Get a Life Meaning

Get a Life Meaning

“You need to get a life man”

“Why don’t you get a life”

People use these words all the time, but what does getting a life actually mean?

Life was made to be lived. It’s as simple as that. Living is an active process. It requires participation and action. It requires you stepping outside of the four walls and roofs. It requires you leaving the safety of the routine, the comfortable, the banal, the familiar. Living requires you to take risks, do new , challenging things and step outside your  familiar comfort zone. Only you can live your life. Nobody else can go out and live it for you.

That’s why its called LIVING. You’ll have plenty of time to SLEEP and LIE down to rest after your dead and in the ground. Life goes by in the blink of an eye – but eternity lasts forever. It’s only in those moments of new experience, that you can truly experience the zest and excitement that makes you remember, you are ALIVE.

That’s why kids enjoy life so much. How many adults do you know that can get excited about walking up a pair of stairs to the doctor’s office?

Your emotions act as a sonar. When you’ve been playing it safe, living the same routine, your soul will start to scream out at you. The screams start out low and barely audible. Play it safe long enough and the voice will get to a fever pitch.

Too loud to ignore. We’ve got one shot at life on this beautiful rock in the middle of space.
You beat unfathomable odds and chance to get to this point in your life. Whether you believe in the existence of God or not, you getting up to this point in life is a sheer miracle and a blessing.
Start taking some risks and making some adventures. Start taking names and making gains. Start making some memories.

Push yourself to do new things and make your life an exciting adventure.
You don’t want to get to the end of your life and discover that you only lived one tenth of what you could have lived. That’s called regret. People tend to regret the things they didn’t do out of fear or ignorance more then the things they attempted and failed.

Live was meant to be lived. To be lived you must be an active participant, out and about in the world. Life cannot be lived staring into a screen. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says.
That’s what I’ve gleaned from my 28 years on this earth.

Staring into a screen = fake distraction = not real life experience = waste of time.

It’s as simple as that. Smart devices and screens are a means to an end for me.
When you use an electronic device, use it with a specific , direct goal. Not for aimless procrastination or entertainment. Use smart devices to enhance your life, not to distract you from living your life.

It’s easier to be an observer and lay back on your coach and eat potato chips and sip soda while your gut hangs down. But it’s not a very fulfilling existence and your soul knows this. Sooner or later the volume can’t be drowned out. Sooner or later you can’t distract yourself with cheap pleasures any longer.
Sooner or later the time comes.

You take a shower, get ready, put on a clean set of clothes and step outside.
The bright sunlight burns your eyes.
The fresh air fills your nostrils.
The sound of birds outside greets your ears.
You’re done being an observer in the game of life.
It’s time to play the game, and LIFE MUST BE LIVED.

Only you can live your life.
Are you going to stay an observer?
Or are you going to become a participant?
The choice is yours.

Get out and make things happen. Don’t waste your time waiting to live. You might get to old age only to realize you wasted the most precious assets you’ll ever have, your youth and time.

Let other people live quiet lives of desperation, but not you. Let be said of you that you tried your hardest and did your best, day in and day out. Let other men live vicariously through video games, porn and watching TV.

Get out and live your life. Make stuff happen. Get off of the screens. Escape the four walls of your house.

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