I Forgive But I Don’t Forget


I Forgive But I Don’t Forget

It’s okay to forgive.


Forgiveness is catharsis. Holding onto hate and resentment is like keeping bullets in your body after you survive a gun fight.

Catharsis adj. – the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

What’s not OK, is to forget.
Forgiving makes you benevolent. Forgetting makes you a SUCKA.

SUCKA’s get taken advantage of and walked all over.

Benevolent adj. – well meaning and kindly.

1)Don’t Ever Forget How You Got Curved

Don’t ever forget how you got curved. How you got sidelined, flaked on or treated like an OPTION instead of a PRIORITY.

How a bitch told you should we always love you and treasure your time spent together while she had another man’s dick inside her later that night.

The day AFTER you pulled out all the stops on her birthday.
The cold hard truth is that the dating market in Western countries is stacked against average men.
You’ve got to be above average to even have a chance. Even then, if a better option presents itself, one of two things will happen.

1) She will ruthlessly dump your ass and trade up

2)She will cheat on you while still with you

A small subset of traditional woman who avoid social media, come from a good upbringing and have good core values may stay with the man. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have had the benefit of getting fucked over and taken advantage of in my youth by people.
People I THOUGHT had my best interests at heart.

Newsflash: THEY DIDN’T.

Real friends and real people are rare then finding a diamond in a coal mine.
Most people only care about their own needs and interests. Not YOURS.

2)The Only Person You Can Trust is You

It’s a pretty somber realization. When you realize the only person you can ever fully trust is yourself. It’s also freeing in a way.

Because you realize that you can never fully trust any other human being, you become more focused. Focused on what you want. Focused on your best interests. By focusing on yourself you become more of a catch to others.

When people walk out of your life, don’t ever let them back in.
Give them the blessing of your absence . Don’t ever go digging through you’re GARBAGE.
You get dirty, you smell bad and the neighbors notice.

3) Set Low Expectations of People

I’ve stopped expecting much from people. I fully expect they will do what is in their best interests, not what is in mine. I’ve stopped kidding myself.

People are only as loyal as their options. (This applies to WOMEN in relationships, and MEN on jobs.)

The modern cancer of FAKE, FALSELY imposed EQUALITY has destroyed the dating market in Western Countries.
As a result, even most beautiful American women have garbage atittudes and personalities that reek of covert narcissism, entitlement, a “princess” mentality and a “I am the prize mentality.

Personally, I’d rather have a  LOYAL Plain Jane with a heart of gold then date a “bombshell” who I can’t trust with a trashy, ugly personality.

It’s funny because 18 year old me never would have agreed with that statement. 28 Year Old Me has the benefit of Life Experience and Understanding Human Nature.

4)Being Nice Get’s You Taken Advantage of, Cheated on or Dumped

He is such a nice guy. – Womankind, on men they have 0 sexual attraction or respect for.

Did you know the original definition of nice was  “foolish, stupid, ignorant.

Being nice is for the weak, the spineless and the clueless.
A man must be strong and always put himself FIRST and others LAST. and be willing to stand up for himself instead of sacrificing the wants of others.

Whether in a relationship with a woman or in a confrontation with other men, a man must be willing to say NO!, stand up for himself and others, call people out on their bullshit, ASSERT himself and be willing to embrace and ENGAGE in CONFLICT.

People don’t respect NICE GUY.
Women cheat on, dump, abuse and divorce NICE GUY.
Men steal, abuse, and take advantage of NICE GUYS.

Stop being NICE to other people.

FUCK other people.
You have your OWN problems to worry about.

Start acting like it, damn it.

5)Respect is Better then Love

Love is OVERRATED. It’s probably because we’ve been trained and programmed to idealize it since childhood.

Love is glamorized in Disney movies, TV, and society. 99% of love is nothing more then animal lust.

RESPECT  is much better then love.

If your girl respects you but doesn’t love you, she won’t cheat or leave. (At least, not right away.)
On the flip side, if you girl loves you but doesn’t respect you, she will lose sexual attraction, cheat on you with more dominant, powerful men and dump/divorce your ass.

When people don’t respect you will, they are willing to fuck you over.
When people respect and fear you, they tread lightly.
Love is overrated.

It is better to be feared then loved, if you cannot be both. – Niccolo Machievali

6)Unconditional Love Doesn’t Exist with Lovers

Women can’t love a man unconditionally. Men can’t love women unconditionally either, although we come closer to it.

It is what it is. Because of that, Men always have a burden of performance.
We can’t just coast by on good looks.

We have to produce, be somebody, look the part and have our shit together and our money right.
It is what it is. This is the world that we live in. But get that idea of a woman loving you like momma did out of your head.

A woman like that doesn’t exist, and if she did and you let yourself go she would lose attraction to you and be gone sooner or later anyways. You need some tough, honest love.

Not some bologna Disney movie special love that doesn’t exist.

7)Relationships Are a Distraction at Best

When I was in a relationship I had very little time to FOCUS on self-improvement, working on my mission and goals and being ambitious.

Now that I am single and not intoxicated by the artificial hormones that come with a relationship I can see clearly. When I get horny, I hit women up and always have more in the pipeline.

This forces me to stay on top of my disciplines and stay well groomed and fit at all times.
Now that I have clarity, I can see that all relationships ever did was take me off my goals, discipline and purpose.
I am actually thankful that my relationship ended. I won’t take the ex with me further in this journey of life (thankfully), but I will take the priceless lessons I learned

8) Want Unconditional Love? Get a Dog

A dog is the only mammal on this planet that will love you unconditionally.
Lovers love you for what you can do for them , who you are and what you look like.
A dog loves you for you. You provide the dog with food, water and shelter and the dog provides you with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

A dog will follow you loyally to the ends of the Earth. From a home to the streets.
Can you say the same for most people?
As soon as I move to a place that allows pets you can bet I am getting a dog.


Life is too short to carry the burden of resentment, anger, hatred and poison.
Forgive those who have wronged you in childhood and adulthood.
But do not forget the wisdom and lessons imparted by the events in your life that you had to deal with.
Don’t allow those who harmed or betrayed you to casually reenter your lives.
Give them the gift of your permanent absence.
To be massively successful, happy and in the arms of a better lover is truly the greatest revenge.
-AJ Lifts

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