Stop Complaining and Do Something

Blunt and Straight to the Point.
Like a hot knife through butter.

I’m not here to pull punches and pat you on the back.
I’m here to tell it like it is and light a fire under your ass , damn it.

The bottom line is this:

The weak complain to anyone who will take the time to listen and take pity on their pour souls.

If you have someone constantly bitching in your life, I suggest you have a heart to heart with them.

Tell them you empathize with them and you feel for them but the time for bitching is over.
The time for acting is NOW.

It sucks that your girlfriend broke up with you, but it’s time to pick yourself, put on your best Sunday suit and find some new , fresh poon tang.

She’s gone and she ain’t coming back. Actually she’s already probably hopped on another man.
I know it hurts, the truth often does.

Bitching is passive.
It wastes’ time and actually makes the situation worse.


The time for talk is over.

Stop Complaining and Do Something

When you find yourself in a deep hole, the only proper course of action is to stop digging yourself IN, and start digging yourself OUT.

Sooner or later you’ve got to stop feeling sorry for yourself and moping and moaning and groaning.
You’ve gotta start making good things happen and get back on the right track, while you still can.

The world ain’t all DOOM and GLOOM just because a couple bad things happened to you.

This world is WHATEVER you make of it.
If you happen to be reading this blog, congratulations.

You are one of the most blessed and comfortable human beings to ever exist period. Your life is extremely easy compared to 99% of human beings that ever existed on this planet.

It’s as simple as that.
Leave the bitching and whining for the losers.

You didn’t stumble on this blog or post by chance friend. It was meant to happen.
You were destined for greater things.

If you’ve been weak in the past, it doesn’t mean you have to stay weak.

Make the decision right now to become mentally and physically strong and resilient.

The past has past.
Now is the time.

The future is whatever you make it. People always say the strong should protect the weak.


Women and kids get a pass to be weak from society.
Son , if you are 16 or over it’s time to grow up.

It’s time to become STRONG.
The strong ACT.

The strong don’t have time to BITCH and MOAN and COMPLAIN.
It’s as simple as that , damn it.

You know your situation sucks?
You know you need to make the changes?

Then damn it, sit down, set a fucking dead line, make the plans and take the ACTION.
When it’s said and done, the STRONG make it happen and the WEAK cry, bitch moan and post on

REDDIT and forums about their miserable existence.
The weak see themselves as powerless victims, life just happens to them and it’s all cicrumstance.

The words accountability and responsibility do not exist in their vocabulary.
The strong on the other hand , go the extra mile.

The strong assume ABSOLUTE and total RESPONSIBILITY.
They know that nobody is coming to save them.

Nobody gives a flying FUCK at the end of the day.

The strong know that the chains and handcuffs they wear are self imposed – and that they can break the chains of the prison they inhabit at any time the choose to.

The weak give up before the fight even starts then blame “GOD” for how crappy their life is.

Friend, GOD helps those who helps themselves.
I can’t make it any simpler then that.

The weak waste valuable time that could be used constructively and productively to whine, procrastinate, complain and drag others down to their mediocrity.

The same time could be used to get back on the right track.
A masculine man doesn’t ever complain.

He knows complaining is useless in so far as it does nothing to correct or address the actual problem.
Emotional weakness is for low testosterone beta males and the mediocre.

Great men take responsibility and full accountability…. they self-motivate and they get to work.

They know that they are the only ones who can hold themselves back.
The weak believe they are powerless and lo and behold, they are.

The strong know that all the power in the universe lies within them and seize the moment.
When the chips are down the strong act, and the weak mope and bitch and whine and complain.

It’s a small but subtle difference, but it’s the difference between success and mediocrity.
Make sure you act in accordance with the results you desire out of life.

If you’ve got BIG DREAMS, you’ve got to be willing to put in an amount of work that equals them.

-AJ Lifts

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