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A Real Man Would

Any time you hear a  person attempt to say what a real man will” do or “would” do or should do, someone is actively attempting to manipulate you.

That person is usually a woman.

“A real man would step in and raise another mans kid – it take’s a “special kind of man to do that.”

My answer: Yeah, a special kind of man. The kind of man with low-self esteem, low self-respect and no standards.

“A real man treats a lady like an equal no matter what.”

My answer: Women love to submit to me in the bedroom, and outside of the bedroom a man should lead.

Leading comes from a place of strength and respect. Allowing a woman to wear the pants in a relationship is weak and unloving.

This does not mean women should be abused or oppressed – that is fundamentally wrong.





For example:

“A real man would pay the whole bill.”

“A real man would mow my lawn.”

“A real man treats his women like an equal.”

Did you notice how the men who obsess and bend over to every women’s demands get treated like DIRT?

That is fitting because we have a word for weak feminine men.

We call them doormats.

If you are living in the modern age, you’ll hear the term “real man” used a lot.

Real man is generally an attempt by women to define masculinity. They do this to shame man into acting against their own best interests.

What is a Real Man?

You’ll get a hundred different answers depending on who you ask. 99 of them are lies or someone trying to manipulate you into serving them at your own expense.

Ask a single mom and she’ll tell you a “real man” is a guy who steps up to raise 3 kids from 3 different fathers who aren’t his.

Ask Mr. Friendzone and he’ll tell you a “real man” is a guy who is always there for a girl. There to take her to the airport. There to move her and her stuff for free. There to listen about all the assholes she’s been doing freaky bedroom gymnastics with.

Mr.Sugar Daddy will tell you a real man is a guy who acts as a walking, talking, living breathing wallet.

Ask a stepdad and he’ll tell you he’s a real man, raising kids who aren’t related to him, like a cuckold with no self-respect.

Ask a pastor and he’ll tell you a real guy is the guy who is always helping women change their oil, being a big brother , helping people and giving money to the less fortunate.

Let me tell you how I define a real man:

A Real Man is a Man who puts HIMSELF FIRST.


Any other attempt at defining a real man is a way for people into shame and guilt trip you into being a slave.
I can tell you what a real man isn’t.
A real man isn’t a doormat. A real man isn’t a cuckold. A real man isn’t a step dad. A real man isn’t a walking human wallet.

A real man is a dude who puts himself first.
It’s that simple.

A real man knows to be able to help other people, he must be approaching them from a position of superior strength.

Physical strength, mental strength, financial strength.

A real man is selfish.
Being selfish is good.
Being selfless is a disease.

(See my post on being selfish not self-less here)

If you want to help people, do it with no expectation of compensation.
Do it because you CAN AFFORD to and you WANT to.

Not because you think it’s going to get you laid.

A real man values himself, his time, his resources, his finances.

A real man is selective. He knows that most people are losers and associating with losers is fatal to success.

A real man makes people earn his time, his company, his attention.

A real man is not CAPTAIN-SAVE A HO.

A real man does not idolize or worship any person.

He does not worship a woman because she is beautiful or she shows him attention or she simply exists.

He does not idolize another man , because he knows if he puts in similar actions he too can achieve similar results.

A real man is PRODUCTIVE. He does not lie down on his couch wishing for a hand out. He does not lie about HOPING for his dreams to come true.

A real man takes ACTION. Action is the only thing that can change things. Life gets better by action, not by hope, wish , dream or thought.

A real man is DISCIPLINED.

A real man is disciplined. He takes the most productive action at all times. He knows that the pain of discipline is the prevent is inconsequential with the pain of regret in the future.

He knows that the clock is racing, time is pacing, and the competition never SLEEPS.

He knows he’s got to keep pressing forward, keep up the work and be consistent if he wants to keep up in this hyper-competitive, globalized world.

A real man stands up for HIMSELF, enforces BOUNDARIES, has STANDARDs and goes after what he wants unapologetically.

A real man doesn’t allow himself to be disrespected by others. He knows that people only RESPECT those that they fear.

He doesn’t actively start fights, but he can sure as hell end them.

A real man is constantly focused on improving his value and becoming the best version of himself.
A real man practices SELF-CARE.

A real man knows that if he doesn’t value himself, nobody will value himself. He keeps his hair cut, his wardrobe nice, his

A real man is SELFISH.
A real man goes after what HE WANTS and makes SHIT HAPPEN.

A real man doesn’t sit on the sidelines, in the dark dusty corner hoping that girl will approach him or that money will fall into his lap.

A real man makes it HAPPEN.


A real man knows the importance of strength and fortitude. He keeps strong and fit, stays mentally and emotionally resilient, and constantly strives to become the best version of himself.


A real man respects himself. He is always willing to walk away from people who disrespect him or take him for granted.

Remember guy, 99% of the time when society tells you what a real man is…it’s the exact opposite.

Real men don’t raise other mans kids, real men don’t save other people from their horrible decisions, real men don’t settle with trash.

Real men conquer and kill it in life.

Be a proud real man that puts himself first.

A real man listens to the voice of his own intuition and instinct only.

Not Captain-Save-A-Ho or Super Simp.

A real man has a back-bone, charisma, confidence, a take no prisoners attitude and is brimming with vigor and vitality.

Bottom line:

No women can define what it is to be a real man. No matter what women say – they want a masculine, confident, macho man. Not a spineless, passive, people-pleasing wimp.

If this article resonated with you and you want to become a more confident, masculine man then I encourage you to check out the following book reviews:

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