Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight


Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Movies, Music, rap songs and society have conditioned people to think success happens over night.
Nothing could be further from the TRUTH.


If you expect overnight success , you will only set yourself up for disappointment down the line.

Unrealistic expectations lead to needing an immediate, specific result.

Needing immediate, specific results and not receiving them leads to frustration.
Frustration leads to quitting. Quitting leads to failure.

Failure can lead to Success. Provided you learn from it.


You can’t be like the gambling addict, putting all of your hope in a winning lottery ticket.
Life doesn’t work like that. Society has conditioned people from an early age to believe that success is supposed to happen overnight.

Real success is a combination of luck, opportunity, persistence, timing, risk-taking and being in the right place and the right time.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Colonel Sanders, the bearded old founder of KFC had to accept 1,009 NO’s before he got his first YES!

Not only that, he had to keep asking. Even when giving up seemed like the most logical and rational thing in the world to do.

Most people would have given up after 50 NO’s.
Colonel Sanders had persistence and a firm belief in his vision. He knew success would take time.
That’s why KFC exists today.

1)Outcome Independence is the First Key

Outcome Independence means you don’t NEED a SPECIFIC RESULT = TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT ATTITUDE.

In life, outcome independence makes the difference between letting a rejection/failure/ ruin the rest of your day or letting it roll off your back like a drop of sweat. Being outcome independent is not a skill you are born with.

It is one you have to develop through life experience.
When you quit, you become a quitter. Every time you quit something you become more likely to quit in the future.
Very, very rarely will reality align with the image of perfect success you in have.

It’s better to live in reality then to give yourself false hope.
Practice outcome independence.
Stop expecting a specific result. Instead, DO THE WORK.

Sooner or later you will get a result.
It may not be the one you wanted or expected, but a result is still a result. Start accepting reality for the way it is instead of the way you want it to be.
Some people are going to accept you. Some are going to reject you.

That’s just the way it is. Trying to force someone to be into you is an exercise in frustration. Sometimes you are going to win in life. Sometimes you are going to lose. Deluding yourself into believing that every situation is a win will set you up for failure.

2)PRESS ON, Persistence is the Second Key

Persistence -n. firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.
Persistence is key in life. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Furthermore, life is about the journey, not the destination.
You’ve got to persist in spite of the obstacles and difficulties you will inevitably face.
You’ve got to make a promise to yourself.
To keep pressing on, to keep creating and producing regardless of whether or not the results are there.
No matter what.


3)EASY and WORTHWHILE Don’t Exist Together

You can have something EASY, or you can have something WORTHWHILE.
You can’t have BOTH. It’s impossible. You can have a cushy 9 to 5 job where you don’t have to work that hard.

But don’t expect the same results that an entrepeneur who takes risks and works 18 hour days has.
If you aren’t willing to take the risks and put in the work. you don’t deserve success.





4)Be Content With The Journey

Stay happy and keep grinding in the present.
Even if you aren’t where you want to be now. Everyone reading this article can find things to be grateful for.

If you have your health, there are many people who would kill to switch places with you.
If you live in a first world country you enjoy a better standard of living then 80% percent of the world.

It’s so easy to get frustrated. To feel that you are entitled to success and the benefits that come with it.

But that’s not how life works. Everything must be EARNED.

How fair would it be if some obese person could steal some of the 50 pounds of muscle I’ve worked so hard for over the past few years?
Not very fair at all.

Success must be EARNED.
It’s easy to be resentful and jealous of those more fortunate. What’s hard is to be content with where you are on the journey to your final destination of success.
Start appreciating the little things.

If you have all your fingers, all your toes , you can walk, you don’t have any major deformities then you are blessed.
Whether you realize it or not.
Whether you are religious or not.

You’ve been given the precious gift of a single unique life on this spinning blue ball we call Earth.

5) Success Must Be Earned, Not Handed to You

Many people have an extreme sense of entitlement. They want the finer things of this life.
It’s fine to have a sense of entitlement. As long as you are willing to put in the work to earn it.
There lies the problem. Most people want an attractive spouse. But they aren’t willing to put in the hard work and discipline to make themselves an attractive catch.

They simply think that they deserve the best.

Which is fine and good. As long as you hold yourself to a high standard.
If you are fat, broke, unemployed, boring and uneducated then don’t expect a model.

You’ve got to be blunt and honest with yourself. Are you putting in the work? Are you taking the necessary steps to become a success?
Or are you putting your hands in your pocket, crossing your fingers and wishing upon a star.

When you’re a kid, you believe in fairy tales like overnight success.
You can call yourself an adult when you finally realize that everything you want comes with a price.

You’ve got to be willing to sacrifice, to pay that price to get what you truly desire.

Until you commit and make that decision, success will elude you.

Even if you pull the trigger and do the work, you’ve got to buckle up.
Success is a long journey with ups and downs, highs and lows, peaks and valley.

Overnight Success?

Stop kidding yourself.
Stop deluding yourself.

Start holding yourself to a higher standard and Start CONSISTENTLY DOING THE WORK.

Your success will be assured.

-AJ Lifts

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