Count Your Blessings Not Your Problems


Count Your Blessings Not Your Problems

(How and Why you should be Thankful)
blessing n. – God’s favor and protection.
grateful adj. -feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.

Their is something that most of us know but need to be REMINDED of. That fact is that we live in the most ABUNDANT, PEACEFUL and EASY time in humanity.

If you are reading this blog, there is also a good chance you live in the WEST.

Clean air, water, food, shelter and safety are the norm…unless you live in a shithole. I first found out about the practice of daily gratitude from Dr.Glover of No More Mr. Nice Guy. He talked about his twice a day gratitude practice in Dating Essentials for Men.

You can read my review on that amazing book HERE.

This post is meant to motivate you and realize how easy we have it compared to some people in 3rd world shitholes.

Click here for my practical breakdown on how to begin a Morning/Evening Gratitude Practice.


USA, Western Europe, Canada, Australia , New Zealand.


The land of first world problems.
The land where you don’t have to look over your shoulder every 3 seconds for the hungry dogs.

The hungry dogs who cannibalize each other and will cannibalize you too if you let them.
It’s a dog eat dog existence in Third World Shithole’s.

That’s the politically incorrect truth.
There is no “middle class” in the third world. You are either FILTHY RICH or dirt poor. It’s as simple as that.

Everyone is dying to escape these shit holes. Why else would you have people illegally crossing borders , deserts, rivers and oceans.

Guys, if you happen to live in one of these countries, you live an unimaginably easy life.
You’ve got it made.

You’ve just got to learn to count your blessings that you take for granted instead of problems.

Reasons to Count Blessings and Not Problems:

1) Be Grateful to Have Access to Clean Water, Food, Air and Safety

Unfortunately, it’s human nature to get used to a certain standard of living and take things for granted.
There are places where people have to walk ten miles to get access to dirty water.

There are places where going to bed with a full belly is like Christmas.

Until you’ve had the misfortune of living in a shithole, it’s hard to appreciate what we take for granted here.

Friend until you’ve drank water that makes you sick for three days, breathed air that leaves you coughing, tired and asthmatic, and wondered how you are going to afford food you don’t know JACK.

It’s hard to realize how comfortable and easy we have it if you’ve just accepted it as a given your entire life.
I suggest you take a guided tourist trip to a shithole, if only for a day or two.

You’ll be kissing the tarmac pavement like a maniac when you touch back down in the good old U S A.

I recommend you bless and give thanks your food and drink before drinking or eating it. It is a blessing, and it may be a given to you, but it’s not in many places of the world.

Safety is highly underrated. Having to worry about whether or not you are going to live on a day to day basis is not a fun existence.

It’s hard to focus on getting better when you are concerned with just staying alive and not ending up , kidnapped for ransom, murdered, robbed, stabbed or jailed by corrupt cops.

2) Be Grateful for Getting Up In The Morning (Every Day Above Ground Is a Blessing)

By mere virtue of existing and waking up the mornings you are blessed.

Out of millions of sperm in your momma’s womb you were the one that happened to win the raise and fertilize her egg.

Every day, thousands of people die.
If you are reading this and woke up today, it goes without saying that you are not one of them.

Congratulations, you are one of the lucky ones.
You get another chance to see what you can make of your time and your life.

You get another spin at the wheel, another roll of the dice, another chance to pound the pavement and make shit happen.

Some poor fool died in his sleep. His one chance at this life , at this plane of reality is over.
He might be in heaven, he might be in hell, he might be in God’s courtroom.

He might be gone from this reality.
Either way… his one shot at this life is over.
Nothing in this life is guaranteed.

Tomorrow may not come.
Every day above ground is a blessing. One that should not be taken for granted or lightly.

Don’t kid yourself. Every single day matters.
Every day you are either getting a tiny bit closer towards your goals and ultimate victory, or slipping a little further behind towards defeat and despair.
Make the most of today, and be grateful you woke up.

3) Be Grateful you Live in the Easiest, Best Time Known To Man

For 99% of humanity we lived a dark, dangerous existence. 40 years old would be equivalant to a 100 year old today. Bacterial infection, broken bone, wound , injury, starvation, disease.
No antibiotics. No doctor. No cure. No treatment.

Life was hard, cold and rough.
There were no second chances.
Nothing was guaranteed.

Death was the norm, not long life.
You didn’t have TV, you didn’t have a fridge, you didn’t have water on tap, no Starbucks, no video games, no cars, no AC, no birth control, no EDM music.

It was a pretty rough existence.

We still had sex but even that was pretty risky and everyone smelled terrible and had terrible breath.

We had to hunt everyday, and risk being killed or stomped on by the big wooly mammoth or eaten up by the sabretooth.

We had to fight to the death with rival tribes, and it was winner take all.
Every day was a struggle just to survive. Their was no time to catch your breath, just relax, “find yourself”, or just take it easy.

Contrast that with the challenges we face today.
Sure you’ve got to pay rent or a mortgage, pay bills, buy groceries deal with living in this topsy-turvy world where left is right, right is wrong and good is bad.

But overall, we’ve got it pretty damn good.

  • You won’t die if you fail to hunt.
  • You can beg on the street and make $100+ bucks a day.
  • You can sell nude photographs of yourself and have some thirsty, spineless jellyfish of a man bankroll your life if you’re a non-deformed woman.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         For 99 percent of human existence, life was shit. Quality of life was a 1/10. Life was brief, painful and full of death, disease, risks and constant danger.

Compared to the risk of starving to death, freezing to death, being murdered, being eaten by other animals , dying to easily treatable diseases and infections life is a cake walk. We had to walk everywhere. Now we can fly and drive in a car and get to wherever we want to go. We live in the best time. The most free time. The easiest time. It’s never been easier to win at life.

It’s never been easier to make it. Our average life expectancy is 78 years for men in the USA.
We have an abundance of options and comfort. The 40 hour work week doesn’t seem so hard when you compare it to having to hunt 6 hours in the morning just for breakfast.

We’ve got it MADE.

Don’t make stupid decisions, don’t do alcohol or drugs, don’t waste your time on video games, TV, sports ball, junk food, procrastination.

Use your time wisely.
Make your time and money work for you. Be grateful for every day, every hour , every minute and every second. Now is the time to get ahead friend.
You and I are blessed , and for that I am grateful.

Are you?

-AJ Lifts

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