How to Stop Worrying About Others and Focus On Yourself


How to Stop Worrying About Others and Focus On Yourself


“Oh my god, did you hear that Alex Rodriguez and J-Lo are getting divorced!”

“What’s up bro, did you see that Nuggets and Lakers game last night?”

“Did you hear that Mr.Jones wife was fucking the poolboy?”

Did you see the season finale of *Insert Random Show* Dude you’ve got to watch the whole series it was amazing!

Yo, homie Did you hear about the latest rap feud? Mr.Thuglicious is beefing with Mr.Moneybags. You should listen to the new album bro it’s HOT SHIT.

Have you seen the new superhero movie? I don’t want to spoil it for you but this one guy snaps his fingers and….and THEN!

When are you gonna watch it with us bro! IT’S ONLY 3 HOURS LONG!

Distractions. Pointless. Fucking. Distractions.

That’s what all this shit is. Distractions from what? From a boring, subpar, undisciplined average life.

Stop setting such low standards for yourself and placing such a low VALUE on your TIME.

Carry yourself like a MAN who has some SELF-RESPECT and wants to GO SOMEWHERE IN LIFE.




1)Meet Mr.Average Joe

“Meet Mr.Average Joe” He clocks in to his 9-5 job 5 days a week, mows his lawn, pays his bills, watches 20 hours of  Cable TV a week and play 40 hours of video games and jerks it to porn 5 times a week.

He has a wife and 2.5 kids.

He hasn’t been able to see his dick past his gut in a decade.

His wife hasn’t been attracted to him in years.  His kids think he’s a pathetic wimp. His wife walks all over him and screws her boss.

But Mr.Average is ASLEEP at the WHEEL.

You probably think he’s miserable. With all the modern distractions, he is able to numb himself.

Mr.Average lives but he is not ALIVE.

He is like a frog slowly boiling in water at a simmer. The change is so gradual he lacks the awareness to notice I’m dying a slow death (spiritually and physically.)

I would hope that none of you guys is ever in the same position as Mr.Average.
WIth that said.
If anything I have said resonates with you or your identity , you need to read on.
You wouldn’t be on my website if you weren’t commited to improving yourself. This includes your life, which includes your habits.
Your habits are those things you repeatedly do without thought or intent.

2) Become Your Own Celebrity (And Number #1 Fan)

Michael Jordan isn’t worried about what Arnold Schwarzenegger, or McJagger, or Lebron James.
He’s too busy being Michael Fucking Jordan. Balling. Having a shoe named after him worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Michael Jordan has been racking up the score in life since he was 16 years old. On and off the court. Do you think he would have been able to achieve those results if he was

Obsessed with the latest paparazzi scoop was? If he was watching TV every day?

If he was distracted?
Of course not. He’d be Michael Jordan, local mailman or security guard.

This consumerist, instant gratification culture brainwashed you from a young age. Your parents failed you by spoiling you.

By spoiling you with TV, the internet and video games. You were conditioned to be an observer in life, instead of an mover and a go-getter. You were conditioned to WATCH events unfold instead of MAKING them unfold.

A go-getter could care less about others events. He focuses on himself, his goals and ambitions.
He roots for himself, and no other man. He doesn’t want to see other men lose. He’s just too obsessed with his mission, his purpose.

He knows that all of the greats were obsessed with a mission. They’d be called crazy by the regular lazy fellow man. Luckily, the man on a mission only seeks his own validation.

He puts complete faith in his mission, until it becomes a burning, white-hot obsession.
If you happen to view this man, you may see him. Physically, he occupies the same area.
Mentally? You and him are in a complete different dimension.

He’s got tunnel vision. While you enjoy the present moment and waste time, he’s patient.
He’s dwelling in the darkness. The darkness is his home. It’s not darkness to him. It’s just another day in the office.
It’s darkness to you.

Darkness because you’ve never had a work ethic or discipline instilled in you.
It seems like suffering to you. Because you can’t see what he can.

He see’s the LIGHT at the end of tunnel. He knows he has to buckle down and grind.
While the mediocre average man is content with his hollow pleasures, this man is OBSESSED.

Because of his definiteness of purpose, this man is immune to distractions.
From the moment he wakes up until the moment he lays his head down to sleep, he’s obsessed.

He’s not worried about the latest game, the latest movie, the latest fad or distraction in the news. He’s too focused on making his life what he wants it to be.
He knows that his inevitable success or failure lies in his hands.

He knows that nobody is coming to save him.
Because of that, he has made a fundamental change.
He has become his own celebrity.

He’s got big DREAMS. To make those big dreams a reality he knows he has to work hard.
He doesn’t have time to waste with others. Because he’s his own celebrity , he also becomes his own number #1 FAN

He knows nobody is going to have faith in his vision, initially.
He keeps his plans to himself. He doesn’t tell a single soul.

Unfortunately in this world, 95% of people are backstabbers who want to see you fail or use you.

Tell them his plans? Why would he do that.

He roots for himself , and nobody else. He doesn’t have time to worry about the latest new scoop.
He is solely obsessed with himself, what he is doing, and his mission.

Because of that, he sows the seeds of greatness.

Which he must inevitably reap.

3)Worrying about Distractions Robs You

Worrying and Obsessing about distractions robs you. It’s a waste of time.
Whether its your friend, your favorite celebrity, your favorite youtuber, your favorite Instagram model, or the latest news scoop, the end result is the same.

You are robbed of the most valuable commodity you will ever possess in this world.

It’s never coming back. The biggest problem with our modern society is that it’s never been easier to get distracted. The internet and it’s infinite information (most of it useless) is the biggest waste of time known to man.

You may as well give a chimpanzee a loaded AK-47 or a stick of dynamite.
The average person wastes time on the internet, producing nothing and wasting his most valuable commodity. Why would the most intelligent species on the planet do such a thing?

It’s really simple. Most people don’t put a high enough value on their time.
Why else would they be so content to waste it?

4) Stop Consuming Useless Junk that Adds Nothing to Your Life

Learn to weigh and measure everything in life. Measure the ROI. Don’t obsess and become paralyzed in analysis. Just learn to make the split second decision. Is this current expenditure of time/money/energy.

Adding or subtracting to my life.
If the answer is adding, good, keep the discipline up.
If the answer is detracting, then quit it.

Your useless deadbeat friend wants to hang out with you and he’s going nowhere. You can join him and waste your valuable time.
Or you can tell him NO and to have fun.

If you want, you can just tell him to kick rocks.
Many people live second-hand, thrift store lives. Because they constantly spend all their time watching and consuming.

They are constantly obsessing over the newest Marvel movie, the next upcoming game. What so and so is doing. So what is the flaw, summed up? These people are constantly focused on the external.

They need to turn inwards. They need to ask themselves hard questions and taking the time to think. What am I doing? Why am I doing it? Where am I headed? Where can I improve?
But asking, and following through with those questions requires thinking.

Most people in this day and age cannot be bothered to it.
Thinking requires conscious effort. It’s much easier to just be a mindless smartphone or TV junkie. It’s easier to just coast by in life then to chart a course.

The problem with coasting by is, much like a boat with no sails, rudder , motor or oars you are set adrift. You’ve got no control over where you will end up. Sure, there is a chance you’ll end up in the right location.

But there is also a chance you will end up in the Bermuda Triangle, or in a ditch in the middle of Kansas. You’ve been obsessed and distracted by the external events and others problems for long enough. The time to change that is now.

You must turn inwards and hone your focus to a razor sharp edge.
Start doing some hard thinking. Develop a plan.

Force yourself to take action. Every hour, every minute, every second. The time is now. Now is all there ever was. Now is all there ever will be. Up to this point in time, you’ve wasted a whole bunch of moments.

The good news is you don’t have to continue upon your present course of action.
Make the decision now , right this moment. Stop getting caught up in what others are doing.




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