Never Complain Never Explain


Never Complain Never Explain

Complaining and Explaining accomplish nothing and make you look weak and powerless. A man is a human doing. An object in motion stays in motion. A man who values his time, respects himself and is not weak will refuse to COMPLAIN or EXPLAIN. If he has developed these unfortunate negative vices, he will do whatever it takes to reduce and eliminate these weak, non-productive habits. Life is hard enough as it is. Their is no need to whine. Victims whine, and you can’t call yourself a man if you see yourself as a victim. A man takes action when he finds himself in a non satisfying situation.

Don’t like where you are in life or the way things are?

GET OFF YOUR ASS and do something to fix it.

The cold hard truth is society doesn’t give a shit about men. It never has and it never will. Want to feel sorry for yourself and mope around? Join the ranks of crybabies on the internet and broke defeated homeless men on the street.

Men Have a Burden of Performance

Men have always been judged based off of their performance relative to other men. Whether it was hunting woolly mammoths, going to war or working a 9-5 job. Men have always been judged by WHAT THEY ARE and WHAT THEY HAVE.Once you take care of maximizing and maintaining your looks – the next logical step is to maximize your financial and social performance. Women cannot control who and what they are attracted to.

For better or worse women are attracted to good looking men with high social status and resources. That isn’t going to change. It is part of our biological hard-wiring that goes back millions of years. It doesn’t care about your individuality or personality. It isn’t fair and it isn’t pretty.

It is WHAT it is.

This is how it has been and this is how it will always be. It can be frustrating to always have an expectation and a burden of success to be placed upon you. Too bad. You aren’t going to change women and you aren’t going to change society. So what do I do you ask?

You work on yourself. HARD. You figure out what actions and plans you can make to improve your lot in life.

Complaining only wastes valuable time that you could be using to address or correct the situation you find yourself whining about. Nobody cares buddy. I hate to make this obvious but society only cares when women and children complain. When a man complains and whines, people just look on with disgust and contempt for the weak man. This is an unwritten social contract that you are expected to just “GET” and understand without having to be “TOLD”.

Never Explain

Explaining is also weak and feminine. When you offer up explanations to someone, you immediately putting yourself on the defensive and fighting an uphill battle. For a month, offer NO explanations to your actions. Simply reply to close-ended questions with a YES or NO. You aren’t a dog. You don’t need to justify or explain yourself to anyone. The one exception to this rule is your job. If you work a 9-5, then you need to be reasonable with your boss and coworkers.  Outside of work is a different story.

With words, less is often more. Replying to questions with a simple YES or NO makes you look strong and decisive. Your a man, aren’t y0u? Then you don’t need to justify yourself to anybody. Period. If they don’t like it, they can go POUND SAND. 

Memorize this saying and implement it into your daily life until it becomes second nature.


Complaining and explaining is what weak, subservient, spineless men do. Do you want to be known as a weak male with no spine who bends to the whim of other? Or do you want to be known as an asshole who is to be treated with respect and admiration. I’d rather be feared then loved. This doesn’t me you want to end up a violent criminal thug with a felony record. This means you have to have the balls, conviction and self respect to stand up with yourself and always put yourself first.

Repeat this mantra for the next 30 days and make sure and apply the information. Over the next month you’ll find yourself respect and self-worth soaring. No human being is worth losing your self-respect or pride for. You don’t owe anybody shit. Most people’s parents raised them to be way too nice, weak and conflict averse. It’s a lot better to not take peoples disrespect, ignore their stupid disrespectful questions and check them when necessary.

What you don’t say can be a whole lot more powerful then what you say. The less you say , the better. Give people the gift of one word answers without giving into the need to explain or justify your actions. From now on, you only need to justify your actions to yourself. Nobody else. Life is a lot better when you genuinely stop giving a fuck about what other people think and want and focus on yourself. Trust me.

8 thoughts on “Never Complain Never Explain”

  1. Hey, so, I read this quickly before I left my comment. If you answer yes or no, I get it haha. Can I ask you something if you don’t mind. By the way, I lost weight, incase you thought I was pro-obesity, I’m not.

    • Go for it Kaitlyn. Congratulations on your weight loss. I never thought you were pro-obesity. How are you doing?

  2. Thanks 😊 it was with a program though, I couldn’t wrap my head around how much I was eating, but I see now, it was a lot. I’m doing okay, how are you? Um, I think my question was did you see our time together as you were involved for sex solely? (although it felt like it was personal, at least for me)

    • I felt like we connected on a deep level that I haven’t experienced with other women. In my heart I know you feel the same way. I wish we hung out more and got to know each other on a deeper level. Watching Night at The Roxbury together,going out on dates, learning more about each other, growing together. I believe we were destined to meet, it was just the right person at the wrong time. I hope you are happy and doing well. I still care about you. Sex is important, but so is having someone who cares for you and makes you feel some type of way. We’d have fun with Ariana’s new songs. Be well.

      • wait also, the reason I’m asking is because I thought maybe I am not getting luck with guys cause I never took the time to understand who I’m dealing with. the more I try to understand, the more I get feedback that without my vagina, I am nothing. I want to believe the relationship I could have with a man at face value, and not my ideas of him, or what i want to have. I just wanted to know if you saw what i saw in you. so now great, I am basically in mental limbo of living in my dreams and trying to land, not crash, into the ground. until then, I’m not going to be okay with the outcome of me and someone I fell for.

        • The honest truth is most guys care about looks more then anything else. Idealizing a person will always lead to disappointment when they fail to live up to the perfect image in your head. The guys telling you are nothing without your pussy see you as nothing more then a booty call/FWB/ fuck buddy at best. If you are happy that’s fine, but ask yourself if that’s what you really want. Its ok to look back on the past fondly just don’t get stuck in your own head and forget the present. You need to sit down and honestly ask yourself the qualities you want in a guy and write them down. Their are a lot of men and women assholes out there. Just remember that we train people how to treat us by what we tolerate. A man who valued you as a person would not just see you as a walking pussy. What you might be missing is an emotional connection , but you won’t get it from someone who sees you like that. I hope things look up for you.

          Check out this video if you’ve got some time:


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