Bold And Determined


Bold And Determined was a men’s self improvement blog started by

Victor Pride

AKA Nicholas Kelly.

Victor sold all his belongings in 2012 and moved to China. He taught English on weekends and worked on his blog Monday through Friday.

For years, he lived the lifestyle of a Spartan Monk. Grinding. Lifting. Creating. Repeat.

The dream that had only existed for a time in his head had finally materialized into reality.

It wasn’t just about money. Vic was on a mission. Victor had to chisel himself, like a sculptor chiseling a statue out of marble.

For many, Bold and Determined was a temple. A temple where men who didn’t have the benefit of a strong, masculine father figure could congregate.

Uncle Vic continued to pump out articles, year after year, day after day.

He provided a welcome alternative to the lazy weak feminine Western culture.

Instead of hedonism, degeneracy, porn, masturbation, addiction, drugs, mediocrity and wasting time, we had something else.

A Hero. Someone we could idealize and look up to.

An ideal to strive to live up to.

We had a fit, discipline, masculine, take-no-prisoners role model to emulate.

Years of his religious self-discipline, belief, intelligence and wit payed off.

He had published several books.

He came up with the now common concept of Monk Mode.

The first year his blog made nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

In 2013, he made $15,000 dollars.

By 2019, he was a millionaire. Self made. An entrepreneur. He had finally made it.

Then, one day, he decided to end it all.

Just like that he wrapped it all up and called it a day.

He took down all the years of content on Bold and Determined.

He got rid of his supplement company.

Just like that.

In  place of his website was a link to a 2 part Podcast.

In the podcast Victor disavowed much of his old content.

He proclaimed that he had become a born-again Christian and he had to repent of his sins.

Then he disappeared, like a shadow in the night.

He took down all his blog posts and removed all his books from the Amazon store.

Many of his followers speculated on why Victor Pride did this.

Well, according to Victor he had some issues with demonic possession and confessed to the Sin of Pride and Hedonism.

Well, it’s 2021. Victor Pride’s message is more relevant then ever.

The world is a  more competitive, cut-throat, dog-eat-dog place then its ever been.

The gap between the have’s and the have-not’s gets wider and wider every year.

A small portion of select men are killing it in life.

The vast majority of men live quiet lives of desperation.

Although Victor Pride may be dead, his message lives on.

The spirit of Bold and Determined lives on through those who have read and absorbed the wisdom of Victor’s message.

Bold and Determined? That’s gone.

Being a self-discipline, masculine, macho, take-no-prisoners winner?

That’s immortal.

So what now?

What are Vic’s followers to do?

What about the millions of people who could have benefited from Vic’s wisdom.

It falls to me.

I believe in god, but I also believe in discipline.

I don’t believe in turning the other cheek.

I believe in fucking somebody up and shitting down their throat when they attack you.

Discipline is more relevant then it has ever been.

Social Media and the Internet are the cancers of our modern society.

They keep the masses brainwashed and mired in mediocrity.

The Legacy of Victor Pride

So after everything is said and done, what now?

Luckily for us, Victor Pride’s wisdom lives on.

If you know where to look, you can still find his great books:

30 Days of Discipline

New World Ronin

Monk Mode

Bold and Determined Volume 1

Bold and Determined Volume 2

Bold and Determined Volume 3

Bold and Determined Volume 4

Spartan Entrepreneur

I will do my best to become the best version of myself.

By doing so, I hope to carry the torch that Victor Pride lit and left at the altar of Bold And Determined.

Although no longer exists, the spirit lives on.

It lives on in the website and in my heart.

I’ve got my own mission now.

My mission is to live a disciplined life, taking risks, pushing the envelope, lifting weights, and winning.

Winning with women, winning in business and killing it in life.

In the process, I want to inspire other men and women to become the best they can be.

Victor Pride’s departure leaves a gap.

Many young men are growing up without the benefit of a masculine father figure.

Can you really blame a boy raised in a single mother household with two sisters for never knowing how to act manly?

Like Vic used to say, those who are meant to read my message will.

Those who aren’t, wont.

If you’re serious about improving your life and becoming a winner, then is for you.

I was mediocre once.

Undisciplined. Lazy. A hedonist. Negative.

I got tired of living a terrible life.

I got tired of having to distract myself from my painfully mediocre reality.

By sheer luck, or fate I managed to find Bold and Determined.

I didn’t changed overnight – but I changed.

Victor Pride inspired me – he showed me a path that I didn’t even know existed.

Now, it’s time I return the favor.

If you want to be a winner and a sinner, a maker and a shaker, then you’ve come to the right place.

Victor Pride may be gone…but his spirit lives on in the men he inspired.


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