How To Write Your First Blog Post

How to Write Your First Blog Post

How to Write Your First Blog Post   It can be easy as long as you don’t overthink it. First, you need to start your blog or website. You can get a free Blogspot or WordPress website but I recommend hosting your own website. Do it pro from the get go. When you host your …

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Bold And Determined

Bold And Determined was a men’s self improvement blog started by Victor Pride AKA Nicholas Kelly. Victor sold all his belongings in 2012 and moved to China. He taught English on weekends and worked on his blog Monday through Friday. For years, he lived the lifestyle of a Spartan Monk. Grinding. Lifting. Creating. Repeat. …

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Live One Day at A Time

Live One Day At A Time “The load of tomorrow, added to that of yesterday, carried today, makes the strongest falter.” – Dr. William Oster Enemies in war always DIVIDE AND CONQUER! If a people, or alliance can be divided , they lose the will to win, and in the confusion and arguing they LOSE the …

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How To Stand Like A Man

Stand Straight

How To Stand Like A Man To be able to call yourself a man, you must stand up straight with your shoulders back. You must carry yourself like a man at all times. People judge a man by the way he carries himself. A loser bum, walks like he is a defeated man with nothing …

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Letting Go of Perfectionism

Letting Go of Perfectionism Perfection is an illusion. It’s a mirage in the desert. It doesn’t actually exist. To really become a go-getter – a maker and a taker – a sinner and a killer – you’ve got to execute. A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week. …

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Do Looks Matter?

Do Looks Matter? (In Dating and Sexual Attraction.) YES. OF COURSE LOOKS MATTER. The question is HOW MUCH? Social outcasts and sexually inexperienced men (AKA, Incel’s think that looks are all that matter.) Delusional people tell you they don’t . The flip side of that coin is depressed nihilists tell you looks are everything. The truth, …

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How To Stop An Addiction

How To Stop An Addiction (Technology Based Addictions) *I will ignore CHEMICAL and substance addictions in this post for the simple reason that chemicals create physical withdrawal issues that are beyond the depth or relevancy of this post to address*   It’s easy to watch one Youtube Video and fall into a hole. When you finally …

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Excellence Vs Mediocrity

Excellence Vs Mediocrity Sooner or later everyone comes to a fork in the road in life. Two paths lie before you. One is heavily forested, with dirt roads, animals, bandits and natural disasters. Nobody takes this road…the few who were never seen again. You notice the entrance is unmarked and the road is so unused …

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