Chad Thundercock Tinder


Chad Thundercock Tinder

Picture a Monster of a Man.


285 pounds.

550 pound bench.

9 inch wrists – wrists thicker then your ANKLE.

German. Built like a Silverback Gorilla, makes Six Figures as an Electrician. Makes Arnold look small. Beat prostate cancer twice. Still not good enough for his wife of twenty five years.

Women are drawn to him like moths to a flame. He is the embodiment of masculinity – he oozes it.

People are drawn to him. Opportunities fall into his lap.

Who is this enigma of a man?

We’ll call him CHAD.


1)The Virgin vs Chad

Their is an online meme that’s been viral for years. Thousands upon thousands of custom versions of this meme have been made.

  • The meme is called The Virgin vs Chad and shows a cartoon with a Virgin X on the left with all his negatives listed and the Chad X with all his positive traits listed.


  • The cold hard truth is this MEME has a basis in reality.

Some men have AMAZING GENETICS. Great height, good facial aesthetics, naturally carry and easily build muscle.

Chad has women approach him. Opportunities fall into his lap.  Women throw themselves at him. Chad usually ends up as a quarterback, on the basketball team and as the coolest kid in class.

Chad loses his virginity by 14.

Hence the name “CHAD THUNDERCOCK.” – another name would be “THE NATURAL.”

At the opposite end of the Spectrum lies “The Virgin.” The Virgin is the polar opposite of Chad Thundercock.

  • The Virgin has terrible genetics. He has a bad face, is short in height, is often a minority, and his parents set him up for failure. He is very fat or very skinny, but rarely carries much muscle.


  • His low testosterone, energy and time are not spent on women, who routinely reject and ignore him. He expends his energy on video games, anime, hentai and other time wasting pursuits.


  • The Virgin is either a social outcast or of very low status. In school, he is often BULLIED. If he does have friends, they are outcasts like him. He almost NEVER gets attention from girls/women.


  • The Virgin is never picked for Sporting Events, rarely gets attention from attractive women, is never part of the in-crowd. As a result he develops self-esteem issues. The Virgin is often bullied relentlessly.


  • With years of discipline, hard work, weightlifting and possible cosmetic surgery,


  • “The Virgin” can reshape himself into a ladies man, or at least a NORMAL man. In rare cases, he can SURPASS Chad if Chad slacks off, gets lazy, develops health/financial problems.

“Chad Thundercock” is essentially the Modern Man’s Jodie.

Jodie is the man on or near a military base who will fuck deployed men’s wives & boyfriends without remorse.

Chad is almost like a modern day boogieman, lurking in the shadows, ready to steal your girl. But even Chad is still only human.

2)Chad Thundercock vs Father Time/Disease

I happened to meet an elderly CHAD one night out at my local dive bar.

This CHAD THUNDERCOCK was a mountain of a man. I described him at the beginning of this post. He was 55 years old.

He was the type of guy that would start and end bar fights.

Unfortunately, even CHAD is not immune to the effects of aging, disease and declining health.

After dancing with Chad’s wife and talking to him, I learned  he was a former bouncer and the high school/college quarterback.

Unfortunately, he had PROSTATE CANCER. TWICE. In addition he had back problems so he could no longer dance with his wife.

The medication & cancer crashed his testosterone levels – in addition he had been with his wife for twenty years so she was bored of him.

3)The Virgin vs Chad In Real Life (My Experience)

In this instance – I would define myself as “The Virgin” in this situation. I haven’t been a Virgin in years. But at one point due to a sheltered religious upbringing I definitely was.

With that said, I am 5’8 with average genetics. I was not the start QB. I was the kid with exercise induced asthma. With the helicopter parents.

Contrast that to the naturally big boned , tall caucasian viking. The type of guy who could never touch a weight and be muscular.

With that said, even Chad gets boring after a while I guess. You would think people would be loyal, but I guess not.

I guess the morale of this story is with enough work, discipline, time in the gym, and cosmetic surgery, any man can make himself attractive to women.

Conversely, even the most attractive NATURAL” is still mortal and vulnerable to the effects of aging, disease, weak behavior and plain old BAD LUCK.


  • I want to preface this by saying that I’ve never been a homewrecker. I see cheating as bad, both morally, karmically and pragmatically.


  • No BOOTY CALL is worth me getting shot/murdered by a vengeful boyfriend or husband.

Also, I’m not a great dancer. I dance better then corny guys but put me against a professional and I’d stop dancing out of shame.

Went to my town club this Saturday night after a 12 hour shift in Denver.

Took a shower, got dressed up, and hit the best spot in Loveland up.

Hair – cut to perfection, styled and combed to proper.
Shirt was a fitted Uniqlo V-neck t shirt , pants were a classic pair of Levi’s.

Elevator shoes shined and worn.
Bracelets, rings and my chains were worn.
I drive up to the club and park, then head in.

End up running into a casual acquaintance at the club (Luis) with a few of his platonic girl friends.
I said hi then wandered off.

End up bumping into a 24 year old Latina girl I had casually met a few weeks ago. Her name was Eboni, but she was very fair-skinned?

Is that an ironic name or what? She worked at the Mexican restaurant next door.
We took a seat at a table, shared drinks and had a casual conversation.

We ended up striking up a conversation for about 20 minutes and I got her number.
I tried to get her to dance, even though she was pretty drunk she wasn’t up for it.

She explained the club had the same owners and she didn’t want to be judged by her shitty coworkers – and she couldn’t dance for shit.

She said she had to use the bathroom and asked me if I could watch her bag.
I told her yes, and I made a really good effort too.

All of the sudden this very attractive, curvy blonde milf (late 30s) takes me by the hand. We will call her Stacy for the sake of the story.

I debate staying and watching Eboni’s purse for a sec, then say screw it.
We ended up dancing to some good music.

I span her around a few times. Then some really slow bachata music came on.
The type of music that 99% of people can’t dance to. I improvised and we started slow dancing. I pulled her close to me, shoulder to shoulder.

I spun her around again.
Then all of the sudden she looked at my lips.
I seized the moment and kissed her briefly, then pulled back.

She immediately went in for another kiss.
We kept dancing.

I asked her what her name was.
Stacy she replied.

Who are you?”

I’m AJ” I replied.

I asked her for my number. She put that number in without hesitating.
I asked her if she had any plans tonight and told her she should come back to my place.

She laughed and said “I have options” I replied , “so do I” then walked off.

I made sure to maintain an air of indifference. This was key.
She ends up dancing with this random extremely drunk lanky white cowboy type-guy. I’ll call him Kyle.

He was a dorky cowboy – not a Magic Mike steal your girl cowboy.

She kept looking over at me on the table, but I maintained an air of indifference.
I went back to chatting with Eboni.

Eboni ended up Ubering home. I headed back out the dance floor and ended up dancing with two other women.

I got one of their numbers, her name was Sarah. Didn’t really pursue it any further then that even though she was a ditzy brunette with a nose ring which usually qualifies as my type.–

I see Kyle leaned up against the wall next to the dance floor.

The music switched up to some more slow, salsa. I ended up striking a conversation with him.
I asked him how he was doing and if he knew Jessica.

Yeah, I know her. “Are you here with her?”

“Nah man. I think I saw her man sitting at the table. I think they’re swingers or something.”

I was blown away when he said that.
Anyways, Kyle was pretty drunk. He was slouched over and his speech was a little slurred.

We went out to the patio and he smoked a cigarette.
He told me he was trying to find his friends. Another random guy comes up behind us through the railing.
I asked him if he worked for the establishment. (I didn’t want Kyle to get kicked out for being too drunk.)

“I’ll make sure he get’s home” I said.

(I thought this guy was a bouncer even though he was small.) This bar used unarmed security as their bouncers so you would see “security” of all kinds come in, including females and weak scrawny men

“Nah, man I’m one of his friends” he replied.
He ended up introducing himself as Jake.

Long story short, Jake was thankful I helped them reunite.

“Let me buy you a drink” he said.

Up to this point I was sober (I hate alcohol and hangovers) but I took him up.
He seemed like a cool guy so I got his number, we toasted our Modelo’s and he got his friend home safe.

Back to Stacy.
I see Stacy, and her husband sitting at the bar.

I take up a seat next to them. The husband introduces himself as CHAD.
I give him a firm handshake with strong eye contact.

Jim is in his late 40’s with a well trimmed goatee and frosted gray hair.
Jim is 6’4, with insanely HUGE wrists and bones. He weighed 285 pounds with a large amount of muscle.

Not the type of stuff a normal guy would notice, but the thing a bodybuilder and PT definitely would. This guy had what I would call “Cornbread Fed Shit Brickhouse Build”

Some dudes are just naturally built – and Jim is one of them. Huge forearms.
Sure enough, he was a master plumber. Definitely pulling at least 6 figures. Balling.

We get to talking and hit it off quite well. He was a Colorado native.
He ended up letting me know him and his wife had been together for twenty years.
His wife was pestering him at this point to for me to get her back to the dance floor.

At this point, I felt guilty and was a little buzzed so I told him flat out.
“Hey, I kissed your wife, I didn’t know she was with you.”

*Side Note: DON’T EVER DO THIS. He took it pretty well but it could have easily turned into a stabbing, bar brawl or shooting with the wrong guy.

“I don’t really care who dances with my wife, because at the end of the day im the one that gets to fuck her.” he replied.

I asked him if he was a good dancer.

“I’m a great dancer, unfortunately I’ve got a pinched nerve.”
Well, long story short I dragged Jessica back to the dance floor.

We started dancing again and talking. She was enamored with me.

*By dancing, I mean grinding. Dirty grinding.* Not the type of dance you would do with a relative or formally.

“You look so sexy, you know that right?” she said.

I know this sounds like someone’s elaborate fantasy. But to me, it was just another Saturday at the club. I swear all this happened.

“I know that.” I replied.

“Aren’t you married , I said?”

“Yes, my husband lets me play around.” she said.

“So you guys are swingers?” I replied.

“No, only I get to play around. I’ve trained him well.”

I told her we should talk outside and led her outside the gazebo.

“You like what you see, and now you want to see if I can walk the walk.” I said.
“Yes”, she replied.

I definitely can, I’ve got the receipts to prove it.” “You are very, very handsome” she said.

“I rarely give compliments but you’re pretty attractive yourself Jessica.” I told her.

We sat on a lone table near the gazebo.
My hands were clasped on hers.

The sexual tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

It was getting late. I had arrived at the club at 10:20 and it was already 12:40.
The club staff called last call. CHAD THUNDERCOCK came over and told her that they were closing down.

Jessica protested “but the night is still young, I want to get to know him better.”
“Im sure we’ll see you around here again” he said.

Definitely” I replied.

I ended up spotting a friend who worked at another bar nearby.
He was getting ready to go to the only Divebar in Loveland open until 2am.

At this point I had her real number as well as 2 others.
I was coming from a position of ABUNDANCE, and not SCARCITY.

I politely excused myself.
I stood up to leave and told Mike it was a pleasure to meet both of them as I shook his hand firmly and looked him in the eye.
I ended up going out with my bartender friend and his merry band of female coworkers to the Cove, our local dive bar.

We did some pickle and fireball shots, joked around a bit and then went home.
I ended up texting Stacy at 1:30.

A generic “it was good to meet you” text.
“And you…Wanted to connect longer”

“Wanna meet up this week?”
She sent me a nude picture of her in the bed.
Well, long story short I’m a workaholic and we couldn’t find a mutual time to meet up.
I told her to hit me up some other time.
Here’s the bottom line though:


His problem is he loves his lady a little too much, and doesn’t love or respect himself enough.
He makes more then me (6 figs at least), is loyal , a good provider and he clearly loves Jessica.

I could see if this dude was ugly. But he isn’t. He’s very handsome for his age. (FORMER CHAD, REMEMBER?)

If I trained him for three to six months I could have him looking like lady-boner material.
You can be a provider/parent or you can be a lover.

It’s very hard to be both. Even if you are both, familiarity breeds contempt. Sooner or later your attention isn’t good enough.

I don’t think I’m better then this guy.

He’s getting a bad deal man. He provided , raised kids, invested and married this woman for twenty years.

Does that mean anything?

She was willing to fuck some random handsome guy in the club.

Yes I was the best dressed man in the club.
Yes I had fancy jewelry on and good style, as well as being dressed properly.

I don’t want to speakly badly on anyone.
This man is richer, taller and has a better work ethic then me.

He’s been loyal, faithful and a good provider. What has he gotten in return for this?

A wife that disrespects him by grinding with random strangers.

You can be a provider or a lover.
It is very , very hard to be both.

Don’t blame me , blame the big man upstairs.

He probably knows he’s trapped in the marriage and doesn’t want to lose his kids or assets.
Also, I could tell he genuinely loves this woman.


I was conflicted in this situation. On the one hand, I was buzzed and genuinely wanted to fuck this lady.

On the other hand, this guy was actually a good , masculine dude (Unlike most actual feminine open relationship type men).

One key point Stacy made : “If I had to do it all over again, I don’t know if I’d get married again.”

Thanks for the ego boost Stacy. If it happens, it happens.
Until then I’m working 65 hour weeks at my job and as much as I can on this blog.

TLDR; Met a woman married to a former CHAD THUNDERCOCK 6’5 linebacker.

She still wanted strange dick even though I’m 5’8 and don’t make as much money.

Bottom line: Always respect and love yourself more then anyone else.

THE “VIRGIN” (REFORMED) can BEAT CHAD THUNDERCOCK if Chad happens to fall on hard times, gets sick, gets lazy or his partner gets BORED.

Never agree to bad deals that lead to emotional heartbreak and your heart getting stepped on shattered into a thousand pieces.

Marriage is a bad deal. So is Cohabitation.

If you ever read this OLD CHAD THUNDERCOCK, you’re a good dude.
I recommend you read the Married Man Sex Life Primer, get on testosterone replacement, and open up your marriage to other women – or just get a DIVORCE and D.T.B. (DITCH THAT BITCH.)

Follow Up: I met them again. I have even less respect for Stacy, and more for Chad Thundercock SR.

Chad is a good dude with exceptional genetics who was unlucky enough to get & beat cancer twice.

The worst part isn’t the cancer – it’s his ungrateful, un-loyal slut of a wife.

If you are interested in transforming yourself from The Virgin into Chad Thundercock, read my other articles.

Know that changing yourself begins and starts in the MIND.

-AJ Lifts


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