Best Elevator Shoes


Best Elevator Shoes

The 8 Best Elevator Shoes 2022

Hello. I’ve been wearing elevator shoes for about 3 years now, and I can testify in regards to their effectiveness. What are elevator shoes? Elevator shoes are shoes with a hidden sole that increases your height. Have you ever worn a pair of Timberlands, Air Force One’s or Air Jordan’s? Did you notice that you were about an inch taller with them on? Elevator shoes are just like that, except instead of an inch they can give anywhere from 2-4 inches. (I wouldn’t recommend going past 3 inches.) I’ve included videos from my channel that go in-depth and explain just what these shoes are.

What Are Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes are awesome. They’re addictive too. Imagine slipping on a pair of shoes and instantly becoming 3 to 4 inches taller.  I’ve purchased 8 pairs of elevator shoes in the past 3 years. Today I’ll be ranking them in order from my least favorite to my most favorite. Even the lowest ranked item on this list is still worth considering purchasing.

If you’re a man in the west in 2021, you live in a HIGHLY COMPETITIVE DATING ARENA. To even out the odds, you’ve got to use every conceivable advantage you can. The average man’s height in the west is 5’9. Add 2 or 3 inches to your height and you can tower over them. (Also known as mogging.)



9)  BONUS  CALTO Insole Insert Pair (+.5 inches Taller)

If I had to sum these up in one word, it would be Versatile. These are relatively affordable at 6.99 a pair. You can stack two or three of them to magnify an effect. I recommend buying yourself a pair of these first. At a small $6.99 these are very affordable. You can put these in ANY pair of shoes you own with enough room. Jordans? Check. Timberlands? Check.

These inserts go into any shoe with enough room. You can also stack them by purchasing multiples . 2 stacks adds 1 inch and 3 add an inch and a half.  Sounds great? It is. You can also put them in certain elevator shoes to further increase the amount of heights that they add. These are by far the best par of height boosting insoles you can buy, that’s why I recommend them.



8)  TOTO  A018/A019 Elevator Shoes Sneakers  (+2.8/3.2 Inches Taller)

I purchased the A018 in grey back in 2019. This was the first pair of elevator shoes I ever bought, and to this day they still look as a good as the first day I used them. This is an excellent pair of shoes. They get the job done and look decent. The build quality is excellent. So why is this shoe ranked last? First, they aren’t very comfy to wear for a long time. Second , they are the MOST OBVIOUS pair of dress shoes I own. I was on a date one time and a girl asked me if I was wearing bowling shoes. The newer model, the A019 adds .4 more inches and looks much more stylish. Why are these ranked last? because I haven’t worn them as much as I should have.

7)  CALTO H2383 Elevator Shoes Sneakers (+2.6 Inches Taller)

These  elevator sneakers are ranked second to last. On the positive side, they are the third comfiest pair of elevator shoes I have ever worn and they are relatively affordable at $27 dollars, look like converses and go well with many outfits . Great if you want to buy a first pair of elevator shoes and see if elevator shoes are for you or not. On the negative side, some of the foam padding on the bottom sole shoes fell apart on the bottom after 4 months of owning them. I still have my pair but they haven’t held up as well as my other elevator shoes. For that reason I have to rank these 7th.


6) CALTO G51123 Leather Men’s Elevator  Dress Shoes (+3.2 Inches Taller)

These dress shoes will always have a special place in my heart. I originally purchased them in 2019. I like to call them MAGICAL INTERVIEW SHOES. I’ve gotten 3 jobs while wearing these shoes with a nice pair of khakis, and an expensive button up. I’ve gotten 3 high paying jobs – and I honestly feel that wearing these stylish, confident, classy oxfords played a large part. People don’t realize how important first impressions are. 3 inches of additional height can play a great positive impact on the impression you make on a stranger.

5) CALDEN – FD015 Elevator Shoes Sneakers ( + 2.4 Inches)

These sneakers have a style based of Nike Airmax 90’s. They look amazing. The black, red and white contrast each other perfectly. More important, these elevator sneakers are extremely comfy. So why are they ranked 5/10? They run extremely tight. I recommend you go up TWO SIZES on these shoes. Luckily, I managed to read the Amazon review mentioning these and purchased a 12. Perfect fit.



4) CALTO T9203 – Leather Elevator Boots + (3.2 Inches Taller)

Have you ever worn a pair of Timberlands? Timberlands are stylish shoes that go well with pretty much any outfit on the town or club. These brown leather boots are lightweight but high quality at the same time. They aren’t as comfy as the top #2 shoes but they have a distinct, stylish look that makes me glad to own them. The 3.2 inches is a huge boost and I’m over 6 feet with these bad babies on. They go great with a leather jacket, v neck and stylish jeans.

3) TOTO A25011 Leather Elevator Dress Boots – (2.8 Inches Taller)

If I had to sum up these classy elevator Dress boots in one word, that word would be awesome. These shoes have quickly become my favorite pair to wear when dressing business casual / preppy/ classy. These shoes would go great with a suit, button up shirt with a nice pair of khaki’s. I recommend you go a size up on these. I had to exchange them for a bigger size because the fit was too tight. These boots are snappy, and the leather looks high quality. Most importantly, these dress boots are actually comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. Worth every penny I payed for them, and then some.

2) CALTO Q215 Elevator Shoes Sneakers (+2.8 Inches Taller)

What can I see, this is my favorite pair of elevator shoes/sneakers of all time. They’ve got four particular things going for them. Sure, you wouldn’t wear them to a business meeting or in an office setting. First, these are the comfiest pair of elevator shoes I have ever worn. These elevator sneakers gave me NO back pain, knee pain, foot pain at all. I wore them for several hours driving, at the gym and outside. I experienced absolutely NO DISCOMFORT WHATSOEVER.  

Second, they are extremely STEALTHY. Stealthiness is important with elevator shoes. If normal people can regularly spot the fact that you are wearing elevator shoes, you need to buy better elevator shoes. Period. Third, these are the most STYLISH pair of elevator shoes I have ever worn. This is a big pro for me. I have noticed that elevator shoes are extremely stylish or tacky. There is NO in between. Fourth, some elevator shoes are built with quality and some fall apart after a few months.

The biggest reason I recommend you wear these is because of just how COMFY they are. The comfier elevator shoes are, the more inclined you will be to wear them frequently and get your money out of them. The colored stripe and dots do a nice job of enhancing the style.


1) CALTO H3122 Elevator Shoe Sneakers (+2.6 Inches Taller)

These awesome elevator shoes are available in gray, black and dark blue. I ordered a gray pair back in July of 2021 and was pleasantly surprised. The build quality is excellent on these shoes. The outer material is high quality suede. These shoes are comfy to wear and they have quickly become my favorite pair of elevator shoes to wear. Me and my ex-girlfriend got back together for a little while and she even complemented me on these. The quality, comfort and 2.6 inches these shoes have exceeded my expectations. In addition, these shoes are versatile and can be worn with a wide variety of outfits. These elevator shoes will be my favorite pair for years to come and they are worth every penny.

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