Don’t Make Excuses – Execute


Don’t Make Excuses – Execute

Execute v. carry out or put into effect (a plan, order, or course of action).


Excuse v. attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.

At the end of the day, when it’s all on the line…. when the moment is here, where are you?

Are you executing faithfully on your plan, are you taking action, are you making it happen?

Or are you fabricating excuses out of thin air to stop you from taking necessary action?


Over the years I’ve noticed something.

All my friends & mentors who I aspired to be like (the takers, shakers, and the move-makers) never sat around complaining.)

1.) Winners ACT – Losers WAIT.

They constantly took action. They didn’t warm up a couch expecting the world to hand them what they wanted on a platter.

They reached out and took success. They knew that a plan was worthless without the EXECUTION.

On the other hand, all the toxic, deadbeat losers I had to cut out had the simple habit of making excuses.

Like my gross ass 285 pound slob acquaintance who expected me to train him for free, and help him slim down.

“I remember him dialing me on the phone. You have to help me , “brother.”
No bud, I don’t have to do shit. I don’t owe you anything.

How about you stop stuffing your disgusting lard-ass with Doritos and junk food and take some accountability for your bad choices.

This same lard ass expected me to go out and wingman with him.

I go out to nightclubs solo.

Look guys, at the end of the day it’s simple.

You can make EXCUSES.
Or you can EXECUTE.

Both will give you an outcome. Making EXCUSES never gives a desirable outcome.

2.)NO is a Better Time Saver then EXCUSES

If someone asks me for something now, and it doesn’t align with my best interests, I don’t make up excuses.

I just tell them straight up and firmly, one word.

No is a complete sentence.

No explanation, no justification.
That’s it.

“NO” is the most powerful word in the English language.

If you are not going to do something, there is no point in kidding yourself.

Don’t waste time rationalizing or making up excuses. Instead, just tell yourself – NO, I’m not doing that.

Favors are earned. Nobody respects the human doormat who freely gets walked over and is constantly bending to the whims of others.

I used to be the ultimate excuse maker.
No… I can’t talk to this girl, what if she rejects me. What if she has a boyfriend.

What if everyone sees me get blown out.

I can’t work today, I think I will just relax and jerk off to porn and play video games for twelve hours.
I need to be rich and successful. Maybe one day it will happen!

The time is NOW. Now is all you have.


In this very moment, you can either keep on making excuses, keep on lying and rationalizing to yourself why you can’t take some sort of action.

I remember my early twenties. Day after day wasted.

Hoping. Dreaming. Wishing.

I finally woke up one day, and realized I had wasted years of valuable time that I could never get back.
It was tough for me to accept that I was RESPONSIBLE.

If I had just spent all that excuse making time EXECUTING, I could have ESTABLISHED the beginnings of SUCCESS.

Constantly making EXCUSES for why I couldn’t EXECUTE.
Or you can actively get up OFF your ASS and do something.

You don’t need to elaborately rationalize up excuses for why not to do something.

You just DO IT.
Or you DON’T.

That’s it.
When it’s all on the line and the time for ACTION is NOW,


That’s all there is to it.
Make the firm decision to be a WINNER.

DELETE EXCUSES from your mental thinking process.
I will EXECUTE. I will not make EXCUSES.

Make the commitment to yourself to day.

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