Being Selfish is Good


Being Selfish Is Good

Selfish adj. – (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

Selfless (SPINELESS) adj. concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own; unselfish.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

If you want to get ahead in this world….. it isn’t going to happen by bending over to the whims and desires of others.

No, if you want to get ahead in this world you must be selfish.

That’s right.

1)How Society Programmed You To Put Others Before Yourself

Society has conditioned you to act AGAINST your own best interests your whole life.
From the age of 2 you were taught that being SELFISH was EVIL. Your parents conditioned you to be a good little boy.

Your female teachers conditioned you to always seek the approval of a woman and do anything to make women happy.

Even if it meant losing your self-respect, self-worth, masculinity and acting against your own best interests.

They withheld validation when you acted like a masculine boy, and gave it when you acted feminine and complied with their wishes.

You were taught to be a good little obedient boy. To wait your turn. To raise your hand up before speaking or using the bathroom.

To ask for PERMISSION instead of FORGIVENESS.

SOCIETY wants you SELF-LESS. They want you to be a wimpy, emasculated, good little boy. One with low confidence.
One who won’t create any problems for society. Selfless men are weak. Easy to Control. Malleable. Like putty, or a spineless jellyfish.

Ask yourself two HONEST questions:

A)Up to this point in your life, what have you gained by being selfless and putting the needs of others above your own?

Nothing. Scraps. Being Content with Mediocrity. Being told “you’ll like your bread crumbs and you’ll thank us for then to.

B)Conversely, what have you lost by not being selfish and putting yourself first?


The Price of Being NICE, SELFLESS and putting others NEEDS FIRST:


Well… It’s time to drop a massive TRUTH BOMB on you and shatter your false PROGRAMMING.


Being selfless means putting others FIRST, and yourself LAST.

Nobody GREAT ever got that way by putting themselves last.
Most of the time….when people call you selfish, it is nothing more then a thinly disguised attempt to SHAME you.

They want to shame you and hope you feel guilty enough so that you comply with their demands.
How dare you have a set of standards. How dare you cut toxic people out of your life.

That is the definition of selfless, but it might as well be the definition of wimp, simp, mangina, bitch, coward or nice guy.

The one common denominator is all of these terms involve someone who prioritizes the needs of others over his own. He put’s himself last.

Because he puts others first and himself last, people take advantage of the selfless man. The selfless man is not respected, by other men, women or by his ” fair-weather friends”.

The selfless man is a human DOORMAT. He is stepped on, dirt is wiped on him and he generally lives a miserable existence.


All GREAT man are inherently selfish. The way to get ahead in this world is ENLIGHTENED SELF-INTEREST.
You must learn to deprogram yourself, step by step.
How do you know when you are deprogrammed?

Here’s how.

When you no longer feel guilty for saying “NO” to other people’s attempts to steal your time, money or energy.
When you no longer feel guilty for doing what is in your OWN best interest, other people be DAMNED.

When you no longer feel bad for PRIORITIZING your NEEDS, WANTS and DESIRES and DISREGARDING the feelings, emotions and requests of others.

Great men have learned that to really get ahead, to really succeed in life YOU MUST HYPERFOCUS.

You can’t hyper-focus if you are constantly running around town or the house doing things for others.

Am I saying you should be a completely SELFISH, MISANTHROPE ASSHOLE who buys swampland, becomes a Hermit and lives like Shrek in the middle of a SWAMP?

Absolutely NOT.
Only a madman genius like Tesla could do that while remaining PRODUCTIVE , and even Tesla died broke, alone and destitute.

No, we all need others to get ahead.
To really succeed in this life, to really achieve something of substance you must provide VALUE to other human beings.
You provide the maximal amount of VALUE when you become the BEST VERSION of yourself HUMANELY possible.

How am I selfish to my customers, to my blog readers, to my friends?
I am SELFISH because I constantly strive to provide value to everyone in my life.
This is because I know the only true way to get ahead in life is by providing others with VALUE.

I do this by becoming the most HANDSOME, SUCCESSFUL, SMART and VALUE GIVING MAN I CAN BE.

If I was SELFLESS, constantly helping people move, constantly picking up people from the airport, constantly sacrificing I could not do this

In Conclusion:

It’s very, very simple.
Being Selfish is GOOD.
Being Selfless is BAD.

Society tells you what is good for others , and bad for you.
BE SELFISH. Being Selfish is a Virtue.

It’s very, very simple.
Being Selfish means making your NEEDS a PRIORITY. It’s what SELF-RESPECTING MEN DO.


Society tells you what is good for others , and bad for you.

BE SELFISH. Being Selfish is a Virtue.

Being Selfless is a DISEASE – one that turns a man into a weak, blubbering, spineless jellyfish.

-AJ Lifts

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