Pareto Principle Dating


Pareto Principle Dating

The Pareto Principle is also known as the 80 20 RULE.

The 80 20 rule applies to various facets of life.

The top 20% of music artists produce 80% of all popular music.
The top 20% of salesman get 80% of all sales.

Likewise, the top 20% of men in the dating market get the top 80% of likes and matches from women.
This type of brutal honesty may not be what you want to hear.

Sometimes, you need hard, facts and the truths. Not feel good platitudes and lie.

1) The Spoils for the Top, The Scraps for The Bottom

The top 20% of men on online dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Match, OKCupid and Plenty of Trash get 80% of the attention and matches with women.

The bottom 80% of men are forced to fight competitively for the bottom twenty percent of women.
This is the Pareto Principle, summed up.

Nobody reads YOUR BIO on an online dating app.
All people have to go off is the image you present them with.

Nobody falls in love with your personality at first sight.
That saying applies a thousand-fold online.

2)What Really Matters Online: Looks and Lifestyle

The only thing that matters online is looks and Lifestyle. Looks & Lifestyle are the deciding factor between someone getting matched with or swiped left on. Online, Perception is Reality. This cannot be understated.

Women are very, very picky. They can AFFORD to BE.

Even the average woman online has hundreds of matches, simps, and orbiters. Online dating heavily favors women.
Women have all the cards online.

Even an average woman can end up in analysis paralysis from the plethora of options she is presented with.
The bottom line, is that looks are extremely important online. Even more then real life.

Above average looks set you apart from the sea of men.
Looks are the most important criteria when it comes to success with online dating.

Lifestyle comes second. Do you come off as having an EFT Life (Exciting, Fun, Travel)? You better if you want to get good results.

The best way to enhance your lifestyle is by having more money. More money means you can afford to go to the exotic places and do the fun things that will communicate abundance and excitement to women.

Aspects of Looks:

Face, Height, Race, Hair, Body Fat

A)Face – Your face is USUALLY the most important quality when it comes to your looks. A good face will get you looks of adoration, “fuck me eyes”, glances, lustful stares and even women making exucses to approach you.

A bad face will get you downward looks, looks away, looks of disgust, low attention and poor eye contact. A bad face will also get you rejection. Lots and lots of rejection.
Rejection sucks. I don’t care what anyone says. It’s part of the game, unfortunately.

B)Height – Height is very, very important. Anyone who tells you it isn’t is lying to you. If you are a 5’5 male or below you will live life on “nightmare mode.”

I’m not saying you should give up. I am saying that in the dating world you will have a tough time.
If you are a 5’5 or shorter your height matters more then your face. If you are 5’6 or taller your face will play a more important role in your overall attractiveness.

With that said, you should do whatever it takes to maximize your height.

If you’re under 6’0, buy a couple pair of elevator shoes and wear them when going out socially.

Women say that height doesn’t matter. People say a lot of stuff, but i don’t put too much stock into what people say.

I put stock into what people do. Actions carry 10 times the weight words do.

Men 6’0 tend to be messaged on online dating apps 3 times more then 5’8 men according to this study.

C)Race –

You’re race will play a very large part in how well you do on online dating apps.
East Asian and Indian men are the least desirable men on dating apps.
Black Women are the least desired women on dating apps.
It is what it is. Here is the funny thing. The same women that preach about “equality” and “white privilege” will curve minorities and certain men.

I actually saw it on Youtube the other day.

An Asian woman was whining about “white privilege” and how Asians were systematically discriminated against.

This same virtue signaling justice warrior Asian woman was later filmed kissing and embracing a tall pretty boy white male, who she was sleeping with.

In other words, she was sleeping with the same “OPRESSOR” that she was whining and complaining about.

That is the Definition of a hypocrite.

Anyways, I find it ironic.

Women are the biggest people who preach “equality” and not being a racist.
Yet they themselves filter certain men out based on RACE alone. They are racists and hypocrites.
Look at their actions, not the lies that come out of their mouth.

They call it preference – but it is really RACISM, plain and simple.

D)Hair –

I know three people that can get away with being bald. The Rock, Michael Jordan, and Jason Statham. They are all celebrities. They are also all in relatively good shape.

If you’re balding, it will count against you in the dating market.
I recommend a hair transplant or shaving it all off regularly.

Don’t combover, don’t get a wig, don’t get a toupee, don’t keep your hair unkempt.
Keep it all shaved and all shaved regularly.
Do NOT use Finasteride or Propecia. They will cause you permanent sexual dysfunction.

(Post Finasteride Syndrome)
If you aren’t bald or balding then your in luck.
All you have to do is keep your hair groomed, and get haircuts at least once a month depending on how fast your hair grows.
Do not cheap on getting a good haircut.
A great haircut can mean the difference between getting a number/bang or getting dirty looks, blowout rejections and cussed out.

D) Body Fat

A high body fat makes you look UGLY. Essentially, the lean, healthy attractive version of you is held hostage by a fatter, uglier IMPOSTER.

Hostage by an uglier, fatter, bloated in the face Shrek-look a like doppleganger.
I’m not joking. I’ve seen handsome men, including myself pack on the pounds and go from Adonis to Pillsbury Dough Boy real quick.

When you gain fat a lot of it will go to your face and bloat you, blur your facial features, give you a double or triple chin, a butt chin and just plain make you unattractive.
The ideal male body fat percentage is 8-12%.
If you are obese or overweight then priority number #1 for improving your results in the dating world is losing weight and gaining muscle.

The other day I looked at a photo of myself from two years ago when I was a lean 185. I was like DAMMMMMMMN.
I didn’t realize I used to look that good. I am 213 pounds at the moment.

After I looked at that old photo I immediately did an hour of cardio and decided to start lowering my caloric intake, begin intermittent fasting and daily cardio.

That’s how important low body fat is.

Aspects of Lifestyle:

The only “aspect” of lifestyle that really matters is money. You’ve either got the type of money to live the lifestyle you want or you don’t. It’s as simple as that.
Even if you don’t, find a way to take pictures that represent an exciting, fun , travel based life.

The 80/20 rule/pareto principle is a law that applies to many aspects of life, including dating and online dating.
Women are all gunning for top cream of the crop men.

Weak men will become so depressed and despondent they will quit, or indulge in vices like PORN, VIDEO GAMES, ALCOHOL AND MASTURBATION.

The man of strong willpower and constitution, knowing that HE is the ultimate architect of his DESTINY will do everything in his POWER to improve his station in life without COMPLAINT.

If you don’t want to be stuck fighting over scraps with all the other Average Joe’s you’ve got to commit to making yourself as good looking, successful and in shape as you can possibly be.

If you don’t, it will cost you.
Perception is Reality.

That applies 10x as much online. Who cares if you really are about it or not?
All you got to do is project an image, play a part AND then SMASH AND DASH.

Stay tuned for more game and truth from a dating coach living the life while on his grind.

-AJ Lifts

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