Nobody Is Jealous Of Losers

Nobody is Jealous Of Losers

                          (Keep up the Good Work)

I’ve got some good news for you.
Haters don’t WASTE time on losers.  is jealous of a homeless bum on the street.
Jealousy and envy from others is a sign that you are doing something right.

So keep it up.
Keep your foot pressed on the pedal. Keep putting in the work and long hours. Your discipline and determination,  others.

Your focus and resolve upset them. How are they are supposed to keep up with you watching 40 hours of TV a week and glued to their smart phones?

They aren’t, and they can’t.
You’ve got this and they know it. They know every day you are getting a little more ahead of them and that eventually, you are going to leave them in the dust.

So they start hating. They want your results. They want your muscles. They want the adoration and company of the pretty ladies.

They want the money. They want the lifestyle.
What they don’t want is the work. The discipline. The constant pressure. The deadlines. The uncertainty.
The willingness to work with no immediate payoff in the horizon.

No , they don’t want to put in the work unless the results are guaranteed in advance.
Life doesn’t work like that.
You’ve got to half faith in yourself.

Faith in YOURSELF.
Faith in your ability to do the work.
Faith in your ability to SUCCEED.

Without immediate rewards in sight.
Haters are weak minded.
Haters are weak willed.
They live moment by moment and minute by minute.
They want all the trappings and rewards of success with none of the blood, sweat , tears and work.

Life doesn’t work like that.
Life gives you exactly what you earn.
Nothing less or nothing more.
Jealousy is a good thing. Don’t wish for people to stop being jealous.

That would be like asking birds to stop flying.
Impossible and illogical.
Welcome jealousy. Keep your guard up, but don’t be paranoid.
Nobody hates on the undisciplined fat slob with no fame to his name , no style to his game.
No talk to his walk and no spring in his step.

I love when guys give me the evil eye in the gym while their girlfriends covertly or overtly check me out.
I know that they hate me because I represent everything they will never be.

They will never have the grit , the discipline, the guts, the glory and the strength to sculpt their physique into a solid Greek statue. They want the END result, but they will never accept the fair trade of having to put in the work.

I love when guys hate at me at the nightclub or the bar.
They thought that lady they were staring at for the last two hours was theirs… but they lacked the balls and courage to approach and face a possible social rejection.

I can’t help that Im a well dressed , fit, handsome, stylish, confident douchebag.
Im proud to be that, and will never apologize.

I can’t help that women check me out and give me indicators of interest and “FUCK ME” eyes everywhere I go.

People directing jealousy towards you is a sign that you are becoming exceptionally good.
Good enough to stand out from the flock of sheep. Good enough to stand above the herd.
You’ve just got to keep pressing on.

Jealously should motivate you to work even harder. Clearly your hard work and discipline are beginning to pay off.
Raw jealousy and envy is so easy to spot a 5 year old could point it out a mile away.
One thing I’ve noticed about children – they always tell it like it is.

They don’t sugarcoat it.
Want to find out how shit really is? Ask a 12 year old. They’ll be blunt but honest.
I’ll take that over the polite lies spoken by adults anyday of the week.

You want polite lies, you are on the wrong blog.
This blog was made to hold me and others who desire success in every aspect of their lives responsible and accountable.

For far too long we’ve been living with no pressure, being told that we are all special snowflakes, everyone gets a participation trophy, yada yada yada.
Guys, if everyone gets a special trophy, that trophy CAN’T be that special.

The real trophies in life are rare, coveted and precious.
It’s winner take all and the early bird gets the worm.

Jealousy is a sign you are on the right track.
Keep it up.
Don’t feel guilty.
Don’t feel like you should take it easy.
Don’t feel like you are working too hard or a tryhard.

Your lazy slacker acquaintances and friends will try and drag you down to their level.
Using slogans like “Just take it easy man” “Why are you working so hard” “You used to be cool”.

Tell those slackers to fuck off and cut them out of your life.
They’ve chosen the path of the lazy loser and the crappy substitutes for success that come with it.

You are focused on greater things.
Don’t allow anyone to take you off your path.
Keep up the work, be consistent, be disciplined, be motivated.

The success will come.
The success is guaranteed.
Create value, and other human beings will reward you.
It’s as simple as that.
It’s not rocket science.
Don’t ever feel guilty for putting in the work and earning your success.
Those who are unwilling to pay the price are undeserving of the rewards.

Its not nice.
Its not politically correct.
Its not feel good mumbo jumbo.
But it’s the truth.

I have absolute faith my work will pay off. I know if I work hard today, I will reap the rewards tomorrow. I know that my success is inevitable and unstoppable.

Nobody and nothing can stop me. My inevitable success or failure will be determined by my thoughts, decisions, actions and work alone. I refuse to let anything to stop or hinder me. I will reach my mark, or I will die trying. It is as simple as that.

Nobody is Jealous of Losers
Till Next Time,

AJ Lifts

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