How To Get Broad Shoulders

Do you want shoulders like boulders?
Do you want to look like a man and not an underdeveloped, effeminate little boy?
Do you want wide shoulders that taper down to a slim waist and drive the ladies crazy?

Then it’s time to stop wasting time jerking off and playing video games and start hitting the gym


How To Get Broad Shoulders

To prepare you to get broad shoulders, I must clear up the most common myth about shoulders.

Most people think that shoulders are one single muscle.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The scientific term for the shoulder muscle is the “deltoid.”

Their are 3 deltoid muscles, the anterior deltoid, the lateral deltoid, and the posterior deltoid

In other words: the front shoulder, the side shoulder and the back shoulder.

Only by training all 3 shoulder “heads” can you develop truly exceptional 3D shoulders.

Only training one of the shoulder muscles will not give you the aesthetic “popped” deltoid look.

Why You Should Build Your Shoulders

You should build shoulders for two simple reasons:

1.) Shoulders make you look like a strong, masculine man capable of taking names, kicking ass and chewing bubble gum.

2.) Women love big shoulders on a man (Especially when they taper down to a slim waist, called a V-Taper.)

A V-Taper is by far one of the most physically attractive features a man can possess.

Training Frequency

To really develop great shoulders that catch the eye, you’ve got to hit shoulders HARD.

That means 3 times a week.

Their is nothing more feminine then a man with undeveloped baby shoulders.

It looks pathetic and feminine.

Do you want to look like Arnold?

Or do you want to look like a little girly man?

The choice is yours.

Below I will list the go to shoulder exercises I have employed over the years.

These exercise helped me build “cannonball” sized delts.

Do them three times a week and you can build your own set of cannonballs.


How Many Reps? How Many Sets?

You will train shoulders on the same day you train arms.

You will hit each shoulder muscle for a MINIMUM of 3 sets of 12 reps each.

If you are able to do 14+ reps in a set without any issues , you must go up in weight until you CANNOT.

You will train shoulders a minimum of 3 times a week.

If you stick to these principles you will gradually experience your shoulders undergoing a massive growth spurt.

Soon enough you’ll be looking in the mirror wondering what happened to the weak guy who was staring back a few months ago.

Don’t miss him too much though, you’ll be greeted by his replacement instead :


Free Weight Exercises:

The big pro of using free weights is you will engage and train your stabilizer muscles.

This will help you lift more weight in the long run – especially free weight.

The con is setup time and having to rack, rerack and pick up and drop the weights.

1.) Seated/Standing Barbell/Dumbbell Press – Front Shoulder

This exercise will engage your Anterior (Front) shoulder muscles and help build size and mass.

You can use a barbell instead, but dumbbells do a better job of fully engaging the Anterior shoulders.

Superior engagement leads to superior growth. You can do this exercise seated or standing just make sure you keep your back straight.

The front deltoids are the biggest of the three, but it is absolutely CRITICAL that you train all three muscles equally.

2.)Lateral Dumbbell Raises – Side Shoulder

To do this exercise you will grab two dumbbells and then raise them straight up from next to your leg to shoulder level.

Then slowly return to the starting position. This exercise will leave your shoulders screa

3.) Rear Delt Fly (Dumbbells/ Cables) – Rear Shoulder

– To do this exercise, pick up some dumbbells, lie flat on a bench angled at 90 degrees and then row the dumbbells back. You can use cables to do this exercise instead – in which case you would stand.

Machines Exercises:

Machines are great for circuit training and require minimal setup time.

You just pick the weight you want, hit your set and then move on to the next exercise.

Machines are great for beginners because movement is FIXED.

This means it’s a lot harder to do the exercise with bad form.

The huge con with machines is that they stabilize the weight for you.

What’s so bad about that?

Your stabilizer muscles will not be engaged and non-existent.

Weak stabilizers = Difficulty training with heavy free weights.

1.) Shoulder Press Machine – Front Shoulder

This machine will allow you to quickly exercise your front shoulder muscles without having to worry about loading weight or re-racking dumbbells.

2.) Lateral Raise Machine – Side Shoulder

This machine will allow you to efficiently exercise your side shoulders. Just pick a weight and hit 12 reps.

Easier on your joins then the conventional dumbbell exercise. Does nothing for your stability, though.

3.) Rear Delt Fly Machine : Rear Shoulder

These machines usually double as a Chest Fly Machine and require adjustment.

This is one of my favorite machines in the gym – it hits your Rear Delts hard and fast.


In Conclusion:

This post was designed to educate the aspiring weightlifter/bodybuilder/ or gym noobie on how to get big shoulders.

Do the above exercises as I’ve instructed 3 times a week and watch your shoulders scream in pain.

The pain will all be worth it when your shoulders explode in size.

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