mission In Life

“What specific thing can I do today to advance my mission?”

This should be the first question you ask yourself every day when you get out of bed.

What is my overriding main objective and what am I going to do today to get a little closer to that objective.

True power is the degree to which a man possesses control over his own life.

The more freedom a man has to do what he wants, the way he wants, where he wants, with who he wants, the greater his quality of life.

A worthy purpose fulfills this ambition by motivating the man to continual action and productivity at a rate that would astound other humans.

The winner works tirelessly, ceaselessly, patiently, constantly on his goal and ambition.

Everything in life comes down to sacrifice. Deciding to be mediocre means sacrificing greatness.

Deciding to be great means sacrificing mediocrity and time wasting endeavors.

It means sacrificing the present for the future – instead of vice versa.

Cluttered thoughts lead to a cluttered life.

Can you define your life’s mission or purpose in one sentence?

If the answer is no, you need to do some long, hard thinking about where you want to end up in life.

The cold hard truth is that looking good is just the start.

The successful man must be multifaceted and be “hitting on ALL CYLINDERS” in life.

We think we are so high and mighty, but in reality we are simply intelligent animals that think we are smarter then we actually are.

Just like the top male lion is the one that gets to be the “King of The Jungle” and bed all the female lionesses, humans work the same way.

The top dogs, wolves, winners and go-getters get the cream of the crop in life, women and business.

Joe average gets the scraps and bones because he’s stuck in the rat race.

He works a 9-5 but never dreams of getting better, of ascending his present circumstances.

You and I are different. We’ve got big plans and goals.

To reach those big plans and goals we have to become somebody.

Being a nobody, a faceless shadow blob is for Mr. Joe Average.

We’ve decided to ignore the easy road, the comfortable road in exchange for the disciplined climb up-hill.

What are you doing today to get you closer to your purpose?

Are you making bread?

Are you using your head?

What Is Your Mission In Life


The intelligent man realizes the blunt truth of life. – Life is a competition and the best man always wins in the end.

Just like the victor gets the spoils in a war, life works the same way.

Winner takes all – or everything worth having, anyways.

What is easy to acquire, is not worth having.

What is difficult to obtain, is worth having.

That is the universal rule of life.

A taste of the fine life is addictive.

Even a glimpse of it for a day can hook the hardworking man for a lifetime.

Time can either be your ally or your enemy.

The decision lies with you.

Do you want to work until you are 65 in a mediocre little cubicle only to go home to a shoe-box sized apartment?

The 9-5 lifestyle is for people who want to play it safe.

The ambitious man is constantly moving forward, in perpetual motion.

He’s never in one place for long, he’s constantly moving, like the sun in the sky.

He’s way up high, always trying to go higher.

His purpose and his mission become an obsessions.

His friends call him crazy, they say the he’s changed.

They are right because he has. He’s turned his back away from the vices of the mediocre.

He wants power and money, and lot’s of it.

He’s gotten a taste of the good life and he’s hungry for more, like a rabid dog.

The successful man is always chasing discomfort and staying in motion.

He does the opposite of what everyone else does – laying back comfortable and taking it easy.

What Is Your Purpose?

What gets you up in the morning ready to take on the world every day. What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your ambitions and acquire your desires.

A man without a purpose may as well be an animal.

You will rise to the level of your greatest ambition, your burning desire will light the fire that will inspire you to great heights.

What is Your Mission in Life

Make Up Your Mind and Get on Your Grind

The time for overthinking and excuses is over.

The time for action and creation is now. It’s time to light a fire under your ass and get going.

Daylight is burning.

You’ve been trapped in limbo for long enough.

The time to create and be great is now.

Now is all their ever is, now is all there ever will be.

Tomorrow is a lie your mind makes up to keep you from doing the work.

Their are no shortcuts.

You either commit to doing the work on your mission and developing a fanatical mission, or you settle for being a loser.

You can call it dramatic, but it’s the truth and it’s tragic.

It’s easier to be a loser, most people decide to be a loser like everyone else at an early age.

You’ve got to be an exception to be EXCEPTIONAL.

So what’s it going to be?

Are you going to fall behind or are you going to get on your grind?

The time for rest and relaxation is over.

It’s time to work on your mission in life.

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