Ways to Stay Positive


Ways to be Positive

How do I stop being so negative and become positive?

It’s a question most intelligent people ask themselves at some point.
I used to be an extremely negative person. Of course, I wasn’t aware of it.

I thought I was “REALISTIC.”
Of course, I was actually “PESSIMISTIC.”

People in my life would tell me to be positive all the time.
I thought they were crazy. They were trying to sell me on Bologna.

Positivity? What purpose was there in that?
Early 20’s me just didn’t get it.
What was there to be positive about? Not much, from my limited vision.

When negative is your normal, positive seems like a pipe dream.

How do I keep my head clear when the world is burning?
How do I stay positive no matter what?

It’s simple.

You’ve got to be a ROCK.

When everything around you is falling apart, you remain calm, cool and unfazed.

You don’t control what happens to you or happens to the world.
You always control how you react though.

Staying positive means cutting out negative influences from your life..
95% of the news is sensational negativity, fear, crime, and worry.

Panic sells. Positivity doesn’t. It’s as simple as that.

Staying positive means cutting out family members who want to see you fail, want you to conform to who they want you to be.

Staying positive means cutting deadbeat loser “friends” and never looking back.

Staying positive means maintaining a Positive Mental Diet.

1) Adopt a Positive Mental Diet (PMD)

What is a Positive Mental Diet (PMD)?

A Positive Mental Diet means being SELECTIVE. You select the thoughts, influences and consume content that makes you positive.

You cut out negative individuals as if they are carriers of a deadly disease.
You stay away from negative influences like the news, depressing songs, deadbeat friends, complainers, whiners, time-wasters.

You REFUSE to allow their negativity to influence your state.
You FOCUS on staying positive, productive, optimistic and work HARD.

You stop yourself from overreacting to anything.

Distilled to it’s base components, a positive mental attitude is about approaching life from a position of optimism.
The optimism comes from a firm belief. BELIEF in your ability to handle the challenges and adversity that may meet you today, and tomorrow.

Belief in your self-control.
You know that you will force yourself to do what you must today.
Refuse to entertain negative thoughts , people, habits, actions.

2)Stop Thinking “Realistic” Start Thinking “Positive”

There is no such thing as being neutral. Every second and minute of the day, you are either being positive or negative.
Nagging, Complaining, Whining and Hating are inherently negative emotions.
Negativity rarely creates a positive outcome.

Think about the last time you started getting emotional and angry over something that happened to you in your life.
Maybe you overreacted. Maybe you said something to a loved one you immediately regretted.

You couldn’t take the words back after they were said. It was too late.
How much better did your life, or the situation become?
There is one exception.

Frustration is the rare exception. It’s often only when you get frustrated with an aspect of your life that you actually decide to do something about it.

Sometimes, when we’ve hit rock bottom or been underperforming for a long time, we get pissed.
Pissed about how long we’ve been making bad decisions or failing to act.
We then decide to do something to improve the situation.
This leads to a positive outcome, from a negative emotion.

3)Positivity Attracts Opportunity and People. Negativity Repels Success & People.

It sounds pretty simple and straightforward. Almost like it’s too good to be true.
Well, it is. You can call it vibes, you can call it vibration, you can call it attitude.

Positivity is like a special magnet. Being positive attracts opportunity your way. Other people will be attracted to your positivity because it signifies abundance.

Positivity = Abundance = An Excess of plentiful resources = Security = Confidence

Negativity works the opposite way. It REPELS opportunities. It REPELS people.

Negativity =Scarcity= A Lack of Resources = Needy behavior = Shyness/Shame.

Negativity works in the same way, just in the opposite manner. Negativity  people.

Negativity makes you pessimistic you fail to act on the opportunities right in front of you.

Negativity makes you less like to get noticed by those positive successful people who can help you.
Healthy, positive human beings keep far, far away from negative vibes and people.
Keep this in mind.

Negativity = Isolation = Loneliness = More Negativity.

4)Never Masturbate Or Watch Porn

The Anti-Porn movement is also known as NOFAP.

What is NOFAP Anyways?

I don’t know whether its rational or spiritual but it really doesn’t matter at the end of the day.
If you want to go the scientific/rational route, engaging in either or both of these activities is negative.

You are essentially getting off either by engaging in sexual acts by yourself when masturbating.
When watching porn, you are watching another man fulfill his biological imperative successfully, while you play with yourself in the shadows, like a caveman Peeping Tom.

Masturbation and porn mess up your dopamine and other neurotransmitter levels.
This leads to you feeling good and essentially tricking your brain into thinking you are having sex.

When the initial feelings of orgasm subside though, you feel week, drained and ashamed.
While you watch as a passive observer with your pants around your legs.

On the spiritual side, I believe porn causes negativity.

Negative energy, negative vibes.

Anxiety and depression go up after watching or masturbating to porn. Confidence, desire to work and drive go down. The more frequently a man masturbates or watches porn, the less pleasurable the opposite sex, and the sex act itself become.

95% of the time I can spot a chronic porn watcher/masturbator.

They will subconsciously look ashamed, with drooped shoulders, a head lowered to the ground and a clear look of shame and anxiety. Unfortunately, many men become addicted to porn by watching it a young age. This sets them up for a lifetime of negativity, shame, loneliness and depression

Don’t believe me? That’s alright. You are probably addicted yourself.
Take 30 days and abstain from porn and masturbation.

I guarantee you’ll feel better about yourself by ridding yourself of this self-harming habit.

More positive, more confident, with higher self-esteem, charisma and more productivity.

All ancient religions warned against masturbation for this very reason. It waste’s vital energy that should instead be used to engage in intercourse with a woman. OR channeled as fuel for positive achievement.

5)Back Your Positive Thoughts with Positive Actions

Faith without works is dead.
At the end of the day, the only thing that really changes anything in life is action.
Positive thinking without positive doing is self-delusion.

You can’t just expect yourself to think positively to happiness.
You’ve got to begin with positive thinking and end with positive action.
ACTION is the key word.

I don’t care how positive your thinking is.
Without positive actions, you will stay stuck or fall behind.

You can’t daydream your way through success or life.
Not if you want to end up at a desirable destination.

6)Bonus – Why Abandon Negativity?

Why abandon being negative? If you are in a negative state you may ask yourself this question.
Here is why. Again, I don’t know if it’s spiritual, mental, physical or logical.
I just know that it is.


Some say it is because of extra dimensional entities that feed off of negativity. They attempt to insert their thoughts into your head to put you into a negative state.

Others say it is because of the stress.
Some people become addicted to negative emotions. Don’t believe me?

Their are people who become addicted to being angry, addicted to being depressed, addicted to being fearful. They feel this way for so long that this becomes their “normal” state and they experience a rush of euphoria.

I know it sounds crazy but it’s true.
My dad is an anger addict. Imagine. Somebody addicted to being angry all the time.

It could be because when you have no hope, nothing seems worthwhile and it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Instead of feeling nothing but despair, they seek to feel any emotion. So they have angry outbursts.

Anger feels better then depression. But it is a self-destructive emotion that burns the person that experiences it.

Negative or Positive. You are always in one state. The key is to self awareness. You must be constantly aware. Positivity without action is useless. You must always LEAD with ACTION.

Negativity creates the feeling of “What’s the use. Nothing matters anyway.”
The positive, optimistic state simply helps facilitate action.

That is why it is ideal.
Remember , you are not your thoughts or your brain. Your brain is a tool you use to help you navigate this world.

Whenever a negative thought comes into your head, make sure to mentally state “That’s a lie”.
Focus on the things you can do something about. If you can do nothing about it, don’t waste even a second worrying!

-AJ Lifts

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