Just Be Yourself


Just Be Yourself

(Is Terrible Advice)

1)The Five Types of People Who Say “Just Be Yourself”

2) Just Be Yourself = Feel Good Generic Advice

3) A Problem Written and Known is a Problem Half Solved (Awareness is Key)

4) What if you’re obese, ugly, antisocial, short, or deformed?

5)Insanity is Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results

6) Conclusion and Solution – Become the Best Version of Yourself

1)The Five Types of People Who Say “Just Be Yourself”

Just be Yourself – This feel good slogan is most often uttered by 3 types of people.
Just be Yourself implies that all you have to be is exactly who you are right now and women will eventually see what a great catch you are.

In fact, you will have so many women chasing you down you will have to board up your house, put metal bars on the windows and file restraining orders to keep all the women off you.

Or at least that’s how things would work if that feel good, useless advice had any basis in reality
The Four Types of people who say this:

A) Well intentioned female friends, relatives, and random people who have no idea how to pick up women.
Would you ask a fish how to catch another fish, or would you ask a fisherman?

B)Women who Love Naturals (and Hate Deception)

The last thing they want to do is see you change your personality/looks/approach and succeed in making them think you are a natural. That would be DECEPTION. 

DECEPTION is RAPE according to some people (delusional ones).

That would be deception you see. But they still wear pounds of make up, push up bra’s, high heels and hair extensions, and don’t see their hypocrisy for what it is.

C) Clueless Friends, Average Frustrated Chumps, Family & Women
Again guys, learn from the experts. I guarantee you no ladies man or player will EVER say the words “JUST BE YOURSELF” when asked how he got women.

NEVER take dating advice from a WOMAN. Would you ask a fish how to catch other FISH?

D)Extremely Handsome Genetically Blessed Men (MR TALL DARK AND HANDSOME)
Extremely genetically blessed men will tell you this advice. They are ironically , well intentioned. The 6’4 handsome man will often be approached by women. He mistakenly assumes that women love his good personality, sense of humor, dress, etc.

The reality is that he is a genetic elite – Superman if you will. Because he is not aware of the importance of looks, he makes the mistaken assumption that because it is so EASY and EFFORTLESS for him, it is must be that way for everyone.

E) Competition 

This is the man who sees you as direct competition. Maybe he sees you as better off looking then he is. Or Richer. Funnier. Better.
The bottom line is this man knows how the game really works, and he wants to keep you blind as to the real nature of the world and how women select partners as possible.

He lives in a scarcity mindset, but on the other side of the equation, as your rival it isn’t exactly his job to educate you.

F)Parents, Grandparents, and the Elderly
Chances are they’ve been with less people then you can count on one hand. In their day you could just be yourself because women were forced to pair off with men they were not particularly attracted to due to economic necessity.
That is no longer the case, and has not been for decades. Their advice is well intentioned, but outdated.

2) “Just Be Yourself” =  Feel Good Generic Advice 

Guys, I don’t have many men in my life I call “real friends”. At the time of this writing , I have two.
Two guys on this whole planet I could trust my life with.

Now what I like about these two guys, and what they like about me is that we give each other TOUGH LOVE.
We aren’t YES men or HYPE men. No. We are HONEST men.

We give the person the message they need to hear, no matter how sour, how uncomfortable, how socially awkward.
Always remember that. A real friend tells you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear.

The message is always delivered from a place of well-meaning and intent, no matter how harsh it may be to the recipient.

Just Be Yourself is a slogan of the mediocre. If Bill Gates had just been himself he would still be living in his parent’s garage. If Tony Robbins had just been himself he would still be a janitor at a school , living in a shoebox sized studio.

Saying Just Be Yourself is like saying “maybe a problem will go away” or “maybe this car will fix itself.”
It absolves you of all personal responsibility and accountability.

What you should actually say is “Well, I’ve just been myself for this period of time, and this is what my *RESULTS* in life look like up to this point in time.

If those results are terrible, then hey guess what?

Just Being Yourself is not gonna cut.

3) A Problem Written down is a Problem Half-Solved (Awareness is Key)

Guys, until you are aware of a problem you can’t take any steps to fix it.
Until you are aware you are a nice guy, have bad teeth, are short, are skinny fat, drink too much, smell, don’t know how to talk to women, you won’t even know what you are doing wrong.
Being honest with yourself and asking close friends to honestly evaluate your flaws and what you can improve on is one of the best things you can ever do.

The first step to improving yourself is not staying the same. The first step is is AWARENESS.
What is awareness? Lets look at the definition.
Awareness -n. knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.
I see so many ugly dudes, with terrible looks, who are completely oblivious to how they come off to people.
Awareness, followed by recording the problem take you half of the way. The other half comes from correcting the problem by doing whatever needs to be done.

3)What if you’re Bald, Obese, Ugly, Deformed, Antisocial or Short?

Guys…anyone who tells you that you should Just Be Yourself if you are any of these above categories is a scumbag.
They don’t want you reproducing. Nothing personal.
If you’re OBESE, you need to forget about dating and meeting other people for a while. Get your ass to a gym. Get Liposuction. Go to an Endocrinologist. Get a Gastric Bypass.
But don’t expect society and everyone in it to see you as “Big and Beautiful” and “Healthy at any weight.” Get out of here.

If you’re UGLY. You’re UGLY.
If you’re UGLY, you need to figure out exactly what features are causing the ugliness. Lack of muscle or an ugly frame can be worked out. A recessed jaw may requires surgery.
A big nose needs a nosejob pronto.

If you’re short, (under 5’5) you need to either accept that you must always overcompensate by having money or social status, or you buy shoe lifts and get HEIGHT SURGERY ASAP.
If you’re BALD, get a hair transplant or hair plugs. Avoid PROPECIA like the plague, it is known to cause permanent hormonal issues and dysfunction in certain men.
If you’re ANTISOCIAL or ATYPICAL you need to figure out how to relate to NORMAL, HEALTHY HUMAN BEINGS. A socially awkward individual can look fine and still RUB people the wrong way. This is because his behavior is socially unacceptable.

If you have the misfortune of being deformed, you must accept that you have been given a shitty hand and commit to playing it as well as you can.
If the deformity is correctable, get it fixed ASAP and try to look as normal as possible.
A haircut…. If you have unkempt hair, shit hair or a poor haircut, you will be shooting yourself in the foot.
Find a good barber and a haircut that suits your face.
I always feel more confident and get more attention from women when my hair is short on the back and sides with just a few tufts on the top that I style.
Look into men’s fashions magazines. Show your barber pictures of the clip you want.
Find the haircut that gets you the most positive reception from other people and keep it.

4) Insanity is Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results

You’ve probably heard this saying before. Einstein didn’t really say it, that’s a myth.
It’s still true. If you’ve been working at Taco Bell for the past 10 years and you are still living a trash life and barely surviving, it might be time to try getting a different job.
Every man in the world thinks he has some sort of GAME or is good with women. If that were true, then every man would meet with EQUAL RESULTS, or at least SOME positive results.

30% of men from 18-29 have not had sex in the past year, so we know that “Just Be Yourself” is not practical good advice.
If what you’re doing hasn’t worked well for you in the past or present, it might be time to try a different strategy.
Doing the same thing and expecting significantly different results from what you’ve achieved in the past is pure insanity.

5) Conclusion and Solution: What’s to be Done?

Constantly Evolve!
Here’s a much better slogan then Just Be Yourself.

Become The Best Version of Yourself.

Just be Yourself says you’re fine as you are, even if you are broke, fat, ugly, lonely and mediocre.
Become the Best Version of Yourself says you’ve got some work to do so that you can become the most attractive, successful version of yourself.
You can’t afford to stand still. You can’t afford to delude yourself from reality any longer.

This LAW applies to dating, your career, your job, any sports you play, pretty much every aspect of your life.
The only way you can ever get from where you are to where you want to be is to EVOLVE.
You are racing against the clock of time in a WINNER take all contest.
What is this contest about?
It’s about who will win.

Will father time make you squander the rest of your days alone, miserable and in poverty?
If you buy into that feel good RAA-RAA bullcrap advice that you are fine just as you ARE, YES.
On the other hand, even if you’re results in the present suck ass, you can always BECOME BETTER.
You must be intentional and set deadlines. Then you must objectively analyze yourself without EGO present.
From this you will find out what can be improved upon.
Once you find out where improvements can be made, you plan. Then you execute on that plan.
Slowly, surely, unseen your results will begin to IMPROVE.
Once that improvement comes, you will thank yourself.


At that point you will say :

Or , you can choose to remain ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL.
Believe in that feel good bologna “Just Be Myself.” and see where it gets you 10 years from now.

That’s exactly what lots of soyboys, nice guys, manginas, white knights, redditors and male feminists do.
Then they wonder why the asshole gets all the girl while they seethe alone with rage, bald, fat and aging.
Women were supposed to see what a great guy they were.

Instead they complain to these MANGINAS about what an asshole the GUY they are FUCKING IS.

Yeah, Right. Ha ha ha.
NO friend, if you want to improve your results in life, you must first IMPROVE YOURSELF.

To do that you must be brutally honest and analyze with no personal bias.
Just Be Yourself is the mantra of losers and feel good self help garbage.
Become the Best Version of Yourself is the slogan of motivated, ambitious winners. Who do you want to be?

– AJ Lifts

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