How To Write Your First Blog Post


How to Write Your First Blog Post


It can be easy as long as you don’t overthink it. First, you need to start your blog or website. You can get a free Blogspot or WordPress website but I recommend hosting your own website. Do it pro from the get go. When you host your own site you own it. You’ve been allowing the fear of failure to paralyze you like a statue.  It has to be just right. I can’t write until it’s perfect. WRONG. You will ignore the fear of failure.

You don’t begin from the end. When an artist begins his work, he starts with nothing. The start looks nothing like the finish. Worrying and obsessing, trying to chase that elusive maiden called perfection only wastes time.

Instead, you should filter all that worry and anxiety out of your mind, use it as fuel to get to work and produce. If the content is good enough, and it resonates with people and touches their souls, they will find it. You will begin with an outline that summarizes the article you want to make and what it’s about.

If you build it – and it’s worthy, they will come. You’ve been allowing perfectionism to keep you from ever starting. NO MORE. From now on when a thought strikes your brain you will no longer procrastinate. You will no longer wait. You will only act.



You will drown out all distractions and excuses. You will focus solely on creating the master work. Nothing else matters. Nothing else exists. Tunnel vision is what you are and what you need. Editing comes later. You can put the finishing touches on your masterpiece.

But first, you need to transform it. From nothing – into something. From the void – into reality. From your mind – into the world.

First Comes Creation

First you must create the masterwork. You must breath life into it – bring it into existence. Worrying about perfect this and perfect that and all the intricacies within you only serves to hide your greatness.

Tune out all distractions. Mute all the voices of procrastination, fear and doubt. Develop a single-minded, laser-like focus. The only thing that matters are the words on the screen. Nothing else. Not editing. Not spelling. Not sentence structure.


Before you can refine, you must have something to refine. No if’s and’s or but’s about it. Shut out social media. Get off internet forums and web pages. Stop being a consumer. Stop being a puppet. You were put on this Earth to produce, not to consume.

What do you gain from reading a random news article or forum post? Absolutely nothing but wasted time you can never get back. Stop making excuses! Stop finding a reason why you can’t work on a post.

Start figuring out what you want. You’ve had years to rest. You’ve had years to play video games, watch movies and surf the web. Time can either be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. The choice is yours.


You can’t edit until you finish writing. Worrying about writing is like worrying about driving while going for a jog. It makes no sense at all. Worry about taking action. Worry about making the most of every precious second granted to you.


When do I edit? When you are finished, and ONLY WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED. Not a minute sooner. How do I know when I’m finished? How many words should be in my post? You’ll know. You’ll feel it inside of you. I have nothing left to write. It’s finished.

The problem with most people is they want a formula. I was one of these people. I thought everything had to be perfect. I thought I had to follow a specific formula down to a  T. I believed everything had to be just right before I could start. As a result, I procrastinated.

I acted in accordance with my most deeply held beliefs. Until I finally realized my beliefs were incorrect. Things will never be perfect. The time will never be right. The only time I have is right now. Nothing else exists. The past is gone and the future is only a dream.

You can worry about spelling and punctuation, form and style, paragraphs and length later. For now, just focus on typing the words out on your keyboard. That’s it. That’s all. One letter at a time.

People want a formula to success. But success doesn’t work like that. Success belongs to those who think out of the box and take risks. Not those who play it safe and wait for someone to hold their hand. Just write it.

Let the words bleed from your hand onto the page and show the world the greatness within you. Type every word until you know its finished. Save your draft. Then, come back to the whole post and read it. You will see words that don’t belong and mistakes that need to be corrected. You will go through every word of your post and remove all the low quality content.

Then, and only then, you will hit publish. That is how you write your first blog post. Their are no magic tricks or quick easy fixes. Their is only outlining, typing, editing, and then finally once every other thing is done, hitting PUBLISH.


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