NOFAP Timeline Benefits


NOFAP Timeline Benefits

1).What is NoFap Anyways?

NOFAP is an acronym that means NO “fapping”. Fapping is internet slang for masturbation, most commonly to hardcore pornographic content.

Engaging in NOFAP means completely abstaining from viewing porn and masturbation.

“Hardmode” NOFAP means abstaining from all sexual activity, including intercourse with a woman.
NOFAP as a movement has been around for the past fifteen years.

The timeline for NOFAP depends on how addicted you are to porn and masturbation and when you first began compulsively masturbating to high speed internet porn.
Generally speaking, the earlier you started viewing porn, the longer it will take to reboot.

2)Why Engage In Nofap?

This is a question any porn addicted individual would be likely to ask.
Actually if this question flashed into your head, you are most definitely ADDICTED.
Most compulsive, addictive habits are hard to break.
The main reason to engage in NOFAP is the symptoms that compulsively, regularly masturbating to porn are not easy.

It’s easy to attribute them to something else – until you go on a streak for a few weeks and see these symptoms dissipate or resolve entirely.
It’s only then that you finally connect the mental dots and realize that this addictive habit had been causing you so many issues.

Symptoms that Can Be Caused By Excessive Masturbation to Pornography:
A) Anxiety (Especially social anxiety and with females) B) Brain fog (C)Shame D)Depression
E)Loneliness F)Fatigue G)Guilt H) Low Motivation I) Anhedonia (Inability to Experience Pleasure)
J) Delayed Ejaculation, or Anorgasmia (Complete inability to ejaculuate) with a partner
K) PIED (Porn induced erectile dysfunction) Inability to induce or maintain an erection during the act of sex with a partner. Hard as a diamond when watching porn
L) High Prolactin (Excessive masturbation spikes prolactin)

2) 90 Day Reboot

A 90 day reboot is the most commonly cited NOFAP timeline for a por addicted individual to rewire their brain.
The reality is, your mileage may vary. Some men may have to refrain for longe periods of time to experience a resolution of symptoms.
Rebooting is not one size fits all. Generally, the older a man was when he started watching pornography, the quicker the reboot.
The younger the man (12-16) was when he started indulging in pornography and masturbation, the longer the reboot will take.
This is because using porn and masturbation creates neural pathways in the brain.
The longer these pathways have been around the bigger and more deeply ingrained they will be.
This means that the longer you have been abusing porn and masturbation, the longer it will take to rewire your brain.
The major difference lies in this fact:
Some men’s first sexual experiences were to high speed internet porn. These men begin masturbating compulsively from an extremely young age (10-15).
These men wired their brains at a young age to switching to multiple videos, outrageous scenes and numerous wiomen.
This is what they trained their brain to respond to sexually. As a result, their brain comes to interpret the act of masturbating as a passive observer to be sex.
Other men’s first sexl experiences tended to be with women, or explicit magazines.
These men did not grow up with high speed, novel internet prn available.
Because of this, they did not wire their brains to the extent that the men who master at an extremely young age did.
The first group will tend to experience more symptoms and take longer to fully reboot.
The second group will tend to reboot faster and have less issues, like delayed ejaculation.

3)What The NOFAP Timeline Looks Like for A Reboot:

Day 2 and 3: Subconscious, deeply repressed sense of inner shame, guilt and anxiety decrease.
Day 7: Brain Fog begins to lift
Day 14: Prolactin begins to drop
Days 15-21: Due to a drop in prolactin, dopamine increases. Prolactin is the hibernation hormone, which increases after orgasm. Enjoyment in normal everyday and little activities increases again.
You no longer feel a sense of emotional numbness. Energy levels begin to improve. Confidence,self-esteem and self worth begin to increase.
Day 30: Craving to relapse to prn/masturbation decreases. Flashbacks are noticeably reduced.
Day 30-60. PIED symptoms disappear or improve. Increase in erectile quality and strength.
Confidence continues to improve.
Day 56: Delta FOSB that has saturated the nucleus accumbens starts to remove itself. This makes it possible for the neural porn addicted pathways to now slowly break up and reroute themselves.
Day 90: The three month mark, most people consider themselves fully rebooted at this point.
People with severe addictions, especially from a young age will need longer. Confidence and self-respect continue to improve.
Days 120-150: Lingering Symptoms of severe PIED continue to improve.
Day 365: 1 year mark. Those who have been addicted from a young age may require this long to fully reboot/rewire the brain.

4)NoFAP Motivation (Reasons to Begin NOFAP)

The porn or masturbation addicted man reading this article might ask , what’s the point?
Why go through all this. Why deny myself. Why abstain. Why not just continue to indulge my pleasurable addiction.
Breaking any addiction will require pain, willpower and sacrifice.
I can give you the ultimate reason to quit pornography and masturbation once and for all.
The ultimate reason is having healthy relationships.
Even if you only casually date, anorgasmia, delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction induced from porn will wreck your life.
I have seen women leave, and have had women leave or break up with me because of these issues.
So have other men.
These issues have and will cause a relationship to break down.
When a man fails to finish/orgasm with a woman it makes her feel bad.
No matter what they say, sooner or later they will look for external validation.
In this case the external validation happens to be sexually and another man.
This will of course, spell the end of your relationship.
Productivity also takes a massive hit. Whether men realize it or not the main subconscious motivation that drives men to become successful is sexual success with women.
Napoleon Hill referred to this as “Sexual Transmutation” in his best seller Think and Grow Rich.
You can believe it or not.
But the sexual drive is the strongest drive in the human being. Tapped well, it can motivate a man to become the best version of himself.
Wasted on the floor, it can send a man lower then even the most base of animals.
I hope that this article has educated you a bit on what NOFAP is, what the NOFAP timeline looks like and why you should begin NOFAP if you have not already.

If you are currently on a streak I hope this article recommend you to continue and press on with your abstinence from this destructive, dangerous addiction.

The benefits of not indulging yourself in the mental and physical poison of modern PMO will continue to compound and one day, you will wake up in awe about how far you’ve come.

-AJ Lifts

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