Earl Nightingale Lead the Field


Earl Nightingale Lead the Field

1)Earl Nightingale Lead The Field Review:

I had heard of this program for years and recently purchased some more audible credits.

The reviews were good and popular so I decided to take a risk and buy it.
It was worth every penny I spent on it, and every second I listened to it.

I give Lead the Field an 9/10.

You can purchase Earl Nightingale’s Lead the Field by clicking the hyperlink.

I recommend spending 1 audible credit and recommend the audio version over the book.

Earl Nightingale was a CBS radio host/broadcaster turned multimillionaire entrepreneur

After a year at CBS he struck it on his own and cofounded Nightingale Conant, which still exists today and puts out valuable products.

He came out with the The Strangest Secret, which sold over one million copies.

The Strangest Secret launched his career – and he came out with more programs.

In my opinion, he has one of the best radio/audiobook narrating voices of all time.

Earl Nightingale quotes are legendary:

“We become what we think about”

There is nothing worse then reading an audiobook with poor narration. (High pitched male, monotone, boring, uninspired.)

Lead the Field is the exact opposite of that.

Over sixty years later you can still hear the passion, conviction and belief in Earl’s narration.

Earl Nightingale  recordings are worth every penny. I hate most audiobooks, but I want to own all of his.

Originally Published in 1968, Lead the Field is a timeless gem.

The best part of buying this audiobook from Audible is you get a free accompanying

Lead the Field PDF

along with the audiobook. This printable companion PDF contains the full narration as well as exercises you can do.

Although the man is dead, his message lives on.
Lead the Field’s run time is 4 hours and 3 minutes. It’s distilled, efficient wisdom.

It’s more meat and less potatoes.
I highly recommend this audiobook. Each chapter dispenses unique, valuable wisdom.

2)Leading the Field:

What is leading the field? Leading the field is implementing the wisdom in this audiobook so that you can rise above the mediocre average masses.

By repeatedly listening to this audio program, taking notes and applying the wisdom within, you will separate yourself from the pack.

Leading the Field means becoming the best version of yourself. A trendsetter. A leader, not a follower.

Earl Nightingale was one of the creators of the modern personal development/recorded cassette/self-improvement industry.

He was a trailblazer and he was a man who could walk the walk and talk the talk.
if you are going to speak on a subject, you better be qualified or have the results to back it up.

Earl was leading the field everyday of his adult life. He was a millionaire and retired in his early thirties.

He was a self-made man who practiced what he preached and lived what he taught.

This audio program is divided into 12 chapters.
I will briefly outline each chapter below, with small excerpts from each chapter.

3) Earl Nightingale Leading the Field Content Breakdown:

Earl Nightingale on Success. – That is this book summed up in four words.

1) The Magic Word (Attitude)

This chapter focuses on attitude, and the importance of having a good, positive attitude.

How something as simple as having the right attitude can bring you opportunities you’ve only dreamed of.

It’s a simple fact that needs reminding. People treat us based on the attitude’s we habitually carry. People respond to a negative attitude negatively, and a positive attitude positively.

2) Acres of Diamonds

Acres of Diamonds focuses on the story of the same name.

The story is about an African farmer who decides to sell his land so he can go hunting for diamonds. His search ends up turning up nothing, and he throws himself into a river in despair.

Well, the man he sells the farm to ends up meeting a guy and it turns out the farm was full of diamonds.
The morale of the story is simple: Before you go looking for something, make sure you take stock of what you already have.

3) A Worthy Destination

This chapter talks about goals and the importance of having them , setting them and constantly keeping them in the back of your mind.

A man without goals is like a ship without a rudder. You need to have a specific destination in mind.
Otherwise it’s likely that you’ll end up at a random destination instead of a specific one.

4)Miracle of Your Mind

This chapter is about your mind and how you can get better use out of it. He compares your mind to a gold mine. He also talks about the importance of using your mind to create goals and problems.

The human mind is the one thing that separates us from the animals.
He also talks about the importance of worrying on the right things – 92% of worries never happen and take valuable time.

Of the 8% of worries that do matter, there are two kinds. The problems we have control over are the only one’s we should worry.

You will become, and you will achieve what you think about.
Another key point Earl touches on is that most people never take the time, effort or trouble to think.

People will go to any length to avoid having to sit down and do some hard thinking.
It takes less effort to just live life on autopilot. But everything in life has it’s price.

The price of failing to take time to think and plan is mediocrity.

He also recommends starting a practice of spending an hour a morning, 5 days a week with ONLY a pad, pen, your primary goal and your thinking.

You spend an hour a day thinking about ways you can reach your goal and write down any ideas that come to mind.

I’ve found that Earl’s message is truer in 2021 then it was when he published him.

I hate thinking, and I think most people do. It’s easier to distract yourself with a smart phone, screen or harmful voice.

But remember, easy and worth it lie on opposite sides of the coin.

5)Destiny in the Balance

Chapter Five talks about an important universal law. One of these laws is called the LAW of Cause and Effect.

Summed up: Our rewards in life will always match our service. Put another way, As you sow, so shall you reap.

It’s a law that’s been written down and known by every culture on Earth.

Isaac Newton put it a different way: For every action, their is an equal and opposite reaction.
Our rewards in life are always proportional to the amount of service we render others.

Low service equals low rewards.
Above average service equals above average rewards.

What you put out, you must get back.

Whom do you serve? The people with who you come into contact with. Your customers, employers, family and friends
The extent to which you serve others determines the extent of rewards you will receive.

6)Seed for Achievement

The “seed” in this chapter refers to Integrity. Integrity in everything we do.

Integrity means honesty and the truth. Always be true to yourself.

Integrity is the word to live by. If we are honest with ourselves and hold ourselves to a standard we can’t lie to anyone else.

Integrity means to try as best as we can. To know ourselves. To examine ourselves. To make a true assessment of our abilities, talents and goals.

Happiness is also mentioned. Happiness cannot be directly pursued. Happiness is a byproduct, not a destination.

What is important is to find what one can do best.
Act to make the world better as much as possible.

Be as reasonable as possible. Reasonableness is another word for integrity.
Being truthful with ourselves is critical.

Being truthful with ourselves means taking responsibility and making the best use of what we have. Our abilities, talents and time.

We should look at our lives as fertile pots of soil. We can plant anything we want in them, but they can only return back to us what we plant.

It’s the investment of our wealth that determines the return we will see on our investment.

The third major idea that Earl talks about in this chapter is spending one hour a day to jot down ideas on our primary purpose every morning.

7) It’s Easier To Win

This chapter talks about two distinct groups of human beings. Only about 5% of people achieve unusual success in their lifetimes.

The typical human grows up to mirror his environment. Because 95% of human beings are mediocre, 95% of kids end up mediocre.

That’s why it is so important to stumble on exceptional people. Figure out what they do. Listen to what they have to say. Read their books.

Most people conform with others. They play follow the follower.

Instead of asking if the people they are following are qualified to lead, they need to be liked.

People seek to fit in by joining groups. Unfortunately, if you join a group of mediocre people you will become one of them.

You must break away from the crowd and strike it out on your own.

8) How Much Are You Worth?

The purpose of this chapter is for you to ask yourself, and firmly decide what you are worth.
You must learn to see yourself as self-employed.

Look at yourself as a president of a corporation called YOU, INC.

Finance, Production, Sales and Research are the 4 vital functions of your business.

These are all important facets of a corporation. You must learn to also see them as important facets of your own personal success.

Research should be done on the present and in the future. Search for ways to do things better, and ways to grow your corporation.

Ask yourself, how much am I worth today as a corporation? If I was a stranger or investor would i invest in this corporation?

Ongoing education is vital if we are to succeed in today’s competitive industry.

As we learn, our horizons recede. Getting along with people is critical to success – yet it isn’t even taught in schools.

Tomorrow is the great equalizer. Nobody can have more or less time then you.

Look into the ways you can raise your effectiveness and production.
By doing so you’re automatically increasing your rewards.

Forget the past. It’s gone with the wind.
Don’t concern yourself with the opportunities you may have missed in the past.

Reach out and take each new day as it comes and ask yourself. How can I best use this day?

You know we’re going to run out of them eventually. A wasted hour leads to 250 hours of shutdown business time in a year.

Learn to be happy now. Don’t wait for a future moment or occurrence which may never come.
Sales is not just selling a product. Sales is selling ourselves.

9)Let’s Talk About Money

Money is like good health. We are concerned about it to the extent that we don’t have it.

Let’s get down to the basics. It’s important to remind ourselves what money is.

Money is not bad or unimportant. Money is just as important as the food, shelter and clothes it buys. The education it provides.

Money is important to anyone living in a civilized society. To argue and split hairs that it’s not as important as other things is ABSURD.

Nothing will take the place of money in the area with which money works.
Money is the harvest of our production.

Money is what we receive for our production and service, and what we can use to obtain the production and service of others.

You’ll hear people say: “Money won’t bring happiness.”

The earning and possession of money has brought a lot more happiness then has poverty.

Money Formula:
“The amount of money we will receive will always be in direct proportion to what we do, our ability to do it and the difficulty of replacing us.”

3 Amounts of Money You Should Decide Upon:

A) The Yearly Income We Want to Earn Now and In The Near Future

B)Amount of money we want to have in an investment and or savings account

C)The amount of money we want as retirement account.

It’s here that people make a very serious mistake. They never decide upon any of these three amounts.

Decide and write these 3 figures on a flash card. Keep that card with you and review it.

You’ll automatically have placed yourself in that top 5%. You’ll have laid out your plans for future accomplishment.

You’ll know where your going.

The problem with people is not in achieving their goals, it’s never setting them and leaving them to chance.

10)One Thing You Can’t Hide

Knowledge, properly APPLIED is power. The degree of a person IGNORANCE will determine his place in the world.

Every human is born and must remain for a time, IGNORANT.

HOWEVER, anyone who remains ignorant has only himself to blame.
Think of society as a pyramid. At the highest levels, you find the most brilliant people.

We control where we live between the very top and bottom.
The higher you climb on the pyramid, the farther you can see, the fresher the air and the greater the rewards.

First, a person should begin with the study of his language. (In our case English.)
It’s our ability to use our language that will determine our place in the social period, and the money we earn.

Tests in areas from all walks of life show that more then any other characteristic, knowledge of the exact meanings of a large number of words accompanies outstanding success.

A limited vocabulary leads to limited behavior.
Second, a person should study their general field of interest. Everyone must develop a specialized , singular field in which to be an expert.

(Ideally one that society values and pays for.)
This field should interest us and help us reach our financial goals.

Pick the place you want to be on the social pyramid, and start climbing.
A mind stretched by a new idea can never again return to it’s original dimensions.

11)Today’s Greatest Adventure

The way to beat old negative habits and reach long goals far off is quite simple.
Live successfully ONE single DAY at a TIME. ONE single task at a time.

Commit to look neither forward nor backwards
Think of your life as a brick tower. You can only lay one brick at a time.

The way in which each brick is placed will determine the strength of tower.

From morning to night, keep your primary goal in mind.

Do each day all that can be done that day.
It’s not so much the number of things, but the quality and value in the things you complete that matter.

Focus on a single task at a time.

12) The Person On The White Horse

This chapter deals with leadership the necessity of a leader. Whether you are in a company, dating a woman, raising a family or hanging with your friends.

You need to become an outstanding leader. Women don’t say it but they crave a man that can take charge and set the tone of a night.

Each of must decide whether we want to be the cargo of the ship or part of crew.

Guess who gets tossed off the ship first during tough times?

Leadership skills are one of the most important tactics that you can ever develop.

A leader is someone who realizes the importance of becoming a bigger, better person with the passing of each week.

If you listen repeatedly, take notes and commit to put into action the instructions and wisdom , you will notice measurable improvement in your life.

Then, you too can be : Leading the Field.

Commit today to buy yourself this legendary audiobook. Put Earl’s Wisdom into action today and make the most out of your one chance at life.

Earl Nightingale Books provide me with positivity, wisdom and motivation during tough times.

Stay tuned for reviews on Direct Line, The Strangest Secret and The Essence of Success.

-AJ Lifts.

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