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Bod Body Spray

My friend Ricco turned me onto Bod Body Spray for Men. He runs a Youtube channel as his side hustle.

He mentioned he would spray it every day and constantly be getting constant compliments and positive attention from women.

I decided to look it up and was expecting some expensive cologne.

I ended up ordering two different scents this week (Bod Really Ripped Abs Body spray and Bod Black Body spray for around $8 for an 8 oz spray bottle.

1.) Bod Man Body Spray Intro

Bod Body Spray is the middle man between cheap teenager scents like AXE and top dollar cologne like Aqua De Gio / Invictus.

At around $8-12 dollars a spray bottle, this stuff is the perfect balance between quality and quantity.

Bod Body Spray smells AMAZING for the price.

Just like Invicta Pro Diver’s look like Rolex Submariners at a fraction of the price .

The standard Spray Bottle Size is 8 ounces (average cologne size is 1-3.)

This body spray will last you 5 times as long as a can of Axe or other body sprays at a fraction of the price.

In addition, the quality, intensity and volume of cologne provided is much higher then Axe, Old Spice or Dove body sprays.

Those all come in pressurized cans. This stuff comes in a spray bottle.

Let me tell you, this stuff is worth it. It’s made in the USA – not China, India or some third world country.

In addition, there are many different fragrances. In total there are OVER 20 BOD Scents!

2.) My Initial Skepticism Became Optimism

The design threw me off at first. I thought to myself “How good can this stuff really be, it comes in a spray bottle.”

But, I decided to take my friend’s word on it and try it out. I bought two different scents online from Amazon Prime.

Boy am I glad I did. I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars on expensive cologne over the years.

This stuff is awesome. It’s a COLOGNE quality scent that comes in a spray bottle at the price of a bottle of AXE.

This stuff is AXE for GROWN ASS MEN. You don’t want to wear AXE if you’re older then 18. Women will associate the smell of AXE with childhood/adolescence/7th grade.

You aren’t a 7th grader anymore. You’re a grown ass man.

I have expensive cologne. (Invictus, Aqua De Gio, and Black).
Expensive cologne is nice. It’s also NOT cheap, and not something you should wear on a daily basis.

Invictus and Aqua De Gio run about $100 dollars for a 3.5 ounces bottle. That’s about $28 an ounce.

Not the type of stuff that you want to be spraying like water.


3) The Importance of Smelling Good

I only wear expensive colognes when I go out to party, to dates, to dates, to chill with women and for special occasions.

I still need an everyday scent that I can wear everyday to my job, to my work and while running daily errands.

Before I discovered BOD I was spraying my expensive cologne on a daily basis. – What a HUGE WASTE.

On the flip side, you never want to be that guy who smells bad and doesn’t realize it.
Most people won’t tell you even if you smelled terrible.


  • Smell has a POWERFUL perception on people. If you have bad breath or body odor you will develop a negative reputation.
  • Trust me, you don’t want to be known as “that smelly guy in the office.”

A reputation like that is hard to shake…literally.

  • I’ve come to pride myself on my cleanliness. It’s important to smell good, especially after you workout at the gym.


  • You wake up late at the last minute. You don’t have time for a shower.
    If you wear a uniform at a job, you usually wear it for multiple days. After multiple days, that shit starts to stink. Trust me.


  • Just because you can’t smell yourself, that DOESN’T mean you don’t smell bad to others.
    We go nose blind to our own body odor.

It’s easy to go around thinking that you smell great to everyone else around you.
Trust and believe that very smelly people feel this way all the time. (They think they smell fine.)

Smell has a powerful effect on how people perceive you.

We did not evolve around perfumes and colognes. Therefore, really good artificial scents overwhelm our sense of smell and “penetrate” our defenses.

Especially with women, who have a sense of smell twice as strong as men.
By constantly wearing cologne and body spray, people will begin to associate you with the good smells.

This will have a positive effect on your reputation.
They will begin to associate you with the great scents.

This will make them think of you whenever they smell a good smell. Especially the cologne you’ve been repeatedly wearing.

You will develop a reputation as the best smelling motherfucker on the job.

4) Bod Man Body Spray Fragrances

(Individual Scent Review/Thoughts)

Bod Body Spray Comes in several different styles.

This cologne is affordable enough that eventually I want to review every single scent!

Check out my Youtube channel, AJ Lifts for video reviews on Bod Body Spray scents and fragrances and other informative videos.

I have put the official company scent descriptions in italics and my personal thoughts on each fragrance in regular text.


Bod Body Spray Fragrance/Scent Categories

Click the name to purchase the selected fragrance on Amazon. I receive a small affiliate commission at no cost to you. Thank you for helping to support the website.

A)FRESH – “Fresh fragrances bring the crisp scent of the outdoors to life with the aromas of fresh cut grass, herbs, green flowers and fresh citrus. Water notes bring the spirit of the sea and smell of rain to life”


1.) Bod Body Spray Really Ripped AbsExperience a “just out of the shower” clean.

This fragrance opens with citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin orange followed by a fresh, natural outdoorsy sensation that includes crisp green sage and masculine notes of geranium and lavender.

This scent is my favorite . It also smells great.
I’ve gotten tons of compliments, positive feedback and attention from women as a result from wearing these scents daily.

Ricco personally recommend I buy the Blue and the Black to try the brand first.

I’m glad I did. This is the best selling BOD fragrance for a reason.

2. Bod Man Blue Surf Body Spray“A brisk, aromatic herbal fragrance with a crisp, invigorating signature and warm sexy musk background.”


3. Bod Body Spray Uppercut – “a crisp mix of grapefruit, yuzu and a wave of aromatic freshness fused with a fierce blend of rich woods for a true magnetic power of masculinity .”

4. Bod Body Spray Fresh Guy
A vibrant combination of crisp green apple and a juicy melon accord combines with the woody, amber notes of sheer musk, white sandalwood and teakwood to create a strong, masculine fragrance.

5. Dark Ice Bod Body Spray
A strong, clean, aquatic fragrance with notes of Italian bergamot, shaved nutmeg, green tea leaves, Baltic amber, and sensual skin musk.

B) WOODY – “Woody fragrances are made up of aromatic earth, woody notes: sandalwood, cedar, oak, vetiver. Spice and fruity notes are often added to woody fragrances, giving them character.”

6)Bod Man Fresh Blue Musk body spray 8 ounces – This fragrance opens fresh and light with notes of mandarin, geranium and a clean spice accord. As the scent evolves, the background dries down warm and creamy with masculine woods and musk.

7)Most Wanted – Hints of fresh citrus and herbs mix with smoldering woods and bold marine scents to create a full, aromatic fragrance.

8)Bod Dark Woods – Grounded with base notes of cedarwood, musk, and vetiver, this cologne has a masculine, smoky undertone that is balanced out with heart notes of peppermint, melon, and lavender. Green top notes of blue cypress and mandarin leaf blend seamlessly with zesty grapefruit to complete the masculine fragrance with a woodsy accord that contains a subtle hint of citrus.

C) SPICY – “With roots in the Oriental fragrance family, exotic and sweet spices like cardamom, clove and amber are some of the aromas blended together to create rich and bold scents.

9) Bod Light’s Out
Fragrance Notes
Top: Mint/Grapefruit/Cypress
Middle: Exotic Spices/Wild Rose/Patchouli
Base: Amber, Rich Leather/Smoky Wood


D) CITRUS – “Bright and zesty, citrus fragrances often combine the freshness of lemons, oranges, bergamot and grapefruit with fresh greens, lush fruits and refreshing aquatic notes.

11)Bod Black Body Spray
Bod Black Body Spray – “a warm and sexy fragrance featuring crisp verbena, bergamot, and white sage.”
I sprayed 4 squeezes this morning on my shirt at 7 AM. Its 2:14 PM as I type this and the scent is still present.
This stuff smells like a mix of sandalwood, citrus and sage.


12)Bod Man Liquid Titanium

13)Bod Man Far Away Galaxy

14)Bod Man Reserve

15)Bod Player Body Spray

16)Bod Headliner

17)Bod 24k Body Spray

18)Bod Silver

2) Do Not Spray On Light Colored Clothes

You should not spray Bod Body Spray on light colored clothes. It will leave a TEMPORARY COLOGNE STAIN for a while on light colors.
It won’t last forever, but it will last until you wash it.
If you are wearing on light colored clothes, just spray it on your arms/chest/ neck instead.

3) Why You Should Buy and Use Bod Body Spray Religiously

I love this stuff. I’m glad Ricco kept mentioning it in his videos and drove me to try it.

Bod Body Spray is now part of my morning shower ritual.

If I’m going out for groceries/shopping- I’m spraying BOD Body Spray, RELIGIOUSLY.
If I’m going to lift weights or do cardio gym – I’m spraying BOD Body Spray, RELIGIOUSLY.
If I’m going to work – I am spraying BOD, RELIGIOUSLY.

If I’m going to the club, I’m spraying $100 Invictus/Aqua De Gio on my neck and face.
Then, I’m going to to spray BOD, religiously.

I’m so glad I found out about this cologne.
Some cheap cologne’s are really corny, tacky, overpriced and mediocre.

Not this stuff.

Ricco, the guy who recommended this to me is a real ladies man and is constantly getting compliments while wearing it.

Self-care for men isn’t complex.

-AJ Lifts

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