Dating Coach For Men


Dating  Coach For Men

If you’re on this page , its for one of two reasons.

  1. You’re already dating and are unsatisfied with your current results.

  2. You’ve experienced or are currently experiencing frustration, heartache and a lack of results in your current dating life.

Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. All of your present knowledge has lead you to where you are presently now.  Guys who are satisfied with their sexual and dating lives don’t go searching for coaches or advice on google.

So why go with me? Why not just go with a natural or a “pick-up artist.” There are thousands of dating coaches, pick-up artists, “Manosphere” content creators and “face-raters”

One very simple reason:

I tell it like it is – I give you the whole, unfiltered, raw truth.

Most dating coaches, “pickup artists/PUA’s) and players leave out the truth of the game. The first raw truth that a man must accept is this. Women choose the men. Their is no magic line you can spit, no simple magic technique I can give you that will make you instantly able to attract any woman. We just don’t live in that kind of world. Once you accept that women choose the man you can let go of your pent up anger and frustration. Realize that it is not the fact that your “opener or routine sucked.”

Rather, the girl may just not be interested in you. Cold approach works because it is a number game. However, the average man will be met with a lot of rejection, heartache and frustration if he takes the shotgun approach to talking to women. Instead, I recommend two simple principles:


1. LOOKS Over Everything Else

What draws two strangers together over everything else initially? Looks. Without looks, you can’t even get in the door. It’s a hard pill for men out there to swallow. We’ve been conditioned and brainwashed to believe that we can make something happen and if we can’t get a women its because we said or did something wrong. In reality, the woman may just not be feeling you. When a women responds to your advances with cliche lines like “I have a boyfriend”, “Im not looking for a relationship.”, etc, that’s her way of telling you she’s not physically attracted to you.

Understand this now. Physical attraction is the basis for all relationships. Your face matters. Your body fat percentage matters. The way you dress matters. Everything matters. Not to think so is naive and delusional. Many men want to have an amazing sex life with multiple beautiful bombshell women. Yet when push comes to shove, they expect the results before they put in the work.

Imagine that. It’s like going up to a stove and asking it to give you heat before you put wood and light the fire. We don’t live in a world like that. The reality is their a caste system in the game – based off looks, height, face, race and social status. That is ingrained in our biology. The world isn’t fair, it never has been and  it never will be.

Your best option as a man is to accept that simple fact and get to work. Stop focusing on women. Stop hating on women for rejecting you. Start working on yourself. Raise your income. Lift weights. Learn how to dance. Develop interesting hobbies you can pull a woman into that take you outside and social. Improve your confidence and social skills. I’ll never forget how much things changed for me in one short year. I went from a nerdy video gamer to a fit jacket tank top wearing guido “The Situation/Pauly D” lookalike.

Suddenly women were approaching me and giving me indicators of interest. It was never about some magical techniques. Looks or lack of looks are what will get you in the door. Don’t get me wrong – personality, income and other factors matter. Pretending they don’t is for delusional boys, not men. But meeting a girls MINIMUM LOOKS THRESHOLD is what will determine whether a woman is initially attracted to you or not.

The great news is you don’t need to worry about hating on women or worrying what women are doing. You only need to focus on yourself and becoming the best man you can be. If you look the part, and more importantly you ARE the part – women will give you indicators of interest. That is the signal for you to approach and make a move.

2. Warm Approach ONLY – (Sniper Rifle vs Shotgun Cold Approach)

Most men who’ve heard of pickup artists are familiar with the concept of cold approaching. Heck, in my early and mid twenties I would cold approach women on the street and outside clubs all the time. While I was somewhat successful, I also faced a lot of rejection. The rejection either happened to my face or after when I got the girls number and she would flake will or respond with one word text answers.

Those outcomes are a result of a HUGE flaw with cold approaching. Women are conflict and risk averse. Women don’t know how a strange man is going to react to her rejecting his sexual advances. As a result they will often give out a number or feign interest until you and them part ways. Because certain men will threaten, harass or even attack a woman for rejection, most women play it safe.

They will used canned rejections like “I have a boyfriend, I’m not looking for a relationship (add WITH YOU) to the end of this. What really helped me elevate my game to the next level was to stop the shotgun cold approach and focus on warm approaching. Women know within 8-10 seconds whether or not they want to fuck a man. That’s the simple truth. It’s primal, instinctual and occurs on the subconscious level. When a woman is interested in a man, she will subconsciously use her BODY, EYES and FACE to give the man a signal that she is receptive to his approach.

It is  critical to become a good observer of human body language and facial expressions for this reason. Don’t discount the power of FEELINGS & VIBE as well. There is some stuff you just cannot put into words. I cannot describe it, but I can tell you that I can FEEL when a woman wants and is attracted to me. This is not the same as you being attracted to a woman. Do not assume because you like a girl that she likes you back. You must be a neutral, honest observer.

The cold hard truth is that if you are an average man, only a a small subset of women will find you to be “there type”. That’s fine though, because you only need one girl to say YES! Stop giving your attention, time, energy to women with low interest.

A woman either has HIGH interest in you or she does not. Stop trying to force attraction that isn’t there.  Even if a woman with low interest decides to go out with you, it will be for her VALIDATION and ATTENTION SEEKING purposes only. In other words, she will string you along to boost her ego and give her positive external feelings. She will then give you the friend zone or brother speech.

You will head home with your dick in your hand, angry at the time, money and attention you spent. But if you knew how to read women, you would have read her low interest. You would have valued and respected yourself enough as a man. Not to waste your time

I have had women into me and women who found me ugly. In many cases the woman who was into me was much more attractive then the one who was not. So what was the difference? I was the first girls type and not the second ones. Simple as that.

If you hate the idea of rejection and being publicly shamed, then avoid cold approach. It is absolutely critical you learn to read a woman’s signs of interest. I cannot tell you how many times when I was younger I missed obvious signs of attraction.

Signs like:

  • A woman randomly grabbing and squeezing your bicep or shoulder muscle
  • A woman who “Accidentally” bumps into you with her body
  • A woman who gives you “FUCK ME/Eye Smile/Dreamy Eyes/Warm Eyes” – Get enough experience in the game and you’ll know it when you see it.

So why do you need a dating coach? Why not just go it on your own?

Simple. You need someone who has been where you currently are. I wasn’t a natural born player. I wasn’t a natural born ladies man. I had to do a ton of work on my mind, body, personality and style to get where I am today. The journey would have been much easier and simpler if I hired and expert. Learning by trial and error can take you 5-10 times as long as learning from a master.

Haven’t you wasted your time long enough? Haven’t you had enough lonely, sleepless nights? We aren’t getting any younger. The best investment you can make is in yourself.

I’ve been with over 30 women. I have the results, pictures, and video to prove it. I was in your shoes once. I know what it’s like to be lonely, miserable and frustrated. Staying up alone at night and wishing you had a woman to keep you company. That’s a hard life and a lot of suffering. The sad thing is that things don’t have to be this way.  Haven’t you had enough lonely, sleepless nights? Haven’t you had enough heartache?

You can make the changes, put my advice into action and get the results with women that YOU DESERVE.






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