Live for Yourself


Live For Yourself

(The Less You Do For Others, The Better)

We live in an interesting world. The older I get the more my belief in the goodness of humanity has diminished.
The reality is that life is a constant power game and power struggle.You’ve got to set boundaries with people, be selfish and put your own interests first.

You can bet that other men will abuse and clown a weak man who won’t stand up for himself or set boundaries.

You can bet that women will cheat on a passive, pleasing, spineless, weak NICE GUY who can’t or won’t set boundaries.

Human nature in is fascinating, in a really shitty, fucked way.


Most religions and parents sets young men up for failure.

Be a good, nice little people pleaser who doesn’t set boundaries.

The more you do for people, the more they take you for granted.

When you treat someone like a KING OR QUEEN, they WILL  treat you like a peasant.

Society has brainwashed men to believe that you should be selfless, you should sacrifice for others.

That the needs of the society come before the needs of the individual.

From an early age we are forcefully indoctrinated into this feel good mindset.

White knights, Male feminist allies and women’s right marchers are just as brainwashed and indoctrinated and think they can win brownie points with women.

This mindset is ultimately self-harming to the individual.

You’ve been taught that you should do nice things for others. That they will respect and appreciate you.

THIS IS A LIE. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your friend, a random girl you’ve met , your employer, your family.

Here is the cold hard reality:

This runs so contrary to what society has indoctrinated you to believe that you may experience a sense of guilt open reading those words.

If you experience that sense of guilt, I can assure you you have been brainwashed.
You’ve been brainwashed to put others needs (Society, Women and your Friends) before your own.

Surely being selfless will endear you to people, right?


Morally this sounds right. Morally it is right. Practically it is WRONG, WRONG WRONG.
Society sold us a bunch of lies. Just be a good person. Just be a nice guy. You’re such a nice guy.
Here’s the real, cold hard truth.

WE LIVE IN A FUCKED UP , IMPERFECT, FALLEN WORLD. What kind of GOD would create a human nature were people fuck you over for being nice to them?

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in.


If you don’t put your FOOT down on people they will walk all over you and shit down your throat when


But keep believing the fairy-tale feel good lies society told you.
Just be a good little obedient nice worker bee! You’ll get that promotion someday!

Don’t give up on dating , I still care for you and want you to find the best person out there who is sure of you.” – My EX-GF, dumping me the morning after her birthday, where I had spent $300 on her.

If this is the first time you’re reading this , you might be having a lightbulb moment. What some people call an EPIPHANY.

What is an EPIPHANY?
A sudden or striking realization.
Friend, I’m here to give you some bitter medicine. It taste’s like moldy bread dipped in rancid sewage.
It’s as simple as that. In any interaction among human beings, you are either the one doing the FUCKING, or the one getting FUCKED.

Do you enjoy people fucking you over? Your boss who’s been making a handsome profit off you for years while you tolerate it.

He fucks you over because you know you have no other options.

My simple suggestion: Do Less for Others. Do More for Yourself.


When you are playing by a set of rules (morality, integrity, being a nice human being) that 80% of the people on the planet aren’t… you will get FUCKED OVER.

Women don’t play fair. Smart, ruthless, powerful men don’t play fair.

Only the fool plays FAIR.

Friend, if you want to know the blunt truth….it’s this.


I know. This goes against everything society has told you, mommy has told you, the brainwashing screens have told you.

In this world… People RESPECT those with POWER.

Power is not accumulated by sacrificing yourself for others.
It’s a fucked up world friends… but the more you do for others, the more will be expected of you.

The more people will take you for granted.
The less they will respect you.

If you want others to respect you, START RESPECTING YOURSELF.


Respect your time, attention, money and resources.

Set boundaries with people.

Don’t allow them to push you around , make you feel bad or put you down.

Make people earn good treatment from you. People don’t respect what they get for free, only what they earn.

Free yourself from the need for external validation. FUCK what others think.

What do you think about you?

That’s all that matters.

Do what’s best for you.

Live for Yourself

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