Focus on Money


Focus on Money

(Not Women)

 “In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.“-Tony Montana, Scarface

With most things in life, if you want them you have to focus on them. Want a nursing degree? You’ll have to focus and study your ass off four four years.

Want to become a good dancer? You’ll have to start practicing dancing every week.

The irony is that by focusing too much on women you will actually REPEL them.

Women find excessive neediness and clinginess in men DISGUSTING.

Women should be the “FROSTING” of your life. NOT THE WHOLE CAKE.


Women and men compliment each other. Unfortunately, men and women have been brainwashed and taught to hate each other by our present day society.

I like banging women, I like flirting with women , I like hanging out with women, I like the energy and vibes from hanging out women.

Both men and women have certain predispositions and proclivities.

“IE: A man’s nature/Feminine intuition/ etc.”

One of these is that most normal women are not attracted to men who are beneath them in social status or “losers.”

Beneath them in social status, education, financial resources, or height.

Low value men get the short end of the stick in the dating market, and in life too.

Part of being low value is being short, broke, a social outcast or having a terrible living situation.
Being broke, short, bald, fat and ugly, living with mommy, not having a car, and being homeless are not conducive to romantic success.

This applies ten times more in Western/First-World nations where women are not dependent upon ugly provider men for survival.

They have big daddy government and affirmative action jobs for financial security.

Therefore, they don’t NEED a MAN.

Because of this they can go solely off of LOOKS and what they are ATTRACTED to instead of SETTLING with an ugly provider out of NECESSITY.


1)Terrible Living Situation

The following are all considered “terrible living situations.” If you find yourself saying “this is me” then you need to actually swear off women for the time being and focus on having your collective shit together first.

1)Living paycheck to paycheck
2)Living with parents
3)Living with shitty roommates
4)Living in a dump
5)Don’t have your own car
6)Make minimum wage or poverty level income
7)No job or hustle
8)Working a dead end job with no ambition
9)Having no specialized/marketable skills or education
10)Living in the middle of nowhere

If you are a man in any one of these situations, be warned.
EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATEDLY, I forbid you from spending your time, money and attention on women.
Your living situation sucks.
Your life SUCKS.

You need to get your shit together before you even think about dating women.
You are wasting women’s time, more importantly you are wasting your own valuable time.
Money is freedom.

2) Loser Low Value Men Have Nothing Going On

Women instinctively know this. When a man is calling and texting on a daily or hourly basis, it communicates one thing. This guy has nothing better to do with his time.
That is not attractive in any way, shape or form. It comes off as NEEDY, LOW VALUE AND SAD.

It comes off as you not having a life, goals, ambition, social group or friends.
Low value men have an abundance of time and a shortage of money, women and goals.
As a result they can always afford to make women a priority.

They are the nice guys who are texting the same girl everyday until she blocks him.
They are the guys who text Good Night and Good Morning without fail, day after day.

They are the guys who wait for women to say JUMP.
They then ask, “HOW HIGH, MASTER?”

These guys would sell their souls if Satan himself offered them a steady supply of POON.
These men, on a fundamental level do not respect themselves.
What is offered cheaply, often has no value.
What is scarce, rare , difficult to acquire and expensive, is worth paying for.

These men have failed to take the time, money and focus to invest in themselves.


2) You’ll Never Lose Women Chasing Money

(But You’ll Always Lose Money Chasing Women)
This saying is a classic for a very simple reason.
It’s TRUE.
Time is money. Women require tons of time and money.
By getting your money right, you are able to improve your quality of life.
YOU NEVER lead with your money when dating women.
Instead, you use the money as a way to increase your confidence and IMPROVE

When you’ve got money in the bank and you are making dough, you carry yourself with confidence.
As I’ve said numerous time, money in the bank takes a load off your back.
It puts you at ease. You aren’t worrying about how you are going to pay the rent next week.
Chasing money provides the best return on your investment of time and energy.
Chasing women is always a net loss of time , energy and money. Especially if chasing said women means getting drunk at the bar or paying for expensive dinners.

The intelligent man who values and respects time realizes this.
Therefore, he never prioritizes women. He always prioritizes himself, his money and time.
Investing in women is a lost cause.
The rule of thumb you should live by , is to be the best you can be.
Always prioritize your money, your self interest and your needs.
Women’s needs come last. You must become the best version of yourself.
Once you become rich, she becomes a replaceable commodity.
Once she is replaceable, you will take her off the pedestal you’ve held her on for so long.

You will treat her like a household appliance – a blender or a toaster. Replaceable.

This may sound cruel and misogynistic. It is not. The reality is that women are AROUSED and TURNED ON by a man who DOESN’T NEED THEM.

The easier it is to replace a woman with another woman of similar caliber, the less needy you will be. Ironically the easier she becomes to replace, the more attractive you become in her eyes.

The key is to remember that the MONEY is for you, not WOMEN.

You aren’t acquiring money so you can be a SIMP and HUMAN ATM for WOMEN.

You are acquiring money so that you can have freedom, options, and abundance.

With these 3 precious resources you will ATTRACT women to you effortlessly.
in 2021, all men should avoid marriage, children and cohabitation.
Stay solo and play the field. If you want to have a long term relationship, that’s fine.

Just don’t let her pressure you into moving in or “putting a ring on it.”
Women fuck three to five men at once while claiming to be finding themselves or needing space.
Remember that. Women are not you’re friends.

They are attracted to you for what you can do for them and their own self interest.
Just like you are attracted to them because you want to fuck them.
Women act in their own best interests, unapologetically. SO SHOULD YOU.

3) Minimize Investment in Women and Maximize Self-Investment

In 2021, investing in women will always give you a negative return.
I had to learn this the hard way after my ex-girlfriend broke up with me the day after her birthday.
I pulled out all the stops – and she pulled the rug out from under me and spat in my face (metaphorically).

With that said, the healthy heterosexual man with a normal testosterone level has base needs.
The goal then, should be to get those base needs met.

Do the bare minimum necessary to get her to do bedroom gymnastics.

Then bail. Back to your goals. Back to grinding. Back to killing it in life.
Back to finding other women to fuck. Never invest 100% in any single woman.

Even if you’ve been together forever. The max emotional investment you should ever give is 49%. In either case you want to be less invested then she is.

Remember this classic quote from the Robert DeNiro/Al Pacino Film HEAT:

Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.” – Neil McCauley

You should always be more invested in your mission and money.
Invest 100% percent in yourself.

I know this goes 100% against the sweet smelling bullshit you’ve been sold by society.

Try it for a year. Come back after 365 days and comment here after-words.

Focus on Money, Not Women.

In Conclusion:


From The 48 Laws Of Power:
Law 34: Be Royal in Your Own Fashion – Act Like a King

If you treat her like a CELEBRITY – she’ll treat you like a FAN.

It’s quite simple, when you get right down to it.

Women DON’T respect nice, selfless men who wait hand and foot for them.
Women respect powerful, confident, connected, rich men with options who other women want.

They are attracted to these men in lofty positions.

Money is the closest thing we have to raw power and freedom in this world.
Money gives you options, options give you power.

Focus on maximizing your earning potential.
Once you make good money, develop a self-reliant life.

Depend on NOTHING and NOONE. If you must depend on anyone, depend on your customers and provide them with the best service of which you are capable.

Hoard your money like a dragon hoarding gold from a fairy tale.

Spend the minimum amount necessary to get women to back that ass up.

Play the field. Screw AS MANY women as possible.

When they give you the covert ultimatum “What are we, or Where is this going?“, do not commit

Tell them that we can keep the arrangement as is or you can go kick rocks.

Always guard your assets (Attention, Time , Money).

This is the new reality of the modern world we live in.

-AJ Lifts

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