The Haters Gonna Hate


The Haters Gonna Hate

What is a hater?

My definition:
A hater is a jealous person who prays for the downfall of another person while at the same time secretly envying something the other person has.

In short, the hater hates the other person for exposing him to his own mediocrity and failure to measure up to his own standards.

The hater hates that the other person has lived up to and exceeded standards the hater himself could not reach.

In short, haters are envious snakes who resent the success of others.

Yet they refuse to put in the hard work that could improve their own situation.

1)How to Deal With Haters:

There are two ways how to deal with haters.

Haters Gonna Hate 2

A)Ignore Them ; No Free Attention

Haters hate themselves. Secretly, they hope to subvert and sabotage others – dragging them down to their level.

Haters lack self-respect, for if they possessed it, they would focus their time towards productive endeavors.

Instead they waste time on a negative emotion that accomplishes nothing.

Haters hate those better than them because they represent everything that they are not and bruise their already small egos and bruised self-esteem.

In short, haters are losers that despise winners.

They adopt the mindset that if they cannot succeed, nobody should, and winner’s success is undeserved.

Deep down, hater’s want attention. They crave to be noticed – to be someone. They desperately want a spotlight, a platform.

That is why you must ignore haters, especially internet haters who attempt to troll, manipulate, argue , or discredit you.

Haters Gonna Hate 3

B) Strike Back at Dangerous Haters

If a hater ever causes you impending legal, financial, physical or emotional damage, at this point you should no longer ignore them.
It is at this point you must strike back, SWIFTLY.

Boundaries are necessary in this world, for people have no respect for the person who fails to stand up for himself.

If the hater’s acts cause you harm, you owe it to yourself to do everything in your legal power to send a message that you will not be messed with.

Sometimes, that may mean calling a lawyer. Other times, that may mean breaking a hater’s jaw.

.Sometimes, the best move is complete and total ignorance.

By striking back at the hater, you give his argument credibility and drain your precious time.

You must learn to remove your emotions from the equation and assess each situation calmly and rationally.


3) Hate is a Double-Edged Sword

Hate causes more harm to the person who wields it then the intended target. Hate is a man drinking poison and expecting his enemy to fall over dead.

In this universe negative actions, thoughts and feelings produce fruits matching the seeds of their plants. Rarely will hatred ever cause a positive outcome.

Emotional hatred is almost always irrational, illogical and seldom serves any productive purpose.
Often the person the hater despises most is himself. Because he hates and despises himself, he finds it easy to do the same to others.

4) The Case for Hate

There are times in life when hate is justified; and in those times you must remain calm logical while following your gut instincts.
Hatred can be a warning signal – telling you to avoid a dangerous individual.

In this case, you should not hate the person in an emotional sense but instead take rational action.
There are some people you just can’t afford to allow into your life or associate with.

Winners don’t hate losers – they just hate the contagious mediocrity that will follow if they allow themselves to associate. They keep losers at a distance and wish them the best.
It’s not personal.

Haters can often show us our biggest areas of weakness or improvement – for they tend to be more honest then friends.

5)Hustle Until Your Haters Ask If You’re Hiring

My phone rings, I pick up.    “..AJ?”
“Umm.. I know we’ve haven’t been on the best of terms. But, do you know anyone who happens to be hiring?”

Haters want to take you off your grind desperately. If you allow them to do, the haters win.
My blog, and my life is centered around productivity.

Getting shit done is the bottom line.

I have big dreams you see. I want money. I want the company of woman.

Those dreams aren’t going to create themselves.
That’s why it’s so important not to let the haters take you off your grind.

You know what’s speaks infinitely louder then giving haters attention?
Compounding success. Sooner or later your haters will want to join your team.

Once that happens, you know you’ve made it.

Until then, keep your eyes on the prize and stay focused on your grind.

6)Haters are Biggest Fans (Nobody Hate’s on Inferiors)

Haters motivate me. I know that sounds crazy. But it’s true.

If you don’t have haters, you aren’t working hard enough. That’s the simple truth.

I love my haters. Sometimes its the fat guy in the gym who’s girl is checking me out.

Sometimes it’s some anonymous internet coward. Sometimes it’s the guy who wishes he had my possessions or life.

Regardless, Haters motivate me.


Don’t let haters get you down in life. They are as natural as the air , sunlight and gravity.

Recognize that hate is often envy wearing a mask, – respond to it rationally and calmly.

Remain rational, bold, calm, and motivated in the face of adversity and your success is assured.

Haters are gonna Hate.



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