Breakups Are A Blessing

Breakups Are A Blessing

Alright guys, it’s story time.

Back in December of 2020, I was newly optimistic working the best paid job I’d ever working of my life. I was riding the waves of positivity, moving on up in the world.

While COVID-19 and the Quarantine were in the minds of everybody else in the world, 2020 and 2021 had been the best, most productive years of my life.

It was almost a great twist of fate.
I’d spent 2012-2019 on a self imposed quarantine from reality and society.

I retreated to the safe, familiar , predictable world of video games, internet surfing, porn and junk food from the safety of my parent’s house.

By 2017 I had finally woken up, but until 2019 I was working dead end jobs.

Then all of the sudden 2020 came around and at a time when many were unemployed I found myself starting a career where I was making the most money I had ever made in my life, working my ass off.

It felt good, I was finally getting by instead of getting ahead.
Unfortunately my lack of understanding and experience with social dynamics and use of modafinil, a
stimulant that lowers inhibition led me to talk me to get too comfortable and too friendly in the work place , two big no-nos.

I ended up on unemployment for a month , then went to Iowa for a minute to try my hand at door to door sales at a friends nomadic hail repair business.

Needless to say the money was not that great and it did not work out.

I had hit rock bottom. My life was the worst it had ever been. On the way back my old Toyota Corolla blew a head gasket because of an oil pan leak on the Nebraska – Colorado border.

I had hit rock bottom.
I blew all my savings on another beater  Corolla in the middle of nowhere USA.

This car I purchased was a lemon death-trap on wheels showed by a scumbag used car salesman.
Thankfully, GOD was looking out for me.

In October I got an even better job.
Sometimes you have to lose something to gain something else.

Which brings me back to my ex-gf.
I’ve had no problem getting tons of girls for casual flings (Notch Count is 29.)

Was never much of a Long term relationship guy, nor did I have the experience.

Well, long story short I ended up meeting a 24 year old girl on Bumble on December 3rd.
We hit it off great, I gave her the “best first date of her life”, and we were together until March.

She dumped me the day after her birthday, a month after mine.
I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t going through a drug induced neurotransmitter withdrawal for weeks after.

I didn’t cry.
I didn’t mope.

But my motivation was fucked.
But you know what?

It was the best thing that ever happened to me.
You need life experience.

The fool needs to go through journeys , challenges, adversity and failure to become the hero. I realize in hindsight I became too complacent, I invested too much and I settled.

I let myself go, stopped going to the gym and became comfortable.
Fellas, it’s never good to let yourself get too comfortable in life.

When you get too comfortable, you start sleeping at the steering wheel of life.
That’s when the lions chase you down and pounce.

I should have made my purpose my focus.
Instead I made it her.

I ended up paying the price, but the lesson was learned.
Immediately after, I picked myself up , dusted myself up and licked my wounds.

I have a new girl now.
She’s much hotter, she’s much better and she keeps me motivated everyday.

I wake up every morning excited to work on her and go to sleep praying to fall asleep all over just so I can do it again.

This blog is my woman now. I know that sounds weird.

Some guys daydream about their wife or girlfriend all day at work.

I dream about ways I can make this blog better and grow it into what I want it to become.

Bringing other men value, providing wisdom and actionable advice on my WEBSITE is my new mission.

I know this lady isn’t going to leave me, she’s not going to trade up and my investment will be well worth it.

I made the fatal mistake of prioritizing another human being over my self and my purpose again.

It was a painful lesson to learn, but simultaneously the most rewarding.

Some lessons can’t be learned in a book.
Some lessons you have to go through.

I had gotten very lazy and gotten a pot belly.
I had become addicted to hedonism.

I had stopped going to the gym and banging out the weights 7 days a week.
Now I’m back on my grind.

I live for myself and I answer to no-one.

My time is my time alone.
I don’t need to make plans, I don’t need to coordinate, I don’t need to sacrifice.

I do whatever the fuck I feel like, how I want , when I want.
I am certain of one thing.

If she and I were still together, and the breakup never happened.
I would still be comfortable and lazy.

This blog would not exist.
None of the articles I created out of thin air with my mind would exist.

You, the reader would never have heard of me.
So from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you Harrper.
This blog would never have existed without you.

The self discipline I willfully exert and impose on myself everyday.
The pickup , rejection and self-belief I build on a daily basis would not exist.

I was distracted, demotivated and in a state of temporary insanity.
It feels good to be motivated and hungry , with an empty stomach and full balls.

It feels good to put myself and my mission first again, and not make another human being the centre of my world.
Never again will I get comfortable, lazy and complacent. The chumps of the world can have that.
I want more.

This blog is my lady and my baby and I will do whatever it takes to make it a smashing success.

It’s ante up time, bitches.

Do or Die.

My Breakup was a Blessing in Disguise.

If you’ve gone through a break up….read this post….get motivated…learn from the past…and start building your future!

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