Just Be Yourself And Never Surrender


Just Be Yourself and Never Surrender

This saying is simple yet profound. Basically, wishing you could be someone else or getting caught up in others affairs is generally a huge waste of time.
We can never be somebody else, no matter how deeply human beings who hate themselves wish.Therefore, the logical man, recognizing the futility of wishful thinking and hope, commits to fruitful action.You must instead to commit to become the Best Version of Yourself.

That is all.

Nobody else can, no matter how hard they try.

Unique circumstances, happenings and events have combined to shape you since conception into the unique individual you are today.

You have faced and overcome incredible odds. You beat out millions of other sperm in your mother’s womb. You were the one that made it.

Even a clone of you would end up completely different. Similar in appearance only.

Unique life experiences would shape the clone into a different person.

1)Nobody Else Can be You

What is the one thing you offer that nobody else can?

Your true, authentic, unique self.

Nobody will ever be able to bring that to the table.

They can bring their own set of circumstances, memories , life experiences and talents.

They can attempt to copy you, and fail badly.

Conforming to who and what other people want you to be is a mistake.

Pretending to be something you aren’t in an attempt to seek validation is weak behavior.

At best, you become an actor wearing a mask.

At worst, you become an ass-kissing doormat.

Neither one of those is something to be proud of.

You must be your own authentic, unapologetic, imperfect self.

What people want is a perfectly imperfect human being who stays true to themself.

In other words, they want a real human being with flaws and admirable qualities.

Not some phantom trying hard to project an image of perfection.

Not a chameleon.

Just You.

Be the Best You

2) You can be Nobody Else , So Be The Best You

Many people would kill to be The Rock , or Tom Brady, or Jeff Bezos.

If only I had the Rock’s looks, genetics, charisma and Hollywood career.

If only I had Tom Brady’s skills, work ethic, NFL contract and super model wife.

If only I had Jeff Bezo’s trillion dollar idea and the discipline to put it into action.
If only.

Here’s the truth:

People can sense when you are trying to be something , or someone you are not.

People can tell when you aren’t being yourself – when you are trying to be who you think they would like – or the actor or other person you wish you were.

You come off as a phony. A con artist. Someone with an ulterior motive and agenda.

It comes off as tacky at best, and phony , unauthentic and TRY-HARD at worse.
But AJ, what if I’m a fat, 300 lb obese, dirty  and I live with my mom and can’t get a girlfriend or a job to save my life.

What if I’m unemployed, unambitious, unmotivated and unhappy.

What if I’m depressed, I have no social skills, and I think im trapped in the wrong body.

My parents don’t understand, they want me to get a job or they are kicking me out.

What Then?

Should I just keep being myself, AJ Lifts, will the universe and everyone love me for the unique individual I am?

My answer:

No. Hell No.

If you have no value to offer other human beings, you become a burden.

Your parents put up with you until 18 because they created you.

They were responsible for you until you became an adult.

You are the only person responsible for you now.

Society and me won’t be so kind.

Society and the Universe doesn’t care. .

We don’t care about your needs, your wants, what you feel you deserve.

We just don’t care. Nothing personal. People have their own lives, problems and issues to deal with.

We only care about what you can do for us and what you are bringing to the table.

For other people to want you and the unique services you bring as an individual, you have to be bringing something to the table.

It’s okay if you are mediocre. It’s okay if you are a LOSER. It’s okay if you’ve dug yourself into a hole you think you can’t get out of.

The first step to fixing a problem is realizing it exists and writing it down.

The second stop is figuring out a plan and taking action to address it

Don’t stay a loser.

STOP digging yourself in deeper.

START Digging yourself out.

Start NOW. Right this second. Figure out the person you want to be.

Only You Can Be You 3


Commit to becoming the BEST version of yourself you can possibly be.

To attract attractive people in your life , you must be attractive.

Take an honest, authentic look at yourself in the mirror. Do you like the person staring back at you?

Are you attractive? (Physically, Mentally, Socially, Financially) What are you bringing to the table? What does the world see in you? What do you see in you?

Here’s the good news. Once you decide to begin the hard, timely undertaking of working on yourself and developing your unique talents you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

If you try to be someone else, if you try to emulate who they are down to a “T” you will only set yourself up for disappointment.

I can’t sing like the Weekend or Justin Bieber. I’m not a great actor like Brad Pitt. I can’t throw a football like Peyton Manning.

Attempting to try to become them or emulate their personalities would only end in failure.

I could at best be a cheap, Walmart imitation. A budget parody.

It’s fine to draw inspiration and emulate the behaviors and habits of the successful and talented.

Just don’t try to be a carbon copy.


Only You Can Be You 4


3) Who do you want to Be? – Brainstorm, Visualize, Write and Act

Have you ever taken the honest time to sit down and authentically think and brainstorm about who you want to be five years from now?

What about 10? Here’s the problem, in the wise words of Jim Rohn.

If you don’t design a plan for your life, you’ll fit nicely into others plans.

Guess what they have planned for you?

Take a half hour to sit down and decide what you want out of life.

Step 1) Brainstorm. THINK. THINK long and hard. Ask yourself the following questions:

Who do you want to be?

What do you want to have?

What kind of life do you want to lead?

What do you want to see?

Think about your unique talents and abilities. What sets you apart from the rest of the pack?

Some of your talents that you may overlook might be special to others.

I can type 100 WPM (Words Per Minute.)

I don’t even have to look at the keys.

To me, that’s nothing special. To the person who types 15 words a minute and has to look at every key, that’s a talent.

Ask your friends and family what they think you’re great at.

Step 2) Visualize – Close your eyes and think about what it would be like to live your ideal life.

Give your imagination all the tones and vividness of reality.

Where are you? Are you relaxing on a beach, sipping a margarita while working on your online business off a beach in the Philippines?

Are you riding a boat off the coast of Ibiza?

Are you in a tailored $1200 suit walking proudly on Wall Street?

What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? Close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to really live your wildest dreams.


Step 3)Write – Once you’ve decided your ideal future – the person you really want to be , the money you want to make, and the hidden or obvious talents you possess that you will take you there, commit to a plan of action.

Write down the answers to all the questions in Step 1

Be specific.. Set deadlines for all your goals.

Break down each goal into actionable steps.

Write down the steps. Commit to taking action on them on a daily basis.

Step 4) Plan – Make definite plans with a deadline and commit to their accomplishment.

Without plans, you are content to waste away the valuable time in your day on idle bullcrap.

With plans – you become a man on a mission.

A man with a plan.

An unstoppable force of nature.

5) Action – The time to think and imagine and ponder is over.

The only thing that changes anything in this universe is ACTION.

The universe is waiting. We are all waiting. Show us what you – and only YOU, are uniquely capable of. Show us the best version of yourself you have to offer.

Then get up off your ass and begin to put the plan into action.


Only You Can Be You, So Be The Best You.

– AJ Lifts

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