The Possibility Of Sex Alan Roger Currie PDF


The Possibility of Sex Alan Roger Currie PDF

(How Naive and Lustful Men are Manipulated By Women Regularly)

As subscribers of my blog can see, I have been on an Alan Roger Currie binge lately.

Alan Roger Currie is a great writer, with a unique ability to keep you engaged and excited while having your eyes glued to the page of his book.

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This is Alan Roger’s Currie fourth book. This books focuses on two types and nine subtypes of deceptive or dangerous women.

Types and Subtypes of Women to Avoid:


  1. Women seeking EGO/SELF-ESTEEM BOOST
  2. Women who want an Entertainer/Platonic Boyfriend
  3. Women who want a Gossiper and Emotional Tampon
  4. Women who want you to be a Platonic Sugar Daddy

B)Dangerous Women to Avoid

5.) Gold Diggers

6.) Women going after Taken Men (I’ll steal your man type)

7.)Drama Queen (ARGUES + NAGS)

8.)Man Hater

9.)Cheaters and Liars

Each chapter in the book covers a different type of woman. Timewasters generally will NOT put out.

Dangerous women will, but are not worth the LONG-TERM problems or risks associated with them.

The Possibility of Sex Review

My personal thoughts:

This book is excellent. Each of Alan’s books focuses on a specific subset of dating between women and men.

The Possibility of Sex teaches men to quickly identify the type of women that are most likely to WASTE valuable time or too RISKY to pursue sex with.

When I read this book , I found myself nodding my head frequently.

Alan’s wisdom comes from years of personal experience and trial and error.

Alan has devoted years to closely studying women, their body language and behavior.

This book is excellent. If you read or listen to this book down the line I can guarantee ONE THING:

At some point down the line, this book will help you IDENTIFY and AVOID  either a timewaster or a dangerous woman.

That alone makes The Possibility of Sex worth the purchase price.

The audiobook version of The Possibility of sex is narrated by the author and EXCELLENT.

Alan’s voice is pleasing to the ear and he narrates with confidence, clarity and charisma.

I am not a huge fan of MOST audiobooks, but EVERY single one of Alan’s audiobooks is a MUST-BUY.

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The Possibility of Sex PDF


The Possibility of Sex Breakdown:


In the Preface, Alan gives a brief refresher on the Mode One philosophy and tells a story from his past that led him to some insights.

Alan was part of a large Church where premarital sex was forbidden and shunned and woman were expected to dress conservatively.

The men that were part of the Church exhibited sexual restraint and did not hit on the women.

One time, the Church Leaders had a meeting about sexual harassment.

In the meeting, it was the single WOMEN who were admonished for sexual harassing the men.

Many times more women ended up leaving the Church then men – they couldn’t handle the lack of attention.

The Church leaders told the men to stay strong – and that women were quick to give into temptation.

Alan dispels the myth that men are sex crazed addicts.

Most men who are successful and active do not have time to think about having sex an average of once every 7-10 seconds. – ARC

Alan ended up running into a former young Latina woman who had been part of the church.

She told him the reason she ended up quitting – A LACK OF ATTENTION FROM MEN.

She said: ” Even if I am not interested in having sex with a guy, I still want that man to pursue me sexually. I still want him to try to get in my pants, even if I know that I am going to reject him.” 

Essentially, she took EGOTOSTICAL PRIDE in stringing a man along with ….

The Possibility of Sex

Part One: Timewasters

Chapter One: Women who want an EGO or Self-Esteem Booster

Alan breaks down the difference between the Direct style and Indirect (PUA) style of approach.

He prefers women to reject him in a HARSH, ABRUPT manner.

A Timewaster is a REJECTOR who is trying to size a guy up to take advantage of him while stringing him along.

  • Most Men think women use men for Money first and foremost. In reality, women use men for flattering Attention, Conversations,  (both of which require Time.
  • Money actually comes third
  • For More Info about guarding your Attention, Time and Money, check out my article on ATM:

Attention, Time and Money (ATM)

“Women absolutely, positively, love attention and woman love to be flattered.” – ARC

Alan is not a fan of ATTENTION WHORES  and COCK TEASERS. (Neither am I.)

Alan asserts that most nightclubs and bars are full of these types of women.

My personal life experience shows that assessment to be unfortunately, ACCURATE.

Chapter Two: Women Who Want an Entertainer or Platonic Boyfriend:

Also known as a DANCING MONKEY, CLOWN.

These women enjoy the non-sexual company of a man.

In many cases both the man and the women in these interactions is guilty.

The man KNOWS deep down he wants to bang the woman he considers a friend, but keeps his true intentions to himself.

The woman KNOWS this man is sexually interested in her but choses to string him along indefinitely with…. The possibility of sex.

Chapter Three: Women Who Want an Emotional Tampon/Listenere/ Gossip Buddy

This chapter touches on “FunClubbing.”

FunClubbing is when a man dishonestly spends excessive non-sexual time with a woman who only sees her as a friend.

He hopes that someday, deep down a woman will see what a great catch he is and reciprocate his sexual desires.

Basically, FunClubbing is the time you invest while in a woman’s Friend Zone even though you want a sexual relationship.

The women in this chapter want someone to gossip the latest rumors, someone to vent and listen to her disappointments – especially with men she has recently dated or had sex with.

Alan makes a good point here – THERE IS SOMETHING INHERENTLY “UNMANLY” about both of these roles.

Chapter Four: Women who want you to become a Platonic Sugar Daddy/Favor Granter

These women want to use men under misleading pretenses. Like paying for their college, trip to Cancun, paying their bills, their college tuition or even financing their lifestyle.

The difference between these women and whores and gold diggers is simple.


A prostitute or whore exchanges SEX for Money or Goods.

Essentially, these women are playing these guys like gullible SUCKA’s.

And these men are ALLOWING themselves to get PLAYED by being vague, ambiguous and indirect.


PART TWO – NO GOOD WOMEN: These Women May Have Sex – But Should be Avoided

On the plus side, the women in this category will have sex with a man. Essentially, the women in this half of the book are all damaged in some way.

They may be damaged MENTALLY, SPIRITUALLY or INTEGRITY WISE. – Make no mistake, they are damaged.

A man entering into a relationship with these women will WANT TO GET OUT at some point, and will regret entering it.

Chapter Five: Gold Diggers

This chapter focuses on Gold Diggers. Alan clarifies the difference between a woman who wants a man with his shit together (Reasonable) and a stone cold Gold Digger.

Unless a man is making Six figures or more, it is highly unlikely he will be the target of a genuine Gold Digger.

Alan also cites two types of women that a wealthy man needs to watch out for:

1)The type of woman that is going to decrease your net worth over several years instead of increasing it.

2)Women who are with you solely to improve their own lives and will eventually “trade-up” with a richer man.

Alan stresses that if you are with a woman that is impossible to please no matter what you do or buy for her … DUMP HER.

I agree with this.

Chapter Six: Man Thieves – Women Who Try to Steal a Taken Man

Alan talks about PRE-SELECTION in this chapter.

What is preselection? Preselection is an interesting phenomenon.

When a man is taken, either in a marriage or a relationship OR when he shows up with a woman on his arm, he INSTANTLY becomes more attractive to all women.

I have seen this play out in my past relationships. When women knew I was a “taken” man I became that much more appealing to them.

I would have a girls “girlfriends” giving me “FUCK ME” looks of lust even though they knew I was a taken man.

They figured… at least one women is interested in him, so he must have something right going for him.

Women will often brush off the same man when he is SINGLE.


The great irony, is that if a woman will cheat WITH you, you can bet at some point she will cheat ON you.

Alan recommends staying with faithful good girls, and not giving into temptation.

Chapter Seven: Drama Queens:

These women love to nag and argue with men. They crave drama and emotions.

Most men hate drama. Drama queens get BORED if their is no drama in a relationship.

They need a constant storm of EMOTIONS – like a SOAP OPERA.

The Four Traits of Drama Queens:

  1. Spoiled women with big egos and narcissistic traits
  2. Egotistically Insecure women
  3. Thin-skinned and emotionally insensitive
  4. Women who crave attention and hate routine, predictable relationships

Any time a woman exhibits one or more of these traits, be careful.

I have dated a few women who were drama queens.


Chapter Eight: The Misandrist (AKA FEMINAZI)

This waaaahmen is strong, independent, and SHE DON’T NEED NO MAN!

But if you put her on a pedestal, go to feminist marches with her, hand her your balls and self-respect, she’ll have sex with you.

Once in a blue moon, anyways.

Alan clearly defines the overused term “MISOGYNIST.” in this chapter.

Many men are “SEXIST” – IE they think they sexes are different and have clearly defined roles.

A misogynist is a man with a violent hatred for women – to the point that he expresses violent or abusive fantasies or tendencies.

A misandrist is a man-hating women who also has a violent hatred for men.

-These women are usually hideous, ugly, obese and have brightly dyed hair and tattoos warning undamaged human beings to stay FAR, FAR away.

All misandrists are feminists, but only some feminists are misandrists.

Chapter Nine: Liars & Cheaters

These women are chronically dishonest or disloyal. Head-games and manipulation are their bread and butter.

Alan dispels the fairy tail myth that women cheat less then men do. Women actually cheat FAR more then men do, and are much better at hiding it without getting caught.

The Top Five Reasons Wy Alan Roger Currie Believes Women Cheat

1.) The women never expected to have satisfying sex with that man FROM THE BEGINNING. (She is marrying him for non-sexual qualities).

2.)Their boyfriend or husband cannot keep up or satisfy their needs.

3.)The woman was celibate prior to the relationship, but once they had intercourse she found he was unable to please her.

4.)Women enjoy intercourse with the husband/BF but deep down an ex from the past has a hold on her.

5.)Woman enjoys her bf or husband but meets a guy so charming, smooth and seductive that SHE CAN’T RESIST.

Alan was the “OTHER MAN” for 40 women…so I’d take his word on this.

Alan’s Final Thoughts:

The main message of The Possibility of Sex is summed up in this adage:

“Fool me once, you caught me off guard; Fool me twice, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, Fool me three or more times, then I’m the fool.” – Alan Roger Currie

Alan asserts that if anyone is exhibiting undesirable behavior towards you THREE or more times on a regular basis, it is BECAUSE YOU ARE ALLOWING IT.


Alan’s Final Takeaway to Men:

Stop  whining and complaining “about the behavior of the opposite sex, and SPEND more time concentrating on the behavior THAT YOU ALLOW.”

Start putting women in a position where they are forced to give you a DEFINITE ANSWER.

At the end of this book, Alan lists recommended movies that illustrate some of the types of women in this book.

I really enjoyed The Possibility of Sex. 

If you are getting your time and money wasted by a woman – You need to buy this book. Plain and Simple.


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