Ooh Say It Again PDF

Ooh Say it Again PDF

Ooh Say It Again PDF Alan Roger Currie Ooh Say It Again How many books can you say got you laid multiple times? Unless your a famous romance novelist with plenty of fan girls, NOT MANY. This is Alan Roger Currie’s third book and in my opinion his BEST BOOK. I own both the AUDIOBOOK and …

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The Possibility Of Sex Alan Roger Currie PDF

The Possibility of Sex Alan Roger Currie PDF (How Naive and Lustful Men are Manipulated By Women Regularly) As subscribers of my blog can see, I have been on an Alan Roger Currie binge lately. Alan Roger Currie is a great writer, with a unique ability to keep you engaged and excited while having your …

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Upfront and Straightforward

Upfront and Straightforward Upfront and Straightforward is Allen Roger Currie’s second follow up book to Mode One: Whisper into a Woman’s Ear. My Thoughts on Upfront and Straightforward: Let the Manipulative Gameplayers Know What You’re Really Thinking: Upfront and Straightforward is well written enough to stand on it’s own or act as a supplement to …

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Mode One Alan Roger Currie

Mode One Alan Roger Currie Mode One is an amazing book by Alan Roger Currie originally published in 1999. The biggest benefit of applying the direct and straightforward approach is it will save you valuable money and time and YOU will not feel as bitter when you get to rejection quickly. Alan is a former …

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Alan Roger Currie

Alan Roger Currie Just who is Alan Roger Currie, anyways? Alan Roger Currie is a pivotal figure in the dating market and man-o-sphere. He has published five books, four audiobooks and has a Youtube channel with millions of views. Alan’s mindset rejects the conventional robotic PUA approach of canned pick-up lines, special techniques and mumbo …

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Dating Essentials For Men

Dating Essentials For Men  (BY ROBERT GLOVER)                                                                     Dr. Robert Glover Dating Essentials Dating Essentials for Men (DEEFM) is one of the …

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Bod Body Spray

Bod Body Spray My friend Ricco turned me onto Bod Body Spray for Men. He runs a Youtube channel as his side hustle. He mentioned he would spray it every day and constantly be getting constant compliments and positive attention from women. I decided to look it up and was expecting some expensive cologne. I …

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Chad Thundercock Tinder

Chad Thundercock Tinder Picture a Monster of a Man. 6’5. 285 pounds. 550 pound bench. 9 inch wrists – wrists thicker then your ANKLE. German. Built like a Silverback Gorilla, makes Six Figures as an Electrician. Makes Arnold look small. Beat prostate cancer twice. Still not good enough for his wife of twenty five years. …

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PUA Lay Report

PUA Lay Report (Fucking a Chick In A Car With Nothing But Her Jordan’s On) *DON’T SCROLL DOWN ANY FURTHER IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE GRAPHIC SEXUAL CONTENT IN TEXT FORM* Welcome to Tales of Poon – A new series where I document my lays with photographic proof. *Names have been changed.* 07/18/21 Lay Report Age: …

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Just Be Yourself

Just Be Yourself (Is Terrible Advice) 1)The Five Types of People Who Say “Just Be Yourself” 2) Just Be Yourself = Feel Good Generic Advice 3) A Problem Written and Known is a Problem Half Solved (Awareness is Key) 4) What if you’re obese, ugly, antisocial, short, or deformed? 5)Insanity is Doing the Same Thing …

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