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#1 – Put Yourself in a High Energy Big City That Inspires You

One key that few self-help and motivational authors never talk about is Inspiration. Inspiration will make and break you. Having the right person or goals in your life to motivate you to become a somebody instead of a NOBODY.  Another thing that is not mentioned , and is highly underrated is VIBE. Sit down in the right place with the right vibe for a few hours and you can get more done then you would in 3 days cooped up and comfortable at your house. I don’t know why it is that way, it just is. In a perfect world we’d be just as motivated inside our house as outside. But the change for me is remarkable. It’s like my brain and motivation muscles switch to the ON” position as soon as I am out and about in public.

One amazing tip to get more done in a day then you’ve gotten done in a week is this: Surround yourself with young, high energy people. Ideally at a coffee shop in a large city. If your in a small town, move as fast as you can. Small towns equal small thinking, equals small results and sad lives full of regret. You have to go somewhere that inspires you and touches your soul. Second, you need to run an experiment. Work on your mission from home for a week and then the following week work from a coffee-shop with young go-getters and pretty ladies. At the end of week 2, compare your productivity between weeks.

Whichever setting is significantly more productive is your ideal work environment. This is going to be dependent on the individual. I just don’t have the same level of inspiration or perspiration at home as I do at a coffee shop. Something about seeing other people be productive and work hard inspires me to push myself to my absolute limit and pull some great work out of a small amount of time.  If you want something badly enough, you will do everything in your power to make it happen. Well, something about sitting in a coffee shop with beautiful ladies lights a fire under my ass.

Perhaps it’s the realization that I’m not getting any younger and I need to make the most of the youth I still have left. In other words – I need to get while the getting is still good and I’m still relatively young looking. I think one of the biggest regrets anyone can have in life is a misspent youth. Imagine wasting your best years that should have been spent partying, discovering who you are, exploring new locations and people on bologna. Bologna like video games, TV, internet addiction and pornography. Does that sound like a good way to live?

And yet many men are living lives with all of those escapist habits that keep them distracted from what really matters. Imagine waking up one day, realizing you are 40 and you spent the best years of your life on trivial bullshit that doesn’t mean anything.  I used to think I was some special person who the rules didn’t apply to. The reality is you have to experiment with different methods and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

For me, the reality is simple. I get my best work done with a deadline, in public, where I can shame myself into working my ass off without procrastinating on meaningless, trivial bullshit. When I’m at home, I just don’t have the same drive or push to get stuff done. Now that I’ve realized that, I’m going to see if there’s anything I can do to fix that. Recognizing bad habits that don’t serve us and eliminating them is a key to living a great, fulfilling life. Why would you continue to do something that only harms you and makes things harder? Discard bad habits like yesterday’s bad news.

Work Where You Get Inspired

It’s easy to be skeptical of new ideas. Thinking “there is no way this could work for me.” That’s exactly what I was thinking before I sat down at the Coffee Shop today. It’s a few hours later and I’ve cranked out 4 days of my normal work in one. What can I say. I’m a believer now. If you’re in a dusty, dry old town where nothing ever happens, leave. You were made for bigger and better things and you aren’t going to develop the HUNGER needed to reach out and take them. Until you leave and go somewhere that motivates and inspires you to become the best, you’ll just be kidding yourself.

I had to come to terms with that. Paying for a cup of coffee or tea is worth the motivation, determination and sheer productivity  that sitting down and getting to work in a cafe gives you. Like I said, give yourself an experiment. Work for a week at home, work for a week at a shop. Post your results in the comments section here and let me know how it goes. Don’t forget, if you live inu a town or city that doesn’t inspire you, LEAVE!


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