Do Looks Matter in Dating?

Do Looks Matter In Dating? Or is it al just about your personality, the numbers in your bank account and shared/mutual interests? If you aren’t prepared to have your delusions and dreams about dating shattered and crushed then leave this page now. This is my only warning. Society, Disney, TV and Movies and modern culture …

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Dating Coach For Men

Dating  Coach For Men If you’re on this page , its for one of two reasons. You’re already dating and are unsatisfied with your current results. You’ve experienced or are currently experiencing frustration, heartache and a lack of results in your current dating life. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition …

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Get Coached

GET COACHED   AJLIFTS COACHING: I OFFER 4 TYPES OF COACHING SERVICES: 1) Consultation/Listening– (WHATSAPP, ZOOM, SKYPE, PHONE) Have a ton of problems? Need a detached empathetic listening ear to provide potential solutions or just hear you vent($35 an hour – 2) Personal Training (In Person, Skype, Zoom, WHATSAPP, Phone) – I will give you …

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