Get Your Head In The Game


Get Your Head In The Game


(In The Game Of Life)

Player -n. a person who PARTICPATES in a sport or game

spectator -n. a person who WATCHES at a show, game, or other event.

There are two ways to go through life. One path involves hard work, forcing yourself to do stuff that is painful, hard, difficult and uncomfortable in the moment, full of risk and challenge. (The Battlefield) The other path is safe, comfortable, easy, full of little hits of dopamine, and very low risk. (The Nursery)

The first path is high risk, high reward. The rewards aren’t guaranteed but you’ve got to play to even have a shot at the title. The second path is low risk, and low reward. At least it’s safe though!

The pleasures are cheap, fleeting and inevitably involve cheap pleasures. Time-wasting pursuits like porn, video games, junk food, TV, streaming, watching another man make millions while tossing a ball around, etc.

At some point in life you will reach a mental cross-roads. At this crossroad you’ll be forced to decide which path you want to take. One road is comfortable and full of junk food, soda pop, comfy seats and rest and relaxation. The other road is full of dangerous obstacles, wild animals, hazards, risk and fraught with danger. Did I mention it’s a steep uphill climb?

1) The Spectator

The spectator goes through life as a PASSIVE observer.
The majority of human beings on this earth (80-90%) are spectators. Other people can make it happen, but not him. Other people jet-set, produce, create, succeed and work hard, but not him.

Because he is a passive observer life HAPPEN’s to him. He acts reactively, not proactively. He takes absolutely no agency or responsibility for his poor life choices. He tends to have a victimhood and entitlement based mindset.

He is always looking for someone to blame. He often lives vicariously through the achievements of other men. The men he lives through could be some character in the latest Star Wars or Marvel movie, his favorite sports team, or a male porn actor.

The spectator likes the flashy distractions, the exciting contraptions and the finer things in life.
What he doesn’t like is the hard work, discipline, thinking and action required to obtain those things.

Maturity wise, the spectator is passive. He is a dreamer. He believes that one day he will wake up and success will have just happened to him.

Because the spectator is passive, he has a massive boatload of free time with which to waste.
He spends this idle time chit chatting, gossiping, talking about the latest movie, Hollywood celebrity, the news, politics and other time wasting bologna.

The spectator looks for SALVATION and SUCCESS from WITHOUT (EXTERNALLY) instead of seeing himself as the SAVIOR and creator of his own reality. (SEEKING SALVATION FROM WITHIN)

Because of this, he remains a victim of his circumstances. He expects the world, the president, the government, the rich, the gullible,  his boss, and his friends and family to save him and bail him out from his poor life choices.

The spectator sleep walks through life, and never learns to value who he COULD be with directed FOCUS, DISCIPLINE, WILL-POWER, AMBITION AND SACRIFICE.

Because the spectator has conditioned himself to be lazy, he essentially walks through life as an object. The spectator is aimless, spineless, directionless and ambitionless. He has no goals , no plan and no destination. The spectator takes it easy on himself and never sees the point of forcing himself to abide by a strict code of conduct.

He doesn’t see the point in forcing himself to become a better man then he was yesterday.
He is pretty much a piece of furniture, just like a lamp or a chair. He always waits for the perfect moment to take action. He has not gotten the memo yet. He probably never will.

Don’t expect much from him and you won’t be disappointed.
The majority of humans are spectators in the game of life.
But you don’t have to be.

2) The Player

The player is the exact opposite of the observer. The player is ACTIVE, by definition. He always presses himself to take more action. He prioritizes and values his time. He knows that life is a COMPETITION, it’s WINNER take ALL, and he can’t afford to waste a single second or a dollar.

Time is money after all, and his competition doesn’t rest. The player knows this and is constantly valuing his time. He avoids unproductive people, situations, activities and conversations. He knows that every second he wastes is ONE less second he has to spend, and no matter what he must press on. The player knows that life is like the 4th quarter of a tied basketball game with 5 seconds left on the clock.

Just like every second on the clock matters, every second, minute and hour spent counts.
The player wakes up in the morning ready to GO. He knows that either he runs the day or the day runs him. The player lives by the MANTRA “If it’s to BE, IT’S UP TO ME.

The player takes full accountability for his wins in life ( The spectator does this as well.) The player also takes full responsibility for his losses. (The spectator never does) The player takes calculated risks. He knows the biggest risk you can take in life is playing it SAFE. The player wants the ball in his hands, and the eyes of the spectators on him.


Life tends to reward the SPECTATORS with mediocrity. They get by, the live pretty comfortably, but they never really “GET AHEAD.” They get cheap forms of escapism, substitutes of real success, and die a slow death, day by day, hour by hour.

Life rewards the PLAYERS with greatness, fame, success, the love of the beautiful women and true happiness. They get to experience the full spectrum of what life has to offer – the travel, the euphoria, the fancy car, the excitement of waking up in the morning and getting shit done.

The big problem is, the rewards are delayed, and you’ve got to pay the toll to get on that road. It’s hard to pay the price when you can’t see the destination. You’ve got to push yourself by sheer WILLPOWERAMBITION and ABSOLUTE FAITH in your abilities.

Figure out who you want to be, have an honest conversation with yourself, and DECIDE. If it’s a spectator, just keep pissing time, stay comfortable and find a couch to warm up. The process will take care of itself. If it’s a player in this grand game of life, you’ve got some work ahead of you. What are you waiting for?

-AJ Lifts



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