Don’t ACT Busy, BE BUSY


Don’t Act Busy, BE BUSY!

One frequently dispensed piece of advice that is given on dating and advice forums is to act busy.
Don’t be too available. Don’t respond to texts too fast. Don’t hit someone up every day.
Don’t act too eager or drop everything for women.

That’s all well and good.
You must actually BE BUSY.
Guess what:

1) You Can Only Keep Up An Act For So Long

You can only put on a mask or act for so long. Sooner or later, if things get serious, YOU WILL GET COMPLACENT.
Once you get complacent, you will revert to the person you really are.
You will no longer see the need to put up the facade of being “ABOUT IT.”

The dating game is ruthless and competitive. Men need to accept that as a fact.
Because of this, you must be on top of your game.
The time for pointless distractions like video games, porn, junk food, binge watching shows, drug abuse, alcohol and procrastination IS OVER.
The time to start making the most of every single moment is NOW.

Once things get serious with a woman, you will start to see her more often. She will get to see the real you, bad habits and all.
If you have no life, and nothing interesting going on, it will soon become obvious to her.

Once that happens, it’s the beginning of the end. Once you slip up and start overpursuing, overtexting, responding too quick and being to available, you’re finished.


So you’ve decided to take my advice and BE BUSY. The question now becomes, DOING WHAT?
Ask yourself these next few questions. Don’t rationalize the answer away. Be objective, and honest with yourself.

Are you busy being productive? Are you achieving your goals and tasks of the day?
Are you socializing with male friends so that you don’t become overly needy because a woman

is your only source of emotional intimacy?
Are you dating other women, like you should be?
Do you have an exciting, fun life that you would be proud to invite a women into? If not, WHY NOT?

Are you wasting valuable time that you could be using to get ahead, procrastinating?
Are you playing video games, jerking off to porn, killing time surfing and on social media? WHY?

If you don’t value yourself, you won’t value your time, either.
If you don’t value yourself, don’t expect women, or anyone else to.

Self worth is a requirement to get ahead in life.
If you were really busy, you would have no time to worry about arbitrary texting/calling rules.

Women must never be the top priority in your life.
Women are a side priority at best. The reason for this is simple.

When you neglect money and lifestyle, in favor of woman everything else in your life begins to suffer.
When you neglect women in favor of productive endeavors, the women are still there.
While you are chasing money, you are making yourself more attractive to ALL WOMEN.

When you pursue one woman blindly, you are simultaneously less attractive to all woman, and less attractive to her.
There’s only room for one main chick in my life, and that’s my mission.

Everything else is a distraction.
Distractions, although pleasurable, must be limited and rationed.

Put distractions behind a glass box that say:



That’s what it really boils down to. Don’t put on a facade and have to resort to guides on when to text and how soon to call back.

You will waste time overthinking. What do her texts mean? How soon should I text back? What do I now.

1)Have an, Exciting, Fun and Interesting Life (EFIL).
By having an exciting, fun and interesting life you will naturally excude positivity.
You will radiate confidence, optimism and have an exuberant, bright demeanor.

Have an interesting, fun life. Have social engangements with other people, and other women.
Don’t date exclusively. Date multiple women.
Not only will this keep you in an abundance mindset, you will naturally exude confidence.


By making a woman the center of your life, you will be too needy, too insecure and too available.
More importantly, by neglecting the things that really matter you will fall behind.
Life is a competition, specifically with other men.

When you allow yourself to get distracted for extended periods of time with trivial things, it will cost you.
You will fall behind.
Your more disciplined opponents will lap you.

You need to always be less emotionally, financially and physically invested then the woman is.
He who cares less always wins in any relationship or deal. Their are certain things that demand your valuable, limited attention, time and money (ATM).

Notice that women are not included in the acronym (ATM). That is because women should be an accessory to your life, not the main attraction.

Women are the sideshow, not the main attraction.
Whenever you forget this, life will have a habit of making you remember at some point down the line.
What is included is anything that helps you get money, improves your social status, and makes you a more attractive man.


Acting busy is a facade. It’s an illusion.
Sooner or later, people are able to tell clever counterfeits
Stop worrying about acting busy.

Get busy, busy being productive and forging an exciting , fun and interesting life women would like to be a part of.
Women will still be there at the finish line.
You can take that to the bank.

-AJ Lifts

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