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Personal Trainer Fort Collins

If you clicked onto this article, you’re here for a reason. You live at or near Fort Collins, Colorado like I do, and you’re interested in having a personal trainer help you achieve your fitness goals.

I lived in Fort Collins for over a year.

Fort Collins is a great please to live. Full of active cyclists, exercisers and hikers its one of the fittest cities in America.

Unfortunately, Fort Collins lacks trainers who are truly passionate about helping people and many who are just in it for the money.

I currently live in Loveland, Colorado and meet up with multiple clients per week in Fort Collins.

Maybe you’ve been going to the gym for years and haven’t seen the results you’ve desired. Maybe you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. The bottom line is you are here because you desire to make some sort of change.

I wrote this article because I want to be the trainer who helps you make that change.

1.) Why You Need A Personal Trainer

Personal trainers can cost a significant amount of money. So the question is, why do you need a personal trainer? The truth is, If you were satisfied with the way you looked and felt, you wouldn’t be here right now.

If you could have solved the problem on your own you would have. We all need help from time to time.I don’t try to fix my car when it stops running.

I get it towed and take it to my expert mechanic. We all have our area’s of expertise. Why waste your valuable time, energy and money on fad diets and workouts?

You can skip all that and learn from the expert.

Most people lack the motivation and accountability required to develop the body they truly desire. That’s OK. We all need someone to motivate us and hold us accountable.

You need someone on your team. A drill sergeant and a coach. Somebody who can motivate you AND hold you accountable. Someone who can keep you on target when you’d rather skip your workout or eat that candy bar.

2)The Real Reason People Go To The Gym

People go to the gym so they can LOOK THEIR BEST. We are all a product. We live in a more competitive world then ever. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are judged on your appearance.

Getting in shape will make you more attractive to EVERYONE. That’s the dirty little secret of the gym. People say they want to get healthy, they say they want to feel good.

Heck, I said the same thing. The truth is that everybody wants to have a body that turns heads and makes people stare. The dating and mating game is more competitive then ever.

More people are working out then ever. Being average or mediocre will no longer cut it. You’ve go to be everything you can BE!

That includes your physique!

3) Why Big Box Gym Trainers are A Scam

Imagine paying $100 dollars for a 1 hour training session from someone who doesn’t even look like they lift.

That’s what throwing out your money at a big box gym is like.

I used to work out at big-box corporate gyms, Like 24 hour Fitness, Planet Fitness and Gold’s Gym.

Inevitably I would be approached by a skinny, meek, feminine trainer asking me if I was interested in purchasing some training sessions with him. What he didn’t know was that I was a NASM certified trainer.

Why would I train with someone less fit then me? I wouldn’t – neither should you. I would always politely decline.

Big Box trainers don’t see you as a person. They just see you as a human wallet that helps them meet their guaranteed quota.

The worst part is these corporate trainers only keep 15% of what the gym charges you.


4) Why all Women Should Go To The Gym

I believe everybody deserves the best mate they can be with. Most men judge women, primarily off of looks. I know it sounds shallow, but most people are.

Who does your ideal male partner look like? How much money does he make? What qualities and attributes does he have?

You have a much higher chance of attracting your ideal partner if you are at a healthy weight well developed physique. That way you won’t have to settle for a mediocre guy you aren’t actually attracted too.

Men care primarily about a woman’s appearance. Your career, personality and unique attributes should matter. But they will never be as important as your looks are to a straight man.

You are a product. Why not refine your product so you can attract Prince Charming instead of Beta Billy.

I will help you develop a toned, sexy physique that you can feel proud of. I will teach you leg and glute workouts that will develop a body that turn’s heads.

Having a toned, gym body will help you in dating AND your career. Do you want to miss another promotion because the CEO is a sexist pig who promotes based off of attractiveness? Is that fair to you?

Maybe you’ve been running or biking for years. Those activities are great for fun or losing weight – but they won’t give you the toned look that lifting weights will.

It’s time to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack! You deserve to look and feel your best. Being in shape will put you ahead of 90 percent of other women. The average American woman is 171 pounds and 5’4.

You deserve to attract the man of your dreams – not settle for garbage. I will help you achieve the physique that will draw Prince Charming to you. It will be worth every penny when you meet the high value, handsome man of your dreams.

5) Why All Men Should Go To The Gym

Dating competition is fiercer then ever. Men outnumber women on dating apps like Tinder, Plenty of Fish and Bumble 8 to 1. That means you need to STAND OUT FROM THE PACK.

Going to the gym used to be extremely rare – for bodybuilders and gym rats. Not anymore. More men then ever are going to the gym and competition is fierce.

Going to the gym went from setting you apart from other men to just keeping up with them.

People will do more to avoid pain then seek pleasure. Imagine the pain of your girlfriend or wife breaking up with you and banging another, fitter, dominant man. Does it fill you with disgust?

It should. Fortunately that nightmare doesn’t have to happen. We can get you in shape you don’t have to go through the brutal pain of breakups and lonely nights.

I know you’ve been told that women don’t care about looks. They do. Women are just as picky as men when it comes to looks – if not more so.

Do you really want to go through life as a limp-wristed soyboy ? What kind of quality of life is that. Watching as the fit douchebag gets to bone the girl you want while you sleep alone at night.

The good news is: It doesn’t have to be like this. You can choose the type of life you want to lead. I took up weight lifting at 23 and went from a skinny-fat  little male to a muscular man.

Along the way I started having romantic encounters with women at a rate I never had before.

I’ll never forget the time I got shredded to 10% bodyfat and 190 pounds. I went out with a tank-top to a nightclub in Arlington, Virginia. I didn’t even have to do anything that night.

As I was walking out and heading to the local Walgreens, a cute, petite blonde approached me.

She started making out with me and took me home with her two blonde friends. People treat you better when you’re good looking. Man or woman, it’s a simple fact of life.

70% of couples are now meeting online via dating apps. That  means if you aren’t exceptionally charismatic or lucky and don’t have the physical image to market yourself online, you’re going to be lonely.

Every man has the potential to develop a great physique. I know society told you that women only care about your personality, integrity and the money you make. That’s a lie. The truth is, your looks and confidence and social skills play the dominant role in attracting women to you.

What would you do if a man came up to you and started getting aggressively in your face? Would you apologize like a meek little mouse or stand up to him? When you get in great shape people will become more physically imposing.

That means they will hesitate to fuck with you. Can you really call yourself a man if you have a Pillsbury dough boy skinny fat physique and can’t defend your loved ones?

6) The Importance of Hormones and Vitamins

The importance of hormones and vitamins cannot be understated.

I’ve suffered and overcome numerous health issues.

Issues like Anemia, Hypothyroidism, Low B12, Low Vitamin D and Low Testosterone.

Every one of these issues can cause weight gain, fatigue, muscle weakness and difficulty working out.

I’ve learned to stay on top of all of these – and you can too.

I can’t understate how important it is to properly screen for hormone and vitamin deficiencies.

7) Why You Should Hire Me To Be Your Personal Trainer

  • I charge a reasonable, fixed rate – $43 dollars per hour. That’s less then half of what a scamming big box gym would charge you.
  • I can get you the results you desire – my proof is my own physique.
  • I will be in your own corner, you personable motivator. I will hold you accountable and keep you on track.
  • I lift weights because it is my passion, not because it is my career. I want others to achieve the results I have and be proud and happy with their bodies like I am.

Whether you are a man or a woman I can and will help you achieve your goals and sculpt the physique you desire.

Feel free to leave a comment or message on the website or send me an email at to book a free consultation. You owe it to yourself to look and feel your best.

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