Why Not You?

Why Not You? You’re at the club. An innocent, young looking woman stares deeply into your eyes and smiles. Are you going to man up and approach? Or are you going to keep sitting in the corner with your drink in your hand and your balls in your purse? Or are you going to gather …

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Get a Life Meaning

Get a Life Meaning “You need to get a life man” “Why don’t you get a life” People use these words all the time, but what does getting a life actually mean? Life was made to be lived. It’s as simple as that. Living is an active process. It requires participation and action. It requires …

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My Way or The Highway

My Way or The Highway                             (Be a Decisive Dominant Douchebag) I remember when I was five. A kid. Riding around with my Dad Isuzu truck. He had a catchphrase he would frequently use. He would look people squarely in the eye, and …

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Why Do People Give Up Easily

Why Do People Give Up Easily (Reality Not Meeting Lofty Expectations) People give up. They give up on their dreams. They give up on their projects. They give up on themselves. They put a little work in, and then quit when reality fails to conform. Conform to what? Their unrealistic expectations. See, society has conditioned …

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Keep Your Plans To Yourself

Never Talk About Your Plans - Let Results Do The Talking

Keep Your Plans to Yourself Hustlers move in silence. When you talk about your big plans to everybody, you weaken your motivation and resolve. Talking about your plan tricks your brain into releasing pleasurable chemicals that make you feel like you’ve done something. In reality, you’ve accomplished nothing. By blabbing about your big dreams to …

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