Commit to Personal Excellence – Not People


Commit to Personal Excellence – Not People

Not women, not friends, not your job, not your customer.
Commit to personal excellence in every single aspect of your life.

Committing to others leads to disposability.
Committing to self leads to you being the sought after prize. (The diamond in the rough.)

Disposability means you will be discarded or ghosted like cheap human garbage when you no longer possess any utility.

Relational equity is an illusion.
You’ve got to keep one thing constantly in the back of your mind.

In 2021, the 1950’s fantasy land of 40 year jobs and faithful submissive, obedient housewives doesn’t exist.

That’s it.

The minute you enter a crisis, get cancer, stop performing, lose your job, … guess what.

You no longer are looked at as an asset or utility…you are looked at as a falling stock that needs to be sold, ASAP…

Look at yourself as the Titanic.

That’s how women look at men. As boats.

So long as you are the world’s premiere luxury liner, everybody wants to associate with you, ride you and travel the world with you.

Once you hit an iceberg, start taking on water and sinking… guess what.

You can count on your fair weather friends, and the women in your life to abandon ship and start looking for a life raft or jump onto another passing ship.

Look , I like sending out a positive message without any negativity.
At that same time, I like being as blunt, honest and to the point as possible.

The 2020’s are nothing like the 1980s, 1990s, 1960s, 1950s or early 2000s, economically.
That’s the raw, unvarnished truth.

Generationally, Millenials and gen Z possess much less wealth then Gen X and the Baby Boomers did.

That’s the unpleasant reality. It’s harder for Mr.Average to buy or own a house then it used to be, as well as step out on his own.

The world has never been globalized and more competitive.
If you want to obtain the prizes, the fancy cars, the flashy instagram lifestyle, the arm candy, the fancy sports car… you’ve got to be honest with yourself.

You’ve been way too easy on yourself, for way too long.
Your absentee or unknown father was too busy with his own bologna to teach you the importance of developing character.

I cannot understate the importance of this. Without discipline, failure is guaranteed.
Without a good work ethic, you will end up as Mr.Average.

It goes without saying that Mr.Average does not live the fancy Instagram jet setter lifestyle.

1) The Only Person Who’s Really Got Your Back Is You

Listen up man. At the end of the day, when the cards are down, you’ve got to Look Out for Number #1.
I know your mommy told you that society had your back and that women were full of candy and spice and everything nice.

We all wanted to believe and cling onto that lie desperately even when we realized it wasn’t true.

The strong and disciplined man works cooperatively with others in win win situations, but ultimately knows he can never truly count on anyone else , except for himself.

That’s what Self-Reliance ultimately comes down to.

Realizing that you can never really count on anyone to truly act on your best interests except you.

Realizing that Looking out for #1 is a necessity in today’s hypercompetitive, hyperconnected globalized marketplace.

I know she told she loved you.

I know your fair weather friend told you he had your back, after he tried to steal the girl you talked too first when you went out to the pub with him as your wingman.

That doesn’t mean JACK SHIT.

In the grand scheme of things people act in their own ENLIGHTENED self-interest.

No matter how much they preach or virtue signal about how it is important to help the downtrodden, the poor, the less fortunate…. you can count on human beings to be SELFISH.

You’ve got to look out for number #1… and what that entails is more investment in the self, being willing to walk away from others at any moment, and always making sure that people invest more in you then you invest in them.

2) Rock Star or Groupie, Who is More Disposable?

A lot of guys fall into a massive trap. That massive trap is they meet a pretty lady, make her the center of their universe, and then are blindsided when out of nowhere she dumps him.

72 hours later she’s posting on her Instagram feed with a new guy, or with her gals out on the hunt at the trashiest nightclub.

You can either be the rock star in a relationship.
Or you can be the groupie.
I know society has taught you to treat women like queens. I know you were told to be supportive, to constantly compliment her, to elevate her, that you guys were partners.

Remember the rule of thumb:

Whatever societies politically correct narrative is, the uncomfortable truth is usually the exact the opposite.

I can guarantee you one thing.
Treat women like a celebrity, and they will treat you like a fan.

Keep it up and she’ll go looking for a Rock Star.
You must always be coming from above, not below.

You and she have to feel that you are the STAR of the relationship and she is the FAN.

3) HEAT: Always Be Willing To Walk & Never Look Back

HEAT (1995) with Robert Deniro and Al Pacino is a classic movie. Full of action, and not politically correct.

“A guy told me one time, “Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner”
― Robert De Niro

Now Deniro is an emasculated hypocrite and his wife wears the pants in the relationship.
He would have done well to take his character’s advice.

With that said, you can learn from the mistakes of other men.
You’ve always got to have one foot out the door.

I know it sounds counterintuitive.
I know every fiber of your male being wants to give 100% of yourself over to your girl and just live in a nice Disney fairy tale.

That’s not how REAL LIFE works.
In real life, it’s always better to never to get too attached or invested.

Too invested in a routine or way of life in a time when the only constant is rapid globalized change.

Too invested in another person who is always looking for the bigger, better deal in the age of social media, online dating apps and modern feminism.

Too invested in a company who would drop you in a heartbeat the second you became a liability or no longer generated income or revenue for the company.

You’ve got to constantly be on your toes. Be the man with the plan. Always have a PLAN B.

Never commit with your heart, even if you have with your tongue or your hand.
Women aren’t held accountable at the same standard as Men are.

You’ve got to be smarter then that.
Relationships and Friendships are fleeting and temporary.

How stupid would it be for me to invest my life savings in an extravagant 2 week luxury vacation.

Men do the same thing even with the 10 year marriage success rate and divorce rate being as low and high as they are.
How illogical is that.

4) Maxxing & Self Care is Critical – Focus on Maximizing, Self-Actualizing, and Reaching Your Full Potential

Maxxing is just a fancy internet lingo term for becoming the best you can be in a particular category or aspect of your life.

Some types of Maxxing:








Now I just invented half of those of the top of my head.

The reality (and perhaps, the great irony) is that maximizing these aspects of your life will improve your career prospects, dating prospects, and friendships and Social Market Value FAR, FAR , FAR more then investing in any woman ever would.

The unfortunate truth is that this objective way of looking at life is not for all men.
Some can’t handle the work.

Some can’t handle the truth.
Some don’t have the discipline.

The grit. The determination.
Some men just want a plain jane to settle down with.

Once Joe Average settles down with a lady and gets a steady supply of sex, companionship and female validation, it’s all over.

You will capitulate and start putting her first, start cowtowing, let her manage the finances, let her spend and molest your hard earned money,

Sacrifice your dreams in the name of fulfilling hers and get complacent, lazy and fat.

Then someday down the line, you’ll get screwed over.

Maybe she’ll stop putting out.
Maybe she’ll start cheating with the pool buy, the cute single guy at work, her boss or the neighbor.

Maybe she’ll just tell you she’s not a very sexual person, and don’t you like her for who she is?
Maybe you’ll just have kids and you’ll no longer be the first priority , but the last after the dog.

Either way, the end result is the same.

You get fucked over.
Guys, this is nothing new.

Mother Nature has always been cruel and ruthless.
Having kids and being a traditional man was always about sacrificing your best interests in the name of the interests of others.

I am merely suggesting you make the rational choice of putting yourself first, and FUCK EVERYONE ELSE.

Don’t feel guilty for being SELFISH.
Being SELFISH is for the WINNER WOLF.


It’s up for you to decide who you want to be.
Just make sure you do a gut check and make the right choice.

Till next time
– AJ Lifts

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