About Me

Who am I? My name is AJ Lifts.

I transformed myself from lazy, undisciplined, no work ethic, poor social skills and bad habits to a life of discipline, confidence, abundance.

More importantly, I went from being an amateur with women to a seasoned vet.

You can’t get ahead in life by book smarts alone.

You need street smarts.

You need life experience.

You need to learn from other men who came from nothing, and became something.


It took lots of work, sweat, tears, pain and MOST importantly….


It took taking calculated risks. It took going all in, heading out into uncharted territory and burning all bridges behind me.

Today, at 28 , I can confidently say I am a man,  I’ve slept with 26 women. I work 6 days a week at a good job, with my own place and car. I went from a skinny fat 164 lbs to a swole 215.

Now I’m on a mission.

I want to provide other men, especially young men with wisdom, and honesty.

When you learn from other men, you can save yourself your most valuable asset.


The teacher gains more then the student. I have one simple goal – to inspire and help others become the best versions of themselves , and to provide value to others.

With that in mind, I hope that the articles on this site will be of value to you, the reader.

-AJ Lifts


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