Is She Playing Hard To Get?


Is She Playing Hard To Get?

You text a girl repeatedly. You blow up her phone. She takes hours or even days to respond. Surely she’s just playing around. You just need to try a little harder bro!
It’s just a game bro! She’s just playing hard to get. You just need to keep chasing her and be persistent bro!Or is she?

What if I told you that when women like you they make it easy for you?

They open doors for you.

All you have to do is walk through them.

When women are not physically attracted to you that is when you will feel like you have an impossible task.

You will be looking up articles for dating advice, buying romance books and asking your player friend for advice.

You will be looking for the secret technique, constantly second guessing yourself and wondering what you are doing wrong.

The cold, hard truth is this: You aren’t doing anything wrong. She just isn’t physically attracted to you.

She isn’t playing hard to get. – She has low interest. Accept it and move on.

If you want to become a better judge of a woman’s interest level, then you need to check out the following book:

Dating Essentials For Men 

If a girl is making things hard for you, then tell her to take a hike and keep it moving.

Move on, and find a girl who is CHOOSING YOU.

If she makes you wait more then 2 dates to have sex – she sees you as a beta male provider.

I know that isn’t what you want to hear. You want me to tell you about the magic Pick-Up-Artist technique that will instantly make any girl attracted to you.

Even if you are 5’0 balding ethnic janitor.

Reality check: If you think techniques like that actually work, I have a beachfront condo in Kansas to sell you.

Your looks are what get you in the door.

Without looks, you can’t even get in the club.

Lets say a woman is not physically attracted to you but decides to “give you a chance.”

If she’s giving you a chance – it’s most likely because she sees you as a GOOD PROVIDER.

Unfortunately, even if she sees you as a good provider – she will still find you physically repulsive when you have sex.

I have been on both sides of the equation.

How Women Treat You When They Like You:

Also known as : High Interest Level

I once worked as an undercover loss prevention at a grocery store.

The store manager at the store happened to be a hot, 29 year old, curvy, sexy, beautifal Native American woman.

All of her male coworkers lusted after her – talking about how sexy she was and how badly they wanted to bang her.

I walked around the store with my partner. My partner went on break and now I was patrolling the store alone.

She bumped her ass into me  and played it off as an accident. Her smile and eye contact afterword told me it was no accident.

When I went to lunch, she showed up in the break room shortly thereafter.

She approached me and started asking me personal questions – like what my name was.

Her lady coworker ended up telling me that she liked me and asked me for my snapchat. A few hours later my snapchat received a text.

We got to talking and I asked her out to a nightclub called Canopy in Denver the next day. We grabbed drinks and started talking.

We had a seat at one of the cushioned booth tables, away from other people.

I immediately began to physically escalate and put my arm around her shoulder.

I whispered very dirty sex talk into her ear.

At the time I had been reading Alan Roger Currie’s books.

Specifically , Ooh Say It Again – which was geared towards improving your erotic dirty talk skills.

It sounds like hype or something straight out of a pimp movie or cheesy porno flick.

The crazy thing is it works.

She got very aroused and we  began making out.

Then, I did something extremely ballsy.

I began fingering her pussy underneath the booth’s table.

I then told her how badly I wanted to bend her over and fuck her doggystyle from behind.

I told her we should go back to her place after only 20 minutes into the date.

We drove to her place, and she let me in.

10 minutes later she was bent over on her sectional sofa and taking my hard dick inside her tight pussy.

We fucked like rabbits for the next hour.

To a sexually inexperienced ugly man, this sounds like the delusional fantasies of an egomaniac.

It sounds like a lie because this recollection of events so vastly differs from the ugly man’s lived experience.

This is how it is when a woman chooses you.

You can get her in bed less then an hour after you meet her.

If a woman is making you wait more then 3 dates, weeks or even months for sex – SHE’S NOT PLAYING HARD TO GET.

She’s not into you.

Move on and find someone who is!

How Women Treat You When They Don’t Like You

Also known as : Low Interest Level

  • Short, one word answers
  • General lack of interest in conversation with you
  • Takes hours or even days to respond to a phone call or texts
  • Repeatedly flakes on you citing bullshit excuses EX: My brother flew in from Hawaii (Yeah, right.)
  • Gives you a fake number or does not reply after you initially text them
  • Tells you you can hang out, but we can’t have sex (sometimes this is just Plausible Deniability
  • Tells you she loves you but is not in love you (Translation: I love what you can do for me but find you physically repulsive)
  • Tells you “LJBF”, “I think we should see other people”, or “I need space.”
  • While on a date or with her she keeps looking at her phone, at other men or acts totally disinterested and bored
  • If she treats sex like an annoying obligation instead of an exciting, adrenaline filled experience.
  • She makes you wait longer then the 2nd date to fuck her.

If you’re reading this and you’ve experienced the following behaviors from a girl you are head over heals for, this hurts.

I know it does.

I’ve been their.

I’ve been the top option and I’ve been the Backup plan.

I respect myself too much now to be okay with being a woman’s second option.

Is She Playing Hard to Get?

Or is your male ego protecting you from the cold, hard truth that would  shatter your fantasies with your dream girl.

Life is too short to waste on people who don’t value you our your company.

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