Upfront and Straightforward


Upfront and Straightforward

Upfront and Straightforward is Allen Roger Currie’s second follow up book to Mode One: Whisper into a Woman’s Ear.

My Thoughts on Upfront and Straightforward: Let the Manipulative Gameplayers Know What You’re Really Thinking:

Upfront and Straightforward is well written enough to stand on it’s own or act as a supplement to Mode One.

I found myself having many lightbulb moments and nodding my head in agreement while reading this.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate this book an 8. If you are naive, or inexperienced with women, you need to pick this book up now.

The amount of time and money you will save in the long run will FAR outweigh the cost of this book.

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I recommend reading Mode One first, because this book builds upon and reemphasizes certain concepts originally put forth in that book.

Upfront and Straightforward Review:

Alan’s writing is on point once again.

At the start of every chapter, he asks you to ask yourself several questions and write down answers. I highly recommend you stop at every chapter, take the time to introspect and write your answers down.

By doing this you will gain a greater understand of your motivations and behaviors, which will benefit you in the long run.

Chapter 1: Mode One Feedback and Fallout

Alan talks about the feedback, praise and harsh criticisms he received from men and women after he published Mode One.

A key point that Alan makes is that people READ what they want to READ, not what the author writes.

The Main Purpose of Upfront and Straightforward

The main focus of this book is to help people identify and avoid MANIPULATORS and MANIPULATION.

Ultimately, reading and applying the wisdom in this book will help save you TIME AND MONEY.

As a result, you will have increased DIGNITY, PRIDE AND SELF-RESPECT.

Chapter 2: Traditional Dating vs 21st Century Dating

Alan compares and contrasts the differences between Traditional and 21st Century Modern Dating.

Traditional Dating

This show was like a reality TV elimination show (think survivor.)

A man or woman would start with several potential long term romantic partners.

Slowly but surely, they would narrow the playing field – say from 5 to 4 to 3 to 2.

Finally they would settle down with the one, get engaged – and then get married.

NO PREMARITAL SEX before marriage was the norm.


21st Century Dating

Modern dating is more open and free spirited and no longer exclusively associated with the idea of getting married.

Many women and men are losing their virginity as soon as the Fifth Grade!

(I saw this myself first hand, men and women of various caliber bragging about various sexual escapades while I was i n the fifth grade.

Women want to enjoy the pleasure of multiple sex partners just as much as men.

STD’s are being passed around like candy.

Alan makes the key point that because of premarital sex and the free spirited, open minded mentality, 

Manipulative tactics and game-playing are more RAMPANT and PROMINENT than ever. 

The two types of people who play games:

Many men and women in society are: 

1) “WHOLE SOME PRETENDERS” They wear a mask of being a prudish, conservative, monogamy-oriented individual even though they enjoy intercourse as much as the kinkiest adult flick actor.


Women who want to be given financial incentives and rewards in exchange for their companionship. 

As a man, displaying Mode one behavior is the BEST way to stop these manipulators and decepticons from wasting your valuable TIME AND MONEY.


“Make no mistake: Romantic and and sexual relationships contribute to the quality of our life just as much as clean air, money, good health and quality friends do.” – ARC

Many men have a naive notion that all women treat all men the same.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Women treat different men differently. Around one man, a woman may act like a prudish, conservative, monogamy oriented “good girl.”

Around another man, a woman may act like a kinky sex freak.

I can PERSONALLY vouch for the truth of this statement.

I have met women who you would never guess were undercover nymphos.

These women would choose to engage in intercourse with me very quickly after meeting them and offer almost no resistance.

Around other men these women would put on a mask of being a prudish, asexual woman.

The Two Body Areas You Must Learn To Examine

The cover of Mode One and Upfront and Straightforward features an image of an eye on them.

This is intentional.


Eyes are the window to the soul. Learn to examine a woman’s eyes.

Woman who are sexually experienced, kinky or promiscuous will use their eyes in a completely different manner then women who are prudes, virgins or sexually inexperienced.


A woman who is sexually kinky will use certain inflections and tonalities. A sexually naive, inexperienced women will not use these tones of voice.

I can confirm both of these key areas that Alan mentions.

One of the first things I look for when I first cross paths with a woman is the type of eye contact she gives me.

To me, the way a woman uses her eyes and voice around me says much more then the words themselves.

Occasionally, women will show extremely high interest. I call this phenomenon “Fuck Me Eyes”

Conversely, women will some times turn their noses up or shoot their eyes upwards, this is a sign of disinterest. Move on.

Clothes can be misleading.

PUA’s and Dating Coaches vs Natural Conversationalists

Most PUA’s (Pick Up Artists) and Dating Coaches fail to teach men how to identify game players and teach these same men cheesy “techniques” and ways to manipulate women.

PUA’s are indirect and mainly rely on manipulation and canned routines.

By contrast, Alan considers himself and the late David X “Natural Conversationalists.”

Natural conversationalists are straightforward, DIRECT and upfront about their intentions.

Most naturally successful men, Chad and Tyrone types, natural born players and pimps are natural conversationalists.

They don’t need to rely on “game” because game is actually MANIPULATION.

Chapter Three: Manipulative Head Games

“Manipulation is a two way street. By attempting to Manipulate others, you open yourself up to being manipulated.” – ARC

The main criticism that ARC has received is that most men feel it is socially inappropriate to let a woman you have just met that all you want to do is have CASUAL SEX.

Con artists sell people on one idea while leading them to another.

Men manipulate women for sex.

Women manipulate men for money ,attention, companionship and opportunities.

Sex workers are open about their transactional nature.

Female manipulators fall into subcategories:

Attention whores, Dick Teasers and Play-Sisters.

Many men engage in a term Alan has coined  “Fun-Clubbing.” 

Fun-clubbing is when a  man dishonestly invests his time and money with a woman in a strictly platonic FRIEND or PLAY-BROTHER manner.

The problem is that these men really want to share these women’s sexual company.

Instead they spend weeks, months or even years dishonestly PRETENDING to be content with platonic friendship.

Manipulators hate to be be put in an upfront and direct position.

Manipulators love to be vague and ambiguous because it gives them room to operate.

Chapter Four: Mode One Behavior and Manipulative Game Players

This chapter focuses on the reason why Mode One (Upfront, Straightforward and Direct) is more effective then Mode Two (Polite but Delayed) and Mode Three (Manipulative and dishonest).

Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Modes:

A.) Mode One behavior. Only Mode One truly helps you identify manipulators quickly and efficiently.

B.)Mode Two (Polite but delayed) – Too vague, ambitious, both too cautious

C.)Mode Three – You are so focused on your own manipulation. This opens you up to be manipulated by women.

This chapter focuses on manipulators and timewasters.

By being vague and ambiguous you give these types of women they ability to waste your time and money or MISLEAD you into thinking they want to share your romantic company.

This book mainly focuses on quickly identifying these two types of women so that you can get to rejection quickly.

Chapter Five: Reciprocators

Reciprocators- In Alan’s experience, only about 10% to  15% women are reciprocators. These women will accept your sexual invitations without complaint or manipulation.

Alan emphasizes being upfront and straightforward with reciprocators.

These women do not engage in head-games , ball busting or shit-tests.

Alan makes a key point here. If you display Mode Two or Mode Three indirect behavior with reciprocators, you may confuse them with Timewasters.


How can a woman clearly reciprocate or reject you if you have not clearly COMMUNICATED your INTENTIONS to her.

Chapter Six: Rejecters

Rejecters – Rejecters will reject you straightforwardly without much complaint.

Alan makes a good point here. Most men have been conditioned to fear and detest rejection.



Imagine you wake up light and miss a flight. You are angry and upset!

Later that day, you find out that the flight you missed went down and crashed, killing everyone on board. 

(Just like in Final Destination.)

Rejection is always a WIN/WIN.

If a woman rejects you straightforward, SHE IS DOING YOU A FAVOR!

She is saving you TIME AND MONEY.

Thank her and MOVE ON.

Your perspective on rejection, and many other things in life will determine whether you remain un-phased or take rejection on the cheek.

Alan advocates that instead of asking a woman for her number, you always give her YOURS.

 “If a woman rejects you but is attracted she will find a way to reach out in the future.”

This woman would fall into the “Wholesome Pretender” category.

Most dating coaches, PUA’s, and men in general believe rejection is THE WORST thing that can happen to a man.

The reality is, Rejection is Inevitable.

“You cannot succeed with women if you are profoundly afraid of rejection.”

Most rejections aren’t personal – the woman simply was NOT INTERESTED.

Remember, Rejecter’s are NOT the bad guys.

Time Wasters and Manipulators ARE.

In any situation in life, the FEAR of REJECTION comes from attaching yourself to a specific outcome.

Ironically, when you develop the quality of OUTCOME INDEPENDENCE (Not caring, being attached to or needing a specific outcome.) women will sense this and be more attracted to you.

Alan makes another gem of a point here.

You should never NEED another human being.

Needing another human being opens you up to get disrespected and abused because the other person has you by the balls.

Learn to WANT, but not NEED a woman’s company.

Chapter Seven: Pretenders

This chapters is the hardest, realest, most TOUGH LOVE chapter of the book.

Upfront and Straightforward is worth purchasing for the GOLD MINE o f valuable content in this chapter alone.

If you are a conservative, well-mannered, polite nice guy, this chapter will feel like a sucker punch to the gut followed by a truth suplex.

I can vouch for everything Allen says here – it’s all the COLD, HARD TRUTH.

This chapter focuses on the appeal of BAD BOYS and the lack of appeal of NICE GUYS.

What follows may very well be the most important, valuable words in the book:

“If a woman can predict your behavior TOO FREQUENTLY, you become BORING  to her.” – ARC.

If a woman is testing you and she says “JUMP” and you reply “HOW HIGH” you have lost your chance with that woman 99% of the time.

Woman want a CHALLENGE who passes shit-tests.

Shit Test 1# Are you afraid of being rejected by me? Does it Bother you to be indefinitely ignored by me?

With this test, a woman will give you her number. After you call or text her, she will NOT respond.

She wants to see how needy and desperate you are. If you immediately start double texting, calling multiple times etc. , you will immediately be WRITTEN off like all the other frustrated chumps.

Female manipulators are just like BULLIES.

Bully: Do what I say or I will beat you up.

Manipulative Woman: Do what I say or I will act mad & ignore you (If you do what she says she will actually LOSE ATTRACTION.)

“Nice guys PUNK OUT  and give in. They say all of the right things in the right way without DARING to take the risk of pissing a woman off. They also play up a woman’s EGO and listen to her BORING STORIES.” – ARC

Bad Boys CAN AFFORD TO CARE LESS. They have OTHER OPTIONS. Because of this, they project outcome independence.

A man with balls will not worry about attempting to say the right thing in the right manner.

Bad Boys do not live to please or accommodate women. They live for themselves.

The NICE GUY lives in scarcity and NEEDS a woman’s companionship, desperately.

Shit Test #2 Are you afraid of being harshly criticized by me? Does it bother you to be called names & insulted?

If yes, then your ego is way too sensitive to harsh criticisms. You need to develop some thick skin, backbone and indifference to the opinions of others.

Alan makes another key point here: ANYONE with a spoiled ego who doesn’t get their way will become angry with you.

Like the spoiled brat kid who has never heard the word NO, the natural response will be to throw a temper tantrum and see if you CAVE.

Just like a kid can’t respect a parent who fails to set proper boundaries, a woman can’t respect a man with no boundaries.

“If he can’t stand up TO me, how can he stand up FOR me.”

Alan makes another disturbing point here.

Only about 10% of women are actually genuine good girls.

The remaining 90%  have been turned out by bad boys.



All pretenders have some interest, but if you fail their shit tests they WILL LOSE INTEREST.

Fundamentally, PRETENDERS want a CHALLENGE.

All pretenders are woman. A man will not pretend to be interested sexually in a woman and then not reciprocate. It just doesn’t happen.

Chapter Eight: Timewasters

A timewaster can be a man or a woman. A timewaster will behave as if they have the same romantic interests, but they actually have a totally seperate agenda.

Timewasters are confused with recipricators but actually more similar to REJECTERS.

A timewaster is nothing more then a rejecter.

Examples of a timewaster:

A woman who pretends to be interested in you romantically but then puts you into the friend zone.

A male who pretends to want a long term relationship with a woman, but really they just want casual sex.

Alan and I agree on a key pillar here – NEVER ALLOW YOURSELF TO ENTER A WOMAN’s FRIEND ZONE.

I have put exactly ONE woman in the friend zone – and it was after I fucked her twice.

Many woman will dress in scantily clad outfits and flirt with strange men JUST for ATTENTION.

Categories of Timewasters:

A)Dick Teaser 

B)Attention Whores

C)Exploiter/User (Uses men for time, attention, money, personal favors, chauffer, handyman, etc.

Alan lays out another gem in this chapter:

How to identify between a Timewaster and a Reciprocator?

A recipricater’s actions and words will align.

A timewaster will say one thing but do another.

This aligns with what  I say – Always look at peoples actions, not words. 


A timewasters actions, body language and behavior WILL NOT ALIGN with her WORDS.

It’s that simple.

“These women’s words will say, Yes, I am interested in dating you and having sex with you at some point. BUT their actions and behavior will be saying:

Please don’t get too close to me. I am NOT ATTRACTED TO YOU AT ALL.” – ARC

I have dealt with many deceptive women of the latter variety over my twenty eight years.

“A Mode One Guy would rather be indefinitely single then waste his time and money on a Timewaster.” – ARC

(I agree completely with this assessment.)

Place a high value on your time.

Do not allow a woman who is anything less then enthusiastic about sharing your company to waste your valuable time and money.

A friendzone man does not have the balls to risk rejection.

Alan advocates that women who want to see if a man is really a “friend” or not that she sold ask him if he wants to have sex.

Timewasters cause more negative emotions then straightforward rejecters.

Generally, the older you get the less time you will be okay with wasting. (You start to realize the value of time.)

Chapter Nine: Are You Really Tired of Manipulative Head Games?

Alan cites the two main reasons people play games: 1) Fear and 2) Spoiled Egos.

Alan recommends you ask a potential partner/lover key questions to see what they value.

I am not going to list those questions here.

Buy his book. Learning to recognize and identify manipulators will 

ARC has an idealistic view of the world – one where men and women are upfront, honest and direct with each other.

Chapter Ten: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

In this chapter Allen Roger Currie answers questions and misconceptions he has frequently received from people regarding Mode One.

The metaphor he uses to describe the purpose of Mode one: “Teaching a potential home run hitter how to get over his fear of striking out. All home run hitters have a high degree of strike outs. It’s just part of the game” – ARC

“Being upfront & straightforward with the opposite sex is not a scheme. It’s is a lifestyle and constant mindset that you must maintain.” – ARC

ALAN makes a key point in the FAQ. NEVER attempt to close a woman in a group. A woman will put on a facade of being a prudish good girl in front of her friends.

I had this happen to me with a group of 3 college aged Latina woman. She was a submissive reciprocator around me, but became a prudish rejecter once her friends found her.


I completely agree with this assertion. What works for one man will not necessarily work for another man.


Upfront and Straightforward is an amazing book for men and women looking to up their game, understand of the opposite sex, avoid being MANIPULATED and get better results.

I rate it an 8 out of 10.

Until Next Time, –  AJ Lifts


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