How To Stop Being Messy and Lazy

Aren’t you tired? Aren’t you tired of waking up to a messy, disgusting room? Aren’t you tired of coming home to a dirty home?

Aren’t you tired of telling yourself you’re going to clean up tomorrow? Aren’t you tired of putting off the project you should have finished last month?

Well, it’s time to stop feeling tired and do something about it. Right now.


How To Stop Being Messy and Lazy

How To Stop Being Lazy and Messy

1.) Get Organized

A cluttered house is a symptom of a greater issue – a cluttered mind. It’s hard to be able to relax and focus in a dirty room – much less a dirty house. Jordan Peterson is always telling people “Clean your room.”

You know what? I don’t agree with most of what he says, but he’s on the money. How can you figure out the world if you can’t even figure out how to keep your house clean? Get organized today. Make your place as clean and spotless as it can be.

You will thank yourself when you come home to a house you look forward to, instead of one you dread. Another hidden benefit of keeping your place clean – You’ll feel comfortable inviting women and friends over . You won’t have to miss out on potential lays and quickies because you were too lazy to keep your place in order.

How To Stop Being Lazy and Messy

2.)Track Your Hours

It’s time to start holding yourself accountable. What are you doing with every hour? We are all given the same 24 hours everyday.

Some create success with it, some make other men rich and some waste their time and hang their head in shame. Which group do you want to be a part of? The winners or the losers. Winners keep stock of their assets. Losers cross their fingers and hope that everything will turn out all right. *HINT: It won’t if you don’t make it happen.*

Learn to keep track of your time – Every hour, at the start of the hour take stock of what you did with the past hour. The rich and the poor and the winners and the losers have the same hour. It’s all in how you use it. The poor and the losers don’t bother to track their time. Then they wonder why they end up with a mediocre life. Track what you did with the last hour at the start of every new one.

Do this, and you will be less likely to waste 5 hours binging video games, 6 hours on reality TV and 2 hours jerking off. A healthy man has self-respect, and if you track your time religiously you’ll be less keen to waste your precious minutes on junk.

How To Stop Being Lazy And Messy

3.)Develop A Constant Awareness of Time

Winners are constantly asking themselves:

What am I doing right now? How are my present actions helping me reach my goals? Winners give them selves a set amount of time to rest, relax and recharge. And then? And then they get back to work on their mission. You’ve GOT to hold yourself accountable. You’ve got to be your own DRILL INSTRUCTOR. You’ve got to be like a BROKEN RECORD.

Constantly ask yourself – “What am I doing right now? Is that okay?” Don’t lie to yourself. If you want to be a loser – you can ignore this advice. If you want to be a winner – you need to hold yourself accountable.

No exceptions. No shortcuts. You’ve got to be VIGILANT. Constantly step out of yourself. Develop a hyper-awareness of what you are doing with your time. I spent over an hour this afternoon on my phone procrastinating. I could have been getting important stuff done – like this blog post.

Instead I just threw my time in the garbage. Instead of using my time, I let my time use me. Thankfully as a man with a healthy degree of self-respect, I felt a deep sense of shame and course-corrected, and made good use of the rest of the day. I decided to put the rest of the day to good use and spent it working. I finished off the night with a late night chest and back workout. Then I passed out.

How To Stop Being Lazy and Messy

4) Exercise Daily:

How a man does one thing is how he does everything. When you exercise, you will start the day off with discipline. Exercising will release powerful endorphins and help with depression and anxiety. Its a lot easier to muster the will power and disciplined to clean up after an exercise-induced high. Try it. It works. Come back from the gym, get a protein shake and start cleaning.

How To Stop Being Lazy and Messy

5) Develop A Routine:

A routine is a powerful thing. When we have to do something by conscious effort, it requires will-power. Will-power is like a muscle. You can only use it so much per day and you have limited reserves. A routine is an unconscious habit that does not require the same amount of effort.

Do people think about a habit? NO, they perform it unconsciously. That’s what makes bad habits so dangerous. The good news is that you can develop GOOD HABITS. Train yourself to wake up every day at 5 AM. Train yourself to make your bed everyday as soon as you wake up.

Train yourself to keep your room clean you won’t have to think about it. You’ll just do it.

How To Stop Being Lazy and Messy

6) Get Your Health Checked

If you have Low Testosterone, a slow thyroid, low iron, low vitamin D, B12  or depression then your health will suffer. It’s hard to be clean and productive when you feel like crap all the time and have no energy. Nobody will ever care about your health more then you do. You’ve got to stay on top of your health. Poor health equals low energy. Poor energy equals low motivation and drive. Low motivation, energy and drive means your default state will be LAZY AND MESSY. It’s a lot easier to be organized and productive when your health is in check.

How To Stop Being Lazy and Messy

7) Delegate Tasks to Someone Else

Companies have been doing this for years to save time and money. Why not you?

Why do what you hate? Won’t clean your house? Hire a maid to clean for you. You’re not a mechanic? Hire someone else to fix your car. You aren’t a graphic designer? Hire someone else to design your website or program. Leave the expert tasks to the experts so you have time to do what you are good at. Make the most out of your time. Don’t do what you hate if your time is valuable enough. Let someone else do it.

Follow these 7 points and you’ll notice yourself becoming more organized, productive and happy in the coming ways. Let the laziness and messiness remain in the past. It’s time to live a clean, productive, organized future, starting today.


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