How to Dress Like A Stud

What is a stud anyways?

Definition: Stud n. – A group of animals, especially horses, kept for breeding.

My Definition : n. – A sexy, masculine, cool, suave, badass man dude who women gravitate to like a magnet.

Other words for a stud include a player, a mack, a pimp, a ladies man, and Rico Suave.

If you wish to become a STUD OR PLAYER , you must LEARN TO EMULATE THEM.

You must absorb their “inner game” (mindset, behavior, attitude, personality and actions.

You must also absorb their “outer game” (Clothing, Physique, Outfit, Shoes, Accessories, Body Language)

Today we will start with the first outer game principle:


How To Dress Like A Stud

To dress like a stud, you must DRESS FOR SUCCESS.

He’s a man on a mission – he looks masculine, carries himself with pride and looks the part.

Picture a sharply dressed, physically-fit man wearing a tailored suit.

You glance down at his pants and see an expensive pair of shined leather oxfords.

It’s more then just the clothes he wears.

His physique complements his clothes – and vice versa.

Women eye-fuck him and men are jealous and resentful of him.

Contrast that with your typical feminine soy-boy hipster.

Picture a weak, frail skinny-fat male SOY-BOY with twig arms and legs and a barrel fat torso.

He is wearing a boys graphic t-shirt, some cheap dad shorts and flip-flops as well as an an unkempt man bun and some glasses.

He hangs his head down wherever he goes, and keeps to himself.,

Other people are repelled by him. After all, how can they respect a man that doesn’t respect himself?

Which one of these men are you and which of them would you like to be?

If you answered the soyboy to both questions, this website and article are not for you. You can stop reading here.

If you consider yourself a badly-dressed loser….then it’s time to learn

How to Dress Like A Stud:

1) Wear Well-Fitting Clothing:

Clothing that is too tight or too loose makes you look cheap and common.

You look like you are wearing your older brothers hand-me-downs or clothes from the thrift store.

Instead of looking like a dignified man with style, you end up looking like a boring nobody that blends into the crowd of losers.

Wear clothes that fit you just right like Goldilocks – not too small, not too big.

You never want to look like one of those clowns with pants sagging so far down you can see his tidey-whites.

2) Dress to “Suit” the Occasion

The stud dresses properly for every single occasion. When he is in the office – he is sharply dressed in a suit that fits him like a glove.

When he is at the gym, he wears a tank top, shorts, wrist wraps and a weight belt.

When he’s goes out for beers with the bros on Casual Friday he wears skinny jeans and a fitted plain v-neck shirt.

When he goes on a date with a woman he dresses in a manner that complements her outfit.

When she wears a dress, he wears a button up, khaki’s and oxfords.

When she wears a casual shirt and jeans, he shows up in his own pair.

3) Be The Best Dressed Man in the Room

Whenever you enter a room, all eyes should be on you.

You should be the best dressed man in the room.

How do you accomplish this?

Just care enough. Put enough effort in your appearance.

It sounds hard but the average man is so lazy that you have no competition.

Your real rival is the lazy, badly dressed version of yourself.

4) Be in Shape

Their is no such thing as a body positive fat “STUD.”  

Their is a phrase for a fat obese man in expensive clothing.

That phrase is “What a waste.”

Clothes may make the man, but a physique makes the clothes.

If you are out of shape, don’t worry about spending your money on a wardrobe just yet.

First get into decent shape. Expensive clothes don’t matter

A polished turd is still a turd.

A stud has a high degree of self respect.

As a result, he takes good care of himself and his body.

This means he goes to the gym several times a week, eats clean and has a muscular physique.

5) Wear Great Shoes

This does not mean wearing the newest pair of Balenciaga’s or Yeezy’s.

This means you wear quality, high-end shoes made of quality material.

The first piece of apparel women are trained to look at is your shoes.

I have seen good looking men be written off because they wore a worn out, dusty, stained pair of shoes.

Keep your shoes shined regularly.

When your shoes wear out and start looking terrible, THROW THEM OUT.

A great outfit means NOTHING if it is worn with a bad pair of shoes.

When it comes to shoes, what is expensive is worth paying for.

6) Quality > Quantity

The stud knows that two AMAZING outfits beat twenty mediocre ones.

At the end of the day you can only wear so many clothes in one day.

Don’t spend your money on tons of junk.

Buy a few quality items that will make you the talk of the town.

You are still only one man at the end of the day.

One  expensive jacket will last you years and compliment every wardrobe.

Their are times in life where you go cheap and buy in bulk quantity.

Clothing should not be one of them.

7) Dress Like a Somebody; Not a Nobody

You’ve got to dress like you are someone.

What does that even mean?


Dress like you are going somewhere – like you are a man with a purpose and a mission.

Watch how people treat you.

If you are being mistreated, its up to you to solve it.

When you dress like a winner, people treat you like a winner.

When you dress like a bum, you get treated like a bum.

“People shouldn’t judge.”

Well, they do.

Follow these 7 principles and you’ll see a marked improvement in how people treat you.

For other people to treat you with respect you must first treat yourself with a high degree of self-respect.

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