How To Be Indifferent

How To Be Indifferent

– Part 2 of 2

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Hello again reader.

Now we will talk about the number #1, tried and tested method to TRULY NEVER GIVE A FUCK AGAIN.

The politically correct term for this is “indifference.”

About dating, jobs , money, employment and life.

The two factors that are key to not giving a fuck in life:


How to Not Give a Fuck 8

Option (n.) a thing that is or may be chosen.

In the game of life, options and choices make all the difference.

You know that sweet job on Indeed? The one with many applicants? There is a reason they can afford to be picky.

It’s because the demand for the job is so high they have hundreds of applicants to pick from.

The employer has so many options, that every morning the recruiter wakes up to hundreds of desperate applications.

People with better qualifications. People with degrees from better universities.

Because the employer in this situation has so many options, they have the power.

In any relationship, the party who needs the other less is the one with the power.

When people know you have more options, they treat you better,

Why else do women flirt more with taken men then single guys?

It’s because they KNOW another woman felt this man had enough value to want to lock him down.

Why does it take you receiving better offers from another company for your company to give you a raise?

It’s because they KNOW you will leave for the other company if they don’t start paying you what you’re worth.



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When you have OPTIONS, you can afford to not give a fuck in life.

You can afford to not give a fuck about the outcome of a particular situation, because in the grand scheme of things you have plenty of other fish to fry.

When you lack OPTIONS in life you are forced to settle for scraps. Mediocre wages.

Ugly, fat, gross people you would never want to be caught dead with, let alone be intimate with.

When you lack OPTIONS in your career you are forced to be locked into working a 9-5 soul-sucking JOB you absolutely hate.

The type of job you dread going to. The type of job that slowly kills a person day by day.

Your employer knows this. He’d be a fool not to exploit it. He won’t give you that raise you’ve been deserving. Why would he?

He knows he can hire 100 people who will do the same job as you. You’re expendable.

He knows you need the job like LUNGS need OXYGEN. No, he’ll make sure to lord over you and fuck you over as hard as he can.

Yes, in the grand game of life options make all the difference.

When you have the skills to be employed anywhere, you can afford to get fired and not give a fuck, with your pride, self-respect and balls still intact.


Because you know you’re a highly in demand professional who other companies would be lucky to have.

In fact they’ve been trying to recruit you for months.

When you have OPTIONS with women you can afford to not care when a woman FLAKES at the last second.

You can afford not to care when she doesn’t respond to your texts after an hour.

After all…you’ve already hit up 5 other girls, and one of them responded and in fact is already over at your place right this second.

By not putting people up on a pedestal, you make them wonder. “What does he have that I don’t know about?”

“Who else does he know?” “Why hasn’t he texted me back yet?”

Have options, friend. Become the best version of yourself and you always will.

How To Not Give A Fuck 10

2) Go to Town Money
I didn’t come up with this concept, although I’ve found it true in my personal life experience.

I originally picked up this concept from one of the best books I have ever read

You can read my review on that book by clicking the link below:

What is “Go to Town Money?”

Go to TOWN money. The type of money where your boss tells you your fired and you tell him to have a nice life as you whistle back to your car with a spring in your step.
No fucks given.

Go to TOWN money is the type of money where your girl dumps you. You could care less because you have so much going for you. Another woman will be coming into your life very any minute now.

Go to TOWN money affords you the ability to relocate half way ACROSS the UNITED STATES or the WORLD when opportunity comes knocking…. or when you feel like it.
Quoted from The Official Guide To Success:

“Go to TOWN money affords you with extra courage and a clear head to meet the surprises and alarms of life.”

“Financial weakness shows in many little ways -in our eyes, in our choice of words, in our tone of voice and in our unconscious mannerisms.”

Never before has a statement been more true.

I remember going to nightclubs and bars as a broke bum. With $200 in my bank account. Wondering if I had enough money to pay for my cover, my bar-tab, an uber, and a hotel room if I could pick up a girl.

How to Not Give a Fuck 11

Needless to say, it is an UPHILL battle to land a job close a deal or close an attractive women broke.

People can smell broke from a mile away.

In The Official Guide To Success, Tom Hopkins recommends having at least a full month’s worth of expenses in savings.

I recommend 6 months minimum.

I can personally attest to the benefits that having thousands of money in a bank account tucked away has done for my personal and business interactions, mood and confidence.

Never again will I live month to month, stressed out, down and out.

It’s much easier to NOT GIVE A FUCK when you aren’t stressing about money for a third of your day, everyday.

Build up your Go-To-Town money fund, starting today. You won’t regret it. Trust me.


How Not To Give a Fuck 11

3) Make Yourself The Prize

The final point.

In life, if you want people and employers to worship your time and respect your presence, you must become the prize.

You must shine distinctly from the hordes of mediocre men out and about in this world.

Bbbuut…But…that’s impossible.

Im no Jeff Bezos. Im not The Rock.

I can’t throw a football like Tom Brady.

Lurking in every single one of us is more talent and ability then one human being knows what to do with.

Limitless potential lies inside every one of us.

Commit now to change the way you view the world.

Instead of viewing your employer as your loyal friend, view it for what it really is. A pragmatic (interest based) relationship where they would fire you in a heartbeat with no remorse.

Instead of viewing the person you’re with as an irreplaceable soulmate, view her as an easily replaceable commodity that you can part ways with at any moment.

They do exactly the same thing without remorse or apology.

Treat people like a celebrity and they will treat you like a fan.

Put people on a pedestal and they’ll put you in the dust bin.

You must learn to be SELFISH, not SELF-LESS. You must learn to put yourself first, in love, in career and in life.

You must become your own mental point of origin.

You must bring others to your world, not enter theirs.

Commit to making the necessary changes that will raise your value.

The changes that will make you a diamond in a coal mine.

Look the best you can. Be the best you can.

Gain as many valuable skills and qualifications as you can. Become as irreplaceable as you can.

People take us at our own best judgements.
If we act like they are better then us, like we are defeated, like we are mediocre, like we are not worthy, we can expect people to treat us like that.

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You will always lose when you are over invested. In a job. In a relationship. In a business deal.

Emotionally, physically, financially, it doesn’t matter.

Over investment of any type leads to eventual suffering.

You will get fucked over sooner or later. This is as certain of a universal law as gravity.


In the grand game of life, he who cares the least wins.

Always be the person who cares the least. Stop over investing in others. You wouldn’t invest in them if you were better then them.
Get them to invest in you. Ben Franklin knew this.

By asking a favor of someone they are more likely to want to do bigger favors for your in the future. Isn’t that crazy?

Well. What I can I say. Human nature is fucked up. It is what is.

Let me give you a harsh gut check.

The only person that will be with you for the rest of your LIFE is:

Not your wife, not your gf, not your boss, not your uncle, not your mom, not Sally who you met in college.

When you invest in others you always lose.

When you polish yourself into a powerful , shining human dynamo of personal excellence you make yourself an irreplaceable asset.

Make yourself priceless and invaluable and you will carry yourself like YOU DON’T GIVE a FUCK.

The reason you don’t give a fuck is because you know your worth and value as a man and project that strength and confidence everywhere you go.

In Conclusion:

Apply these principles to your life and Stop GIVING A FUCK.

Life is too SHORT to do anything else.

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