I offer 4 Types of Coaching Services:

  1. Venting Service – Have a ton of problems? Need an empathetic listening ear to listen without judgement? ($35 an hour)
  2. Personal Training (In Person, Skype, Zoom or Over The Phone) – I will give you practical workouts, diet advice, coaching and hormone optimization to help you achieve your goals. ($49/hour for personal training, $40 for video/phone consultation call.)
  3. Dating Coaching (In Person, Skype, Zoom or Over the Phone – I will give you specific, actionable advice tailormade to your situation. ($49 for a 1 hour consultation.)
  4. Wingman Service (Colorado Only) – I will act as your personal wingman in a nightclub/bar venue in the Denver, Loveland or Fort Collins Area. ($120 for a 3 hour session.)

I charge $49 an hour for in-person personal training sessions.

Consultations can be done over the phone, Zoom, Discord, Skype or the platform of your choice.

Want to get better with women or men? Looking to lose weight? Trying to build muscle? Have a problem or situation? Just need someone to vent to?


Learn from a man who started from zero and built himself from the ground up.

Inexperienced Introvert to Confident, Charismatic Extrovert.

Skinny fat gamer nerd – to NASM Certified Trainer with 50 pounds of muscle gained in 4 years!

Classic People Pleasing Nice Guy – to Assertive, Confident, likeable, masculine man..

If I did it , you can too.

What one man can do, another man can also do.

It didn’t happen overnight.

It took lots of hard work, stepping outside of my comfort zone and learning from both real life mentors as well as books, programs and audio content.

The one key thing I’ve learned from my last few years of life is this:

It’s always easier to LEARN FROM THE EXPERTS.

Learning from the experts saves you the valuable time of having to experiment through trial and error.

Instead of having to make costly mistakes, experiment and waste valuable time, energy and money , you consult with those who have walked a similar path.


I specialize in two things:

1)How to Get Better Results in Dating

2)How to Build/Sculpt Muscle and Shred Fat

I can show before and after pictures that highlight my results.

In other words : “THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING.”

Results never lie. I can show you when I was a skinny fat guy compared to the muscle-bound dude I am now.

I can show you that my levels were and continue to be in the NATURAL range. (PED’S are bad for health.)

I can show you when I was clueless with women. I can also show you multiple pics and videos of me in clear successful encounters with attractive one.

The difference between a fraud and a real expert is simple. You can judge them based on their results.

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